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Artist: Shaun Groves

Songs on "Twilight" Album

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(untitled) - (hidden track)
All I Want (Future Of Forestry EP Version)
Blank Page - View Blank Page Lyrics
Gazing (Twilight Album Version)
God Of Us - View God Of Us Lyrics
Here I Am
Hidden Track (Twilight Album Version)
I Love You - View I Love You Lyrics
If You Find Her (Twilight Album Version)
Jesus - View Jesus Lyrics
Need You More - View Need You More Lyrics
One Of Those Days - View One Of Those Days Lyrics
Open Wide (Future Of Forestry EP Version)
Sacred Place (Twilight Album Version)
Sanctitatis (Twilight Album Version)
See You - View See You Lyrics
Speak To Me Gently (Twilight Album Version)
Stay Beside Me (Twilight Album Version)
Sunrising (Twilight Album Version)
Thinking Of You (Twilight Album Version)
To Be Honest - View To Be Honest Lyrics
Twilight - View Twilight Lyrics
Twilight (Future Of Forestry EP Version)
Without You - View Without You Lyrics
You And I (Twilight Album Version)

Blank Page Lyrics

My life is like a canvas
And on most days I do my best
To fill it in with my mess
Til' your image can't be seen
How I love self-centered sketches
Painting my ways to the edges
But I think what I like best is
How it looks so much like me
No more now
I'm laying my colors down
Til my picture fades away

I am coming clean
I am offering
Every space in me for you to fill
And I am coming clean
I am promising
If you'll write on me your perfect will
Then I'll be a blank page

Maybe my life's like a story
That was written for your glory
But I guess I found that boring
So I took your pen in hand
And I scribbled you a bit part
And I made myself the big star
But replacing you proves too hard
Guess I don't know how it ends
No more now
I'm laying my best plans down
My story fades away


Make your masterpiece
Out of each day in me
I beg you, beg you
Where my plans have laid
Come write your better ways
I beg you, beg you
Lord I need you

Story Behind The Song:
I almost quit this business recently. I love my job and the people I work for and with, but I reached a point at which I couldn't balance my friendships, family and work - and all my plans to do so were falling apart and leaving me more tired and torn every day. I finally told a friend of mine that I wanted to go back to being a guy without a record deal, with just a guitar sitting on the floor writing songs that nobody would hear. I wanted to be a blank page - no dreams or plans of my own. So I prayed this song.

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God Of Us Lyrics

Hope has come
To the world
Heaven's son is
Born to earth
To hide beneath our
Flesh and bone
Call us friend
And call this home

God with us
God with us
God with us

Love has come
Weighted down
By splintered beam
And thorny crown
To take our nails
And taste our steel
Spill his life
And grace reveal

God for us
God for us
God for us

Heaven come
And take our hand
Whisper till we understand
Move our stubborn
Hearts to love
The very least
As you love us

Spirit be
God in us
God in us
Spirit be
God in us

Spirit be
God of us
God of us

Story Behind The Song:
I'm fascinated by the idea that God is self-centered. He doesn't ever do anything with me as the ultimate reason. Jesus was born, died, lived again and lives in me today for only one reason: to make God known. Being a disciple of Christ means abandoning every other goal and desire and living to do the same - to make Him known. More and more I believe that He is made known not by bumper stickers and T-shirts, not by church attendance or the right answers, not by being good, but by loving the least.

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I Love You Lyrics

Don't you get it?
I'm not gonna leave you out
Don't you get it?
I'm not gonna leave you now
The rope your hopes are dangling from
Is unraveling and coming undone
But I will always be holding on
To you

I love you
I love you
I love you
Don't you get it?
I'm not gonna leave you out
Don't you get it?
I'm not gonna leave you now
You're embarrassed and ashamed I can tell
Living in your handmade hell
Well that's a place I know too well
I do


I'm just glad that you didn't run
Cause we've all been there everyone
I know you're feeling dirty and dumb
No need to

Story Behind The Song:
A good friend of mine made a big mistake. He was afraid to tell me or any other Christians what he had done, even after admitting his mistaking and doing all he could to make things right. I found out that he kept his sin secret because as a child his parents had been ridiculed and shunned for what some in their church felt was sinful behavior. He believed that the Christians he knew would treat him the same way. Instead, I wrote him this song. I could have filled it with theology, but he knows that. What he didn't know was that I love him - because God loved me in spite of my sin.

