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Switchfoot Albums

Learning To Breathe

Legend of Chin

New Way To Be Human

Nothing Is Sound

Oh! Gravity

Oh! Gravity.

Rhapsody Originals

  • Dare You To Move (Rhapsody Original Version)
  • Happy Is A Yuppie Word (Rhapsody Original Version)
  • Oh! Gravity. (Rhapsody Original Version)

Sooner Or Later

Switchfoot: The Rhapsody Interview

  • Crazy Fans and Bad Dentists
  • Drew on the Band
  • First Shows
  • Guilty Pleasures
  • How Switchfoot Got Started
  • Inspiration
  • Intros
  • New Bands You Should Know
  • Pre-Show Rituals
  • The Importance of the Fly-Check
  • The Songs That Stick
  • Tim on Drew

The Beautiful Letdown

The Legend Of Chin

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