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Wish 15

Artist: Mortal

Songs on "Wish 15" Album

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Communion - View Communion Lyrics
Little Miss Obvious - View Little Miss Obvious Lyrics
Love Shining - View Love Shining Lyrics
Paper Plane - View Paper Plane Lyrics
Somewhere Summer - View Somewhere Summer Lyrics
Suggestion For - View Suggestion For Lyrics
The Opening - View The Opening Lyrics
Traci Found - View Traci Found Lyrics
Wish 15 - View Wish 15 Lyrics
Your Heart - View Your Heart Lyrics

Communion Lyrics

How can you decide to change your life and not change the world
When you seem to have the gift to see beyond the world
For a man can't paint a picture without changing the scenery
And all the colors of faith can paint what the future sees

Come on, let us pray, get down on our knees and talk with the Lord
Come on let us take time for communion

How can we be free to watch the days go by
Without trying without hoping to reach a stranger's heart
When religion turns to fashon and belief becomes a trend
And legalistic ideals become the means to an end

lets take our time, take our time, take our time communion

Though a fool without instruction may trample down the walls
You can strengthen the foundations with prayer
Or you can watch them fall
Communion, let me hear you pray

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Little Miss Obvious Lyrics

She says she doesn't need anyone, yet she cries when she's alone at night
Somewhere beneath the summer skies gold rain is falling hopelessly

Girl, why do you run away from love. Girl, closing your eyes is not enough

She laughs without a cheerful heart, yet she denies that she's just running
Somtimes when doors are opening walking out becomes so easy

She goes far away from what her heart sees, She doesn't need to ever ask
She waits for another rainy day, She prays for God to make a way

She sends her secret letters, To whoever will ever tell her
Hoping someone will hear the true emotions, The true emotions

Little Mis Obvious (x5)

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Love Shining Lyrics

Living day to day such angry means
Living on the edge or so it seems
I can't hide this feeling deep inside
But i try, Lord help me to survive

If my words seem clear I understand
If my fears revealed are in His hands
Now I find shelter from the rain
Lifting me from underneath again

He can love me endlessly
Giving everything to me
And I delightfully agree
Every moment I achieve
Every laughter received
Is a love shining down from above

Now the burden lessens from the Hand
Windows open wide the sun shining
I can see beuty in His eyes
Telling me the answers now are found

I can't hide this feeling deep inside
But I'll try Lord help me to survive

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Paper Plane Lyrics

Take this life that I hold so precious, Fold it like a letter
Open up the fold and give it meaning, Give it emotion

Throw me like a paper plane, Watch me turn the fins
Is it inclination, Is it guilt or shame, Am I on feeble wings

Fold one corner, creases an edge
Smooth and shape me as you dedicate me to throw me

Throw me like a paper plane, Watch me turn to you
Is it my devotion that is calling your name, Is it what I must do

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Somewhere Summer Lyrics

Time and youth two luxuries you only treasure when you're older
Time is precious, Youth always leaves, How can you know till you've been there

Tried, abused, Let's spread the news
The world has plans to take advantage
Shock and whisper, Let's choose together
Your path before eternal damage

Trust that I will always be here, Trust that I am here to listen
Just as I've been here to listen, Trust that I'll be here

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Suggestion For Lyrics

Beside the ocean Sana Cruz
I face the pathway I must choose
The city lights may seem so bright
My eyes were dazzled by the lights

The crashing surf the ocean air
The cypress bough, the morning glare
Can my heart breathe beneath this load
The fog on San Andreas road

My heart, sympathy, broken life, surrender me
Suggestions open to your will
Blue skies paradise, fragile as a great surprise
Does your love move within me still

My hopes and dreams all washed ashore
They never reached the lighthouse door
Abandoned ships with tattered sails
Buried treasure, the golden tales

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The Opening Lyrics

Every single moment I'm without your love
I spend in circles round and round
Catch me when I'm falling
Hold me in your arms
You break my fall
I'm lost and found

And I'll sing a song
Till Jesus drives away the fear (pain)
As long as I can share it
With people far and near
Oh I'll sing it every moment
And every single day
He has given me a song to light my way

Once inside your presence
Taken by surprise
Things I've often wondered
How You smile
Simple free expressions
Giving me new life
It sends me laughing for a while

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Traci Found Lyrics

All my nights spent looking though her eyes
I can't find an answer secretly decide

I know it must be simple, Somthing clearly obvious
And I lose myself within her smile

Traci found, Traci found, Now I've found, Traci found

All my days, and every number on that clock
Spent with her, moments fly like birds

We can talk about the weather or somthing almost serious
And I lose myself within her eyes

Traci found, what seems ti be the perfect dream
She can be sometimes delightfully extreme
Now I've found, an invitation to her world
Traci found

We can talk about the weather
Or somthing almost serious
And I lose myself with her smile

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Wish 15 Lyrics

You're feeling almost secure, You're willing but you're not sure
You've payed the price for success, but where's the fire in your eyes

If you could break my heart it would be easier
Than all this silence that seperates us
And as the wall falls down it would be easier
That I should fall with you than let you go

You're moving too fast to run away, the perfect person laughs you say
You've compromised and you've left your first love
Now where's the warmth in your smile

When you're insecure as you can be don't feel so strong
Don't worry you're not alone don't turn inside

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Your Heart Lyrics

Do I love, Here today, When you make me feel this way
Can I call on your name, Will you hear the words I say

It's simply the truth, I could not live without you
So teach me how to touch a heart, The way you touch mine

Touch my life, With your hands, And send your spirit into me
Should I dance, For a second chance, Sin could never set me free

Time tears us apart, When we should be together
So teach me how to touch a heart, The way you touch mine

Any plan, I defend, And say that I'm in love with you
I can't hide, The tears I've cried, Emotions can betray me too

People tear us apart when love should be forever
So teach me how to touch a heart the way you've touched mine
To love the way you've loved my heart, You touch my life

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