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Jesus Lyrics

When we love the least
When we love the weak
When we love these
We love Jesus

Jesus brings a meal for tips
Jesus trying hard to quit
Jesus raising two alone
Jesus drives a heavy load

When we love the least
When we love the weak
When we love these
We love Jesus

Jesus with worn wrinkled hands
Jesus sows a patch of land
Jesus hides a tattooed arm
Jesus keeping dinner warm


Jesus waves a foreign flag
Jesus wrings a washing rag
Jesus leans on prison bars
Jesus swinging in my yard

Story Behind The Song:
I have met so many people who hate God because those of us who claim to love God haven't loved them yet. And I believe now that church services, Christian music and books are not God's primary means of convincing them otherwise. We are. They will know Him by our love for them. Yet I still find it difficult at times to love everyone I meet - not just the upstanding and clean - as if I am loving Christ Himself.

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Need You More Lyrics

I just want a place to rest
Look out on a day's sunset
Someone there to share it with
A hand to hold when this world turns

Lord I want so many things
What I need has never changed
No matter what I chase and crave
I need you more
I need you more

I just want to live in peace
Pass without an enemy
With a smile laid on my face
Without a cause to bend my brow

Lord I want so many things
What I need has never changed
All this wanting only makes
Me need you more
I need you more

I just want to cling to grace
That has filled my empty place
And my heart with gratitude
For so much more than I deserve

Lord I want so many things
What I need has never changed
Teach my wayward heart each day
No matter what I chase or crave
That all this wanting only makes
Me need you more
I need you more

Story Behind The Song:
Playing at colleges and universities I meet a lot of single people - people who believe they are in great need. They tell me they need a major, a degree, a spouse, a job and money. They're just like me but a lot more honest. I've realized over time though that my "needs" are often left unmet or, once met they are replaced by new ones, to cultivate dependence upon God. In the end, after chasing want after want I end up, time after time, realizing what it is I was made to crave.

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One Of Those Days Lyrics

At the risk of sounding shallow
Maybe trivial or trite
Emotional or mellowed
Well, how can I say this right?
Guess, I'm not the kind that figures
Life's all rainbows and blues skies
Still I just can't help but notice
I've got no good cause to cry

It's just been one of those days, one of those days
Every glass half full, every drop lemonade
Just one of those days, one of those days
All my worries to bed
And my faith wide awake
Hey, hey, hey
Just one of those days
Just one of those days

There's a smile I can't turn down
For a dance across my face
And the way I see things now
A frown would just be out of place
Cause I know you're in your heaven
Yeah, with both hands on the wheel
And somehow this simple knowing
Has infected how I feel

I'm not blind to imperfections
Still a realist by trade
A pragmatic, pessimistic, over-thinker
On a break

Story Behind The Song:
I get tired of Christian musicians with sullen faces as if to say, "Jesus loves me but I'm not happy about it." But at the same time I'm such a realist that I'm also tempted to pat them on the back and say, "Thanks for not pretending Jesus makes all the hard parts of life go away." I'm such a Nirvana era, let's-be-honest kind of guy, which usually means that I dwell on the struggles of life. But if I'm really honest, I have to admit that I'm happy a great deal of the time, too. It's just not as cool to say that I guess. Oh well, I did anyway.

