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Artist: The Orange County Supertones

Songs on "Unite" Album

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Away From You - View Away From You Lyrics
Chase the Sun - View Chase the Sun Lyrics
Grounded - View Grounded Lyrics
Jury Duty - View Jury Duty Lyrics
Little Man - View Little Man Lyrics
OC Supertones - View OC Supertones Lyrics
Old Friend - View Old Friend Lyrics
Prince of Peace - View Prince of Peace Lyrics
Resolution - View Resolution Lyrics
Return of the Revolution - View Return of the Revolution Lyrics
Superfly - View Superfly Lyrics
Supertones Strike Back - View Supertones Strike Back Lyrics
Unknown - View Unknown Lyrics
We Shall Overcome - View We Shall Overcome Lyrics
Welcome Home - View Welcome Home Lyrics
What it comes to - View What it comes to Lyrics
Who Can Be Against Me - View Who Can Be Against Me Lyrics

Away From You Lyrics

Say, you got a minute friend?
Because I'd like to tell you something.
You may think nothing of it,
but're gonna love it.
What if I told you I held
the one true philosophy?
Would you hear me out
or just turn your back
and laugh at me?
Lord, I just don't understand
this strange creature You call man.
Who thinks he lives by his own hand, but I know.

There's no life away from You.

So I will remain still and silent,
for fear of the words I might say.
And am I still in my defiance,
when I'm trying so hard to obey?

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Chase the Sun Lyrics

Welcome to the epicenter,
where we got spring and summer,
but we skip the winter.
Feel free to enter
the zone of the Supertones,
where late into the night we just
rock the microphone.
We lived inside the fault lines
beneath the earth's surface.
Spendin' all our time
readin' books and writin' verses.
The earth stated shakin'
from the noise we were makin'.
We emerged from the rubble,
OC was taken.
With the music came the message,
so we rock the verbs.
Still neutral as a nazi
so you forget what you heard.
We never leave the cross behind,
we use it as a banner,
scripture the vernacular,
Jesus in the grammar.
Throw your hands up,
throw your hands up high!
Tear the roof off and pull down the sky!
Chase the sun back to California,
tears in my eyes.
Tell me where you're from,
the mighty west side!
Let me continue
to lighten up the mood a little.
Never number one,
but never playin' second fiddle.
My thoughts are like a circle,
with Jesus in the middle.
Rhyme for a reason,
I don't rhyme to riddle.
High emotions are like I'm yellin',
no need to be alarmed.
SUPERTONES is what your smellin'.
If lovin' you's a crime,
then baby I'm a felon.
Where we go from here,
my people, there's no tellin'...
Are you ready to go
when it's time to get
back on the road just to see you?
On this narrow path
we got no time to dally.
Follow my lead
and chase the sun back to Cali.

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Grounded Lyrics

I strike back like the empire
and we'll televise the revolution.
What will save you
From divine retribution?
Do our part, try to make a contribution
Playin' at 11, givin' OC noise pollution.
Think long and hard
about our world today...
what needs to be said,
and what I need to say.
We're a tower of Babel
built on anti-philosophy,
Neitzche in the west
and Krishna in the east.

War rages on through generations.
All of these Christians
abandoned their stations.
A whole world around us,
and we've ceased to reach.
An army of soldiers,
we've neglected to teach.
But, it's dim and not pitch black.
The truth will prevail.
If our God is for us, how can we fail?
No surer hope has ever been rested.
But for our adversary's worthy,
prepare to be tested.

Hoo, Hah.
How will you stand
if you don't understand?

Hoo, Hah.
Fight like a man, scriptures in hand.

And here we stand
naked, barehanded futily prepared
for the blows to be landed.
Presuppositions is all you can stand on.
Can you twist their wrist
when they lay a hand on?
Learn how to fight
from words on a paper.
learn from the shoguns,
Bahnsen and Schaeffer.
Invincible army,
Holy Spirit our general.
Weapons are formed
form most precious of minerals.

