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Alvin Darling Albums

A Blessing Coming Through

All Night

God Is Good

Love Is the Answer

  • Careless Whisper
  • Chances Are
  • Forever
  • Give Me Your Trust
  • I'm Not Gonna Cry over You
  • Introduction To The Album
  • Love Is the Answer
  • No Regrets
  • Stronger Together
  • This Feeling of Love
  • Waiting for You
  • Your Love

Medley of Praise

  • Almighty God
  • Blessed Be the Lord
  • I Love Juses
  • I Will Rejoice
  • Lord I'm Sorry
  • Lord Just Use Me
  • Lord That Healeth Thee
  • Lord, Have Mercy on Us
  • Medley Of Praise
  • Nothing Without You
  • O Come and Worship
  • Victory
  • Why Not Pray

Meldey Of Praise

  • Blessed Be The Word
  • I Love Jesus
  • Lord Have Mercy On Us
  • The Lord That Healeth Thee

Nobody But The Lord

Tents Of The Wicked


There's an Answer in Prayer

  • God Is Good All the Time
  • Hallelujah
  • He Keeps On Making A Way - He Keeps On Making A Way Lyrics
  • I Belong to You
  • I Could Never Repay You
  • I'm Blessed Sho Nuf'
  • Lord Do It Again
  • Lord Give Me a Heart
  • Somebody Touched Me
  • There's An Answer In Prayer

You Deserve My Worship

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