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Artist: Clear Convictions

Songs on "Warning" Album

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Arrepientete - View Arrepientete Lyrics
Braveheart - View Braveheart Lyrics
Clear Convictions - View Clear Convictions Lyrics
Crisis Within - View Crisis Within Lyrics
Highest Enemy - View Highest Enemy Lyrics
New Breath - View New Breath Lyrics
The Bet - View The Bet Lyrics
Tough Guy - View Tough Guy Lyrics
War Genesis - View War Genesis Lyrics
Warning - View Warning Lyrics
Words - View Words Lyrics

Arrepientete Lyrics

Hay un solo camino!!!
y ese se llama CRISTO!!!
EL es el camino!!!
y la verdad!!!


Tienes q saber q el todo lo puede!!
y q no hay pensamiento q se esconda de EL!!
quien es el q se le oscurese el consejo
sin entendimiento...

Tu hablas lo q no entiendes!
tan sobra q no las comprendes!
oye te ruego y hablaras,
tu preguntaras y el te enseara


Cristo su sangre derram por t,
y vida eterna el te quiere dar
si lo aceptas hoy... beberas del agua q da vida eterna.


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Braveheart Lyrics

kingdom of heaven, is not for cowards
kingdom of heaven, is for the brave
who kill the pride, in themselves
who daily take the cross
who stand for his beliefs
no matter what the cost
for those who are again't the flow
and find strenght on bent knees
that place is made for the
humble that accept their
weakness to receive
from above, power to prevail

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Clear Convictions Lyrics

we decide to walk in the straight edge
never turning back, because there is no
other way, looking forward to out real
motivaion, the only one that can save us
from eternal condemnation
we believe, in strenght to prevail
we believe, in integrity, we believe,
in salvation we believe, in christ
out savior, clear convictions
for us to live is christ
and to die is gain

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Crisis Within Lyrics

running and running, hiding from myself
looking for some answers
in a world of nonsense
sometimes up, others down
yearning for freedom
for my heavily bounded mind
scared of my feelings
a cry inside myself
can someone help me, to see my way
come to me, jesus says
I'll make you rest
cuz I am the truth, the life, the way

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Highest Enemy Lyrics

oppressor, homicide, soul destroyer
unmerciful, his goal is to corrupt hearts
breaking, where it hurts the most
targeting with intelligence
destroying the innocent
looking for the depressed
lying, saying there is no chance
he thinks he's the conqueror
but he's the one that's been defeated
so give the battle
by the grace of god
resist him and he will
escape from you

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New Breath Lyrics

better days, better life,
here I am ready to fight
this was never gets over
I quit from a past
full of empty lies
that corrupts my heart
but now I am forgiven.
what was better for me
to live right or die for
the bad decisions I chose
now I prefer, die trying
to live for you almighty god

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The Bet Lyrics

who bets the most,
your soul has a price
what is your cause, what is your price
riches of things, fantasies of flesh
emotion, self pity, what if your request
you have a soul, has to be saved
the price is forbidden
for human flesh, down from heavens
came the solution, the price was set
blood from heaven
in form of a man

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Tough Guy Lyrics

who are you, to take away the right to live
of your neighbor, doesn't matter the cause
nothing justifies it. you pray for death
you are the first one to weep
when a loved one dies.
you feel pride,
to be a tough guy, but when you
feel loneliness and tears
begin to fall,
you know you need love
seek the real jesus christ
who offers you abundant life
the only one who conquered death

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War Genesis Lyrics

from whence comes fights
and wars among men
it's from lust, that hides within
greed, kill and desire
fight and not obtain
asking god possessions
never granted, ask amiss
for their own flesh
war begings in men's heart
and finish there too
when passions are submitted
and love fills the heart

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Warning Lyrics

why, why you ignore me
I'm telling you the truth
his mercy set me free
he wants the same for you
so listen carefully, time is running out
this world is going to end someday
i hope you open your eyes
you want to stay blind to ignore
the reality we are living
but it is the truth
this maybe is the end
so, raise your fist and
let god take control
it's not religion it's a secure option
there is no other way to be saved

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Words Lyrics

death and life are in the power of
the tongue, it's little and boasts great things,
it's a fire, a word of evil
you can bless or curse men
destroy or rebuild,
words shot like arrows to kill,
tongues taught to sepak lies,
critic, deceit
abundance of the heart, speaks the mouth
there is a time to speak or keep silent
speak as a child or a grown up
every man be ready to hear
and slow to speak, I say you
that every word that men shall speak
will give account in the day of judgement
for your words you will be condemned.

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