Kids in universities,
drowning in an ocean
of apostate philosophy.
We need apologetic instruction...
mental reconstruction.
Ignorance reduction,
to halt the mass abduction.
Evangelical mind
has been scandalized.
Wisdom and truth
have been vandalized,
by the unevangelized.
No truth in a world
that is randomized.
Expose the lies
no matter how they're disguised.

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Jury Duty Lyrics

5 am on tuesday
Why am I up so early
Drive out to santa ana cause Ive got jury duty
No breakfast short tempered
And I cut my head shaving
Ten miles out I hit traffic
Some days just arent worth saving

You know I havent had the best of days
But I want to stop and thank you anyway

At the courthouse I waited
And waited then I waited
At lunchtime my car stalled out
I couldnt get it started
Had a book by c.s. lewis
I finished the last page and
Slept on my desk for three hours
Just like my high school days

Cuz every single moment whether sleeping or awake
Is your creation
And what youve made is good
I dont always thank you for the rough days and
The hard times in my life
Even though I should

Got home and decided Id be in a bad mood
My shy and quiet wife said she didnt like my attitude
Got a call from my mother
Forgot my sisters birthday
Im a lousy older brother safe to say Ive had a bad day

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Little Man Lyrics

Keep both my eyes transfixed on the prize
A high-rise to the blue skies my piece of the pie
There's a hole in my heart that I know how to fill
That's to light my cigarettes with a hundred dollar bill
It's all about cash flow the California dream
To make the grade you gotta make the green
My friend I'm the champion I've no time for losers
Never ask for nothin 'cause beggars can't be choosers

Lookin' our for number ones's a full time occupation
I'll give to me myself and I my own salvation
Some people try to tell me God can save me from my sin
But God can take a number and I'll pencil Him in
Busy oh so busy I got no time to search
My Sunday's are all booked I've got no time for church
That's for those poor souls, dry as a stone
God bless this child 'cause this child's got His own.

Oh, let my pride fall down I'm a little man

He who gets the most toys and dies is the winner
I'm livin' the high life with lobster tail dinners
My Lexus, my yacht, my gold chains and rings
These are a few of my favorite things
But most of all I keep my billfold the closest to my heart
House decorated with million dollar works of art
Roll with the Bigwigs they think I'm the man
But then I stop and look and think about how big I really am

Mammon is an unforgiving God, I cast him away
I live my life to God, not to get paid
Money can't save your soul, don't think I can
I look to God and I feel like a little man.

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OC Supertones Lyrics

(Where you from?...Orange County
That's right
Orange County SUPERTONES in the house
full of effect
ready to bust some rhymes out
We're a dance band from the Southland
So come up front and dance while we sing...)

We ain't got no place to go
Let's go to the rudeboy show
I wanna hear them play it rude
Gonna pop some rudeboy attitude

You know I get up when I hear and then He found me
You know I'm safe and sound with my rudeboyz all around me
Well the SUPERTONES are up, we gonna kick it to the burbs
And our purpose is to serve, in case you hadn't heard
Fater, Son, Spirit, hear it, near it, fear it
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
God's alive and He's here right now, here right now
He's in love with you
I hope that's clear right now, clear right now

That's just life down in Southern California
That's just life in Orange County California

Well if you used to be a Christian then you never was
Just sittin' up in Church and sayin' what a Christian does
The world's got the gun, but the devils' got the trigger
Stand strong with faith, deeper than a t-shirt or a sticker
You probably ask yourself, ;how'd this Jew boy get so crazy?;
Came from kickin' mad knowledge, didn't come from being lazy
We got the rhythm and the rhythms got roots
I'm a crazy little Hebrew on stage wearin' monkey boots
I love to be onstage and sing and bimskalabimmin'
I love to be out in the croud a skankin' and a swimmin'
King David, my great grandfather, was a dancer
King Solomon, my great grandfather, a romancer
Jesus came from Jesse, but Jesse came from Jesus
Now come to Lord Jesus 'cause Lord Jesus frees us!