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See You Lyrics

I see America from airplane windows
Center front row
On top of the world
Looking out on this quilt of old scraps
These green squares laid flat
Like flags unfurled
They're stitched together by our
Fences and tree lines
Rivers that unwind
And spell Your Name
There's a trace of Your face in
All that You create

I can see You
Looking back at me
Trying to get through
To the heart of me
And I can see You
Running after me
Trying to break through
What's distracting me
And I can see You
I can see You

Looking up from my hotel window
There in the moon's glow
I find Your eyes
Watching over me through
Clouds of silver
Stretched like fingers
Over midnight skies
And I recognize You
Even in disguise


If I can get past
All of the deadlines
Demons of daily grind
Then I can, I can, I can see You

Story Behind The Song:
I wrote this after two plane rides. The first was with fellow Rocketown artist Ginny Owens, who, if you don't know, is blind. I was describing the fields below us as looking like an old quilt when I realized just how seldom I'd ever noticed them before. The next week I flew out of Chicago as the sun was coming up and paused for the first time in my hectic week to notice God and wonder if that's why he made long flights and sunrises. I guess if you look at the world long enough it looks back.

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To Be Honest Lyrics

I'm scared to wander outside major keys
So I sing a song that I wrote just to please
The fools and the fakes, afraid just like me
To be honest

I play my part with a smile painted on
At best I'm a clown, at worst I'm a con
Convincing the crowd and myself nothing's wrong
To be honest

My soul is trembling
Knowing they're listening
But all that I need to be
Is all that you're making me

I'm leaving the stage
You can turn my lights down
The curtain is closed
I'm taking my bow
Lord, help me remember
'Cause I forget how
To be honest

I rewrote my story without tragedies
Left out the lines that reveal I am weak
Erased every reason for you to save me
To be honest

My soul is trembling
Knowing they're listening
But all that I need to be
Is all that you're making me

Story Behind The Song:
I'm shocked at how fake Christians are with one another. I'm even more shocked at how fake I am. One Sunday in Bible study, we didn't study the Bible. Instead our teacher just asked us if we're honest with each other. Of course we said no. We then talked about all the reasons why - most of which had something to do with fear. I thought about that topic and his questions for days until I realized why I should be honest: If I don't show my weakness, you'll never see God's strength in me - you'll just see mine.

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Twilight Lyrics

Like the sky before the dawn
While the night is holding on
Sun and moon together in the gray
So my soul is shared by two
The worst of me, the best of you
Saint and sinner mingle in my veins
And I pray you'll end this twilight

Twilight, twilight
I'm torn inside my soul tonight
The dawning day, the dying night
Oh rid my soul of twilight
Oh rid my soul of twilight

Good I love but evil's done
Good intentions come undone
Good to know I know the One
Who saves me from myself and


Oh Lord, paint my heart a solid hue
The shade of you
Oh Lord, break this dreadful in between
Inside of me
Oh let it be, morning


I know the sun is coming up
Oh, the sun is coming up
Yes, the sun is coming up
In me, in me

Story Behind The Song:
It's almost impossible, and often seems silly, to try cramming good theology into a simple three-minute pop song. Sometimes I give up trying. That was the case when I read Romans 7 & 8, in which Paul confesses that he's torn between what he should do and what he shouldn't. He admits that he often does what he shouldn't and doesn't do what he should. One evening when my two year-old daughter looked at the sky and told me the sun and moon were both "on," it dawned on me how to condense two chapters of Scripture into a tiny pop song - and still make sense... I hope.

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Without You Lyrics

There's a couple laughing
At the table next to mine
The waiter keeps on asking me if I'm alright
I hate to bore him with the truth
So I'll just lie and pretend I'm fine
Without you

Outside the city's slowing down
It's half past 10
I'm staring at the door
And wishing you'd walk in
But wishing isn't working now
So I'll sleep instead
In a hotel bed without you

And I'd rather be a pauper than a prince
Living without you, without you
And I'd rather be a failure than famous
Living without you, without you

Seven hundred miles away
Or just one flight
That's all that stands between
My heart and home tonight
And I'd walk every mile
To feel your hand in mine
It's just no life without you
You know I don't know who I am
Without you
I'm only half a man

Story Behind The Song:
This song was written the week before my first record came out. I was in Chicago eating alone, dreading sleeping alone, knowing it wouldn't be the last time if I wanted a life of music. So I wrote this song to my wife, Becky, as a promise that I would never get used to the separation, and I would always choose her over work or anything else. I choose her over all because God made us one. And when I'm away from her I feel like half a man - because I am.

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