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Artist: Few Left Standing

Songs on "Wormwood" Album

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10,000 angry hardcore kids
Against All - View Against All Lyrics
Burn Me To The Ground - View Burn Me To The Ground Lyrics
Contemplating Spiritual Suicide - View Contemplating Spiritual Suicide Lyrics
Educate The Ignorant - View Educate The Ignorant Lyrics
Give Credit Where Credit Is Due - View Give Credit Where Credit Is Due Lyrics
Identity Crisis - View Identity Crisis Lyrics
Kneel Down And Fight - View Kneel Down And Fight Lyrics
No Apology - View No Apology Lyrics
The Latest Fad - View The Latest Fad Lyrics
The Pursuit Of Happiness - View The Pursuit Of Happiness Lyrics
What's The Use - View What's The Use Lyrics
what's the use
Wormwood - View Wormwood Lyrics

Against All Lyrics

from the start You came to disrupt and confront
to start a fire
to turn everything right side up
never gave up knowing the end was Your death
You took our illness You took our disease
self-sacrifice was Your way
abandoned by all
embraced suffering
it was You against the world
Your words stand fast and true
rejection didn't faze You
sacrificed on the altar of the world
You proved them wrong You are the true rebel

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Burn Me To The Ground Lyrics

you think you can walk all over me
spit on and throw your weight around
call me what you will hypocrite
turn the other cheek and forgiveness gives you an outlet to overpower me
my God will keep me sustained but you will have to burn me to the ground

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Contemplating Spiritual Suicide Lyrics

sin speaks a dead language that means nothing to you
it can't tell you how to live
instincts tell us freedom is doing as we wish
give yourself to sin and it's your last free act
do you call that free life
what do you get out of it
nothing to be proud of
this is where death becomes life
a denial to yourself
a rebirth from above
put an end to old life
you must die to yourself
no longer constricted God's seed is deep within
reborn brand new life
breathe freedom
break these chains
don't take this suicide for granted
to live as Christ and die is gain

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Educate The Ignorant Lyrics

the stage is an open platform
I speak of personal conviction
because of that I am a guest
who's in charge
it's an open forum
music is music
we're here to share what we know
can we not coexist
are there limits on being open minded
are we a threat to you
it seems to be personal
but it doesn't have to be
acceptance is a part of life
tolerance is too
we're to help not corrupt

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Give Credit Where Credit Is Due Lyrics

You love when I don't deserve it
worthy is Your name
Your kindness is greater then life
when it rains it pours
blessed are those who abide in You
when I am weak You are strong
Your strength and beauty are eternal
holy and awesome are Your works
Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path
in You I find myself
I cannot wait to see Your face
You are the Rock of my salvation

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Identity Crisis Lyrics

The color yellow suits you best
Parade around like you own the world
I know who you are
I've seen you before
Never forget two faces like that
You mock me for the stance I take
As your breath tries to suffocate me
You're not as strong as you think you are
You can't even play your own game right
You might have knocked me down before
But it's not me that gets back up again
You want me so bad you can taste it on your lips
The closer I get the harder you try
I smell the fear on you everytime you strike
Try and bury me alive but I don't belong to you
I cannot be shaken
My faith is not blind but steadfast in truth
There's strength in numbers and I have three
What can you do against One that conquered death?
No reach with what you have
You think you're in control
Try and keep your cool
The pressure is on to gain the upper hand
Didn't you try it before and lose?
One can only do playing God
It's time to put you in your place
You're not God
He is

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Kneel Down And Fight Lyrics

refusing to back down
we cannot do this on our own
who are we against
identify yourself and recognize your worth
we will lose if we take control
in the Spirit victory is ours
kneel down and fight
we fight on our knees
be strong in the strength of His might
put on the full armour of God that we will be able to resist and stand firm
our struggle is not against flesh and blood
He that is in me is greater then he that is in this world

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No Apology Lyrics

the truth hurts when you don't want to hear it
plug your ears and cuss the God
take that back your being offensive
because the heart is being challenged
speak your mind just not about Him
stamp censored on my mouth
shut me up anyway that you can
if you don't hear it then it must not be true
I've got something to say and your not going to like it
He is the Way the Truth and the Life
step aside it's our time now
I refuse to contain what I know
no regrets no apology
if you don't know then you won't understand
I will not apologize for what I believe

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The Latest Fad Lyrics

dod eat dog world
is this where your heart lies
i'm supposed to take it with a grain of salt
forget the cause image is where it's at
be all you can be if it suits your purpose
buying your acceptance from the kids that pay for it
enticing them with ear candy
scratch my back i'll scratch yours
telling them what they want to hear
do you want to stand out
then step down be a servant
building yourself up will only get you knocked down
contentment with yourself will show a life of plenty
Christ becomes a trend rather then a thirst
talk the talk but can't walk the walk
it's all a spit and polish veneer
adoration of one feeds contentment for the other
don't be preoccupied with getting so you can respond to God's giving
this is not what He intended
using Him as a cover and taking up the latest fad
it's all a religious fashion show
make a statement but beware of what could be the next
trends come and go but Christ always remains the same

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The Pursuit Of Happiness Lyrics

the pursuit of happiness stops here
so simple yet so misunderstood
never said it would be easy
He's walked that road before
why do I make things so hard
Your love is not a chore but a hunger and thirst for more
addicted to You
love's like a drug
I need more can't get enough
walk with me talk with me
this is not a typical craving
don't want anything physical
not looking for emotions
a desire of intimacy from You
want it to reflect my speech my life
not only are You a father but a friend
I know all about You now I want to know You
so here i am scum of the earth
but redeemed by You
thank you for being who You are

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What's The Use Lyrics

Where's my head
caught up in selling the drama
where am I
coloring the chameleon to fit in
lost my integrity to have a
social status
good cop bad cop
be all things to all people
a talker
a listener
not a conformist
I love you, I hate you
trying to save you
trying to hurt you
who am I
losing sight on why I live
if I live, I live for Him
if I die, I die for Him
take up your cross
and follow him, not the sheep
time to focus on developing
not damaging
don't want to be another Judas
what have I done

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Wormwood Lyrics

thinking of You
breeze is warm
make me steadfast is understanding
You breed the world and the stars were born
precious memories to many to count
wherever You are is where I want to be
walking the path that few dare to track
my mind is locked and worries are a fall
can I ever repay You here's my life
You are so beautiful to me

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