(Orange County, huh?)

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Old Friend Lyrics

What do I know? Somebody tell me.
I've been running from You so long.
Please help me Lord.
Find my direction.
I just can't do it on my own.

You lift me up. You rescue me.
It's good to be with You,
old friend.

Sometimes I think,
how can You love me?
My thoughts are so far from Your own.
Why choose me Lord?
I'm a poor reflection.
Why use me to make Yourself known?

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Prince of Peace Lyrics

Does the world ever seem like a nightmare
Some suffer but the other ones dont care
What does it matter if its going on elsewhere
Like it doesnt happen of it's not happening here
Theres a girl with only a mother and her dad just won't seem to bother
No love so she finds a lover
Now she has a child who doesnt have a father

Whoa O O I hope the Prince of peace is coming soon
Whoa O O Yeah I hope the Prince of peace is coming soon
Whoa O O We'll learn to make a plowshare from a gun
Cause we won't need them when the kingdom comes

When the Communists turn into the terrorists
But the axis came before the soviets
And before that came the confederates
Well always have a war to fight
You can count on this

With every cure there comes another sickness
The Earth dies with every bit of progress
We've gone deaf to the cries of oppressed
What we need is Jesus to redeem us

Whoa O O I hope the Prince of peace is coming soon
Whoa O O Yeah I hope the Prince of peace is coming soon
Whoa O O We'll learn to make a plowshare from a gun
Cause we won't need them when the kingdom comes
No we won't need them when the kingdom comes

Now the world doesnt work cause weve broken it
And we need dope or Prozac just to cope with it
Now the beast speaks it's peace the congress
Plans to Propagate
Proposition 666
Hitlers still alive in the knives of abortionists
And the news twist the truth like contortionists
And they wonder what happened to humanity
You say peace but were headed for calamity

Whoa O O I hope the Prince of peace is coming soon
Whoa O O I hope the Prince of peace is coming soon
Whoa O O We'll learn to make a plowshare from a gun
Cause we won't need them when the kingdom comes
We long for the day when we will see the heavens and the earth as they should be

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Resolution Lyrics

I've meant to do this for some time
I've gotta get it right this time
This time my God I will be Yours,
All my heart, my soul, and mind
Been so long since I truly smiled
But You touched my heart today
Reached through my mind of mud and mire
Consumed the idols in Your way
So I am brand new Today, I make my resolution

Been down so long that is seems like up,
I took it now I've had enough
Of the life that I've been livin'
It feels so cold this far away
So Today I will make a change
I will make a change today
Purge my mind of mud and mire
Cast all my gods away
I am brand new today, I make my resolution

Looking back the way I used to be
It was just me and God
Can I be there again?
Today I make my resolution.

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Return of the Revolution Lyrics

There aint no stopping us now
Id like to say that from the outset
Not up in this business just to get what we can get
But bet that
We gonna bring it to you loud and clear
How loud I gotta say it fore you people start to hear
I can name our problems
But I know a solution
Bring back the revolution.
The revolution comes and we all stand as on
Rises from the darkness and shines like the sun
As the sun gets higher, our church catches fire
Down from our pride and up from the mire.
Its a dream that Ive had and I hope it comes true
I forgot to say the revolution starts with you.
See wisdom and knowledge is one thing that we lack
Youve been a christian how long and youre still on similac
So I call on martin luther and all the reformation back
Then the common people couldnt read gods revelation
You had to be a monk or a priest or read latin
That was all before the revolution happened
But the fire cooled down ever since that generation
We put down the Bible and pick up the play station
And we cant defend our faith cause we dont even know it
We say we love his word but pick a funny way to show it.
The world walks by and we dont have a thing to say
I call em as I see em
And thats what I see today

The revolution returns
The reformation lives on
The great awakening is now
Sleepers open your eyes
A war is on, our rally cry is no compromise
No compromise, yeah, no compromise
A war is on, our battle cry is no compromise
So throw your fist up and pray the revolution rise
A war is on, our rally cry is no compromise

Our hearts have grown so cold
And weve such numb souls
But shirts and bumper stickers
Man we got em by the truckload
Is true religion what you have around your wrist
What does the scripture say of this

They honor me with words
But their hearts are far away
I call em like I see em
And thats what I see today
So I call on john edwards
Who preched us all awake
We try to be emotional but here is our mistake
As a church we lack repentance and we lack true affection
Not only in our minds but our hearts need correction
And man thats true religion, resignation and contrition
To love each other so much that wed die before division


So what about you
Will you join us
Will you admit that the waters around us have grown
You better start swimming or youll sink like a stone
Do you stand with us or do we stand alone
Its time that we stand up, enlist for the war
Ive tasted battle and now I want more
Ive known the truth and been cut to the core
But Im back in the game to even the score
And I mean to go out with both my guns blazing
Amazed at a God whos so truly amazing
To triumph in battle as the spirit enables
Cant turn back the clock but we can turn the tables

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Superfly Lyrics

We came with jams equipped,
I brought some rhymes to spit,
beats to move your feet and hips,
Jesus in these lyrics,
we haven't stayed here all these years to be no superstars,
for those who thought we went away well people here we are,
LP number 5 and we have not begun to get it done,
Christ the focus can you feel where i am comin' from?

Can you hear this?
Better turn it up,
and when you feel me then it's loud enough,
come on everybody dont be shy,
just come inside you've got a right to rock the superfly

We came to rock the sureshot,
we came to do the robot,
hate and stress alleviation,
spiritual inspiration,
we want to elevate your mind to think on the most high,
we came to lift your spirits up so people that is why,
we educate and put this information onto tape,
and demonstrate the common grace of God but hold up wait

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Supertones Strike Back Lyrics

Just like Leia's Father
You hit, we hit back harder
Like Huss and Stephen, I am not afraid to be a Martyr
California sun and sky
slip inside a suit and tie
Chevy rolls up to the house with everybody outside
gonna get down like we did the day before
50 more people be waitin' at the door
Team against team, Let's even the score
If there's 50 people outside,
We got room for 50 more!
And we're movinn' all smooth and when we get groovin'
we're fresh like salsa and we're fat like juben
You're cranium's cracked from my Shaolin attack
protect your neck, SUPERTONES strike back!

We want this whole band to be a big love letter
so we play the SKA and it makes you feel better
God's got love for us, so we got love for you
it's your life, so what you wanna do?

So come on put a glide in your stride, and a dip in yo hip
best back the heck up, cuz' hip-hop rolls from my lips
I spit when I rap, saliva flies when I sing
God gives me gifts, just look at my ring
Look less at me and look more to Christ
His grace has saved me and His grace will suffice us
So I jump for Jesus, it's Jesus who frees us
Let's get dumb like Beavis, I don't care who sees us

When we hop to hip-hop John Bell gets ill props
you know he can rock socks
give out love from his soapbox
with hip-hop nonstop, hippidie, hippidie, hop
first I can rock them socks, then I can knock your block
You can't stop this, you can't clock this
You can't dis this, so please don't miss this
a van and a roadmap, keep my life in my bakcpack
Comin' through your town, SUPERTONES strike back

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Unknown Lyrics

Killin' ourselves faster than fast
Livin' in the future, livin' in the past
I haven't always been in Christ
I know what you're goin' through, man
A couple of years ago I was just like you
Lookin' for answers, but lookin' to myself
Thinkin' that Christians just love Jesus for their health

But, I didn't know about Jesus
I tried to be like God, but when I tried I failed
And every time I fail, and fail
I know I rail a nail straight into the cross of Jesus
Straight into the wrist of Jesus
And now it's 1996, a hard year to be a Godly man
It seems the more I speak The Word, the less they understand
You gotta know about Jesus

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We Shall Overcome Lyrics

I've been holding back my rhyme to long,
let it go and unleash the fury of my old school flow.
I'm no superstar more like a John Doe.
But i'm badder then the water down in Mexico.
Oh no, a rock n' roller man who's not allowed to be rap.
But i write what I like and I like the boom bap.
The rhyme's in the front and the beat's in the back
a trunk full of funk and a page full of fact.

Right about now i'd like to hear everyone say.
YES O YES we shall overcome.
My fans got a job,
are we gonna get it done?
YES O YES we shall overcome.

I can't be shy I've gotta come with it.
No fear here! I Sing and bring it.
In christ you've got no right livin' timid.
He's light in the dark and hope for the wicked.
There's a land of the dead called planet earth
and a race called man walks dead from birth
and the beast and man both bear the curse.
Come from the womb but retrun to dirt.

Right about now i'd like to hear everyone say.
YES O YES we shall overcome.
My fans got a job, are we gonna get it done?
Yes O yes we shall over come.

Here's what I do I hope I get through.
So cling to what's true and tell the world too.
Cause some live in fear, oppresddion from peers.
These kids smoke weed, these kids that drink beers
who don't want to hear what you got to say
and they shut their ears and laugh cause you pray,
but don't be afraid, that used to be me I used to mock God
but I was empty.

Right about now i'd like to hear everyone say.
YES O YES we shall over come.
My fans got a job, are we gonna get it done?
YES O YES we shall overcome

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Welcome Home Lyrics

Well, It's time like these
And it's days like this that remind me I'm living in the wilderness,
And you dont know when trouble's gonna come you way
Or when God's gonna give or take it away.

This life,
This life is fleeting everything,
Everything's dyin',
But one day I'll awake,
All my problems and my sin,
The won't mattter to me then,
Son, welcome home.

The day doesn't guarantee to come again,
And life only promises that it will end,
And we all gotta stand before the Lord one day,
And I don't wanna die but I don't wanna stay down here
I feel like a stranger,
I know, I don't belong here,
I wanna run and I'll fall down at Jesus' feet and Lay.
I can't way to here him say,
Son, welcome home.

But I'm still here,
And I'm tired,
tired of sin and struggling,
tired of almost everthing
and sometimes,
small and cleam
I could swear that I could hear
angels voices in my ear sayin' welcome home.

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What it comes to Lyrics

Every now and then I have a moment of authentication
Reveals the man inside me like illumination
Trial by fire purification
The day I die is the day that its done
You might not realize when it comes
And only overome it by the grace of the son.
Just try to stand your ground take it head on
Every moment in my life comes down to this one

At a fork in the road only two ways to go
The one untraveled and the one that you know
The broad and the wrong or the tight and the right
So die in the dim or fight in the light
So it comes down to this
Jesus christ was betrayed by a kiss
Judas when he faced his moment he failed
Imprisoned in hell with a bail of three nails

This is what it comes to

Its me against my desires and inclinations
Pass through the fire into salvation
Bring water to the thirsday like irrigation
When you go toe to toe you dont go one on one
But christ in my place in substitution
Showed me his grace propitiation
Heard the devil laugh and he thought he had won
But then came the comeback and resurrection

Listen everybody may I please have your attention
Only the wise will accept instruction
Fools laugh at knowledge and reject wisdom
Inevitably leading to destruction
Now its on you its your decision
The forecast of the future is confrontation
The beast or the king like revelation
A battle for your soul like armageddon

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Who Can Be Against Me Lyrics

It seems like everything I touch just falls to pieces
It seems like everyone I help just falls
And how I need someone to make me feel assured
I don't need anyone if You're on my side, Lord

And I say, hey, who can be against me?

No matter how hard I try I always fail
I'll never be like Christ
I know I'll struggle until the day, the very day I die
And how I need someone to make me feel assured
I don't need anyone if You're on my side, Lord

And I say, hey, who can be against me?

God look at me, I'm just a man
But You tell me I'm not just a man
You're so hard to understand, after all I'm just a man
God you tell me not to doubt
But I'm always plagued by doubt
And You always help me out
I'm so ashamed (of my doubt)

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