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Time Will Tell

Artist: Glenn Kaiser Band

Songs on "Time Will Tell" Album

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Contact - View Contact Lyrics
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Drive Me Down to Shonkin - View Drive Me Down to Shonkin Lyrics
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Memory - View Memory Lyrics
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Clear Blue Sky Lyrics

to walk in the field once again
comforting breeze on my face
to feel the wet and the lure
power of creative grace
to realize the quiet
peace of a different kind
the harmony of all things here
it's a climate of loving design

to sit at the base of the bark and the leaf
the kiss of sweet sunsets again
discovering eyes peering through the mist
no trust in the instincts of man

night unto day is that mercy revealed
hour upon hour i come to be healed
emptied of seasons of tears that i cried
this blinded soul finally saw
the clear blue sky

Your fingerprints here all around me
all the more reason for praise
refreshed in the wind of Your Spirit
i feel You in nature's embrace
so many demons gone to their place
all about honesty not saving face
time enough left to do what i must
loving and living in faith and in trust

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Contact Lyrics

everybody wants contact / everybody wants comfort and concern
nobody likes conflict / or rarely likes watching bridges burn
everybody wants love / everybody wants faithfulness
nobody wants silence / nobody loves distance, loneliness
emotions, feelings

everybody wants grace / freedom to explore
everybody loves truth / but when our conscience gets ignored
your thoughts my wants / my thoughts your needs
why should anyone care about anything / if there's NO reality
emotions, feelings / drowning, we need healing

everybody wants comfort / and we want it our way
everybody needs patience / and we want it today
in a fallen world / how do we cope
like dying children / at the end of our rope
in the love of God / in the light of faith
there is no shame / when you find your place
emotion / feeling / Savior / healing
to know that grace / to be embraced

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Deliver Lyrics

talk talk talk is cheap
where's the action
a church so fast asleep
got no attraction
a band lookin' oh so good
with nothin' but sound
ain't givin' much to this world
just spinnin' down

time will tell
when the book is opened wide

did ya’ deliver?
what did you deliver?
who did you deliver?
or did ya’ keep it inside...

time is runnin' down
excuses don't accomplish somethin'
some might see your truth
others don't see nothin'
but when the blind lead the blind
accidents are sure to happen
there is a world goin' to hell
and a lotta critics’ jaws just flappin'
you say they just weren't elected too
I say deliver the truth
or God says their blood's on you

did ya’ deliver?
what did you deliver?
who did you deliver?
or did ya’ keep it inside...

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Drive Me Down to Shonkin Lyrics

I use you when I need you / and leave you when I'm done
I've never told you anything / but truth beneath this sun
I'm a prairie where love wanders / dying of terrible thirst
When the vultures find your carcass / babe I'll be the first
I wish I was the devil / I wish I was the Lord
The hunger of this twisted heart / best be left ignored

You drive me down to Shonkin / standing by the creek
You rub a bluebell's petals / on the stubble of my cheek
Your lips bleed when I kiss you / prairie dogs go
Montana skies consume us / I resist that whispered sound

The stars obliterated / you leave me the night
I find myself by myself / stripped of love and all that's right
I wish I was a demon / with no knowledge of what's good
But every kiss you give me / is like nails through new wood

I love you and I hate you / I'll kill you with compassion
I spout desire's lust / as philosophy and fashion
I'm not worth a single glance / why do you still pursue me?
I never knew love was so strong / Oh God you've overcome me

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Follywood Green Lyrics

it ain't my real hair
it ain't my real name
it's just my p.r.
it ain't my real fame

now ya’ see it but ya’ think you don't
you gonna buy it but ya’ think you won't
image imagine, electric facade
it's a trip, chip, clip of your wallet, honey
gotcha–you need that style

60-year-old investors
45-year-old boss
30-year-old shop owners
15-year-old consumers being massaged
by a worldwide industrialized computerized mirage

we've learned no style sells
free-style as well
to the best-dressed self-obsessed people in hell
cuz life ain't made of the stuff you got
and the cross ain't sellin' where the cattle shop
gotcha–you need that style

it's the price of hype
down to the store-bought smile
and the price was right
it only cost ya’ your life honey
gotcha–you need that style!

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Good Hope & New Philadelphia Lyrics

there is a town
and it's a little one
you take the road to Good Hope
many pass on by
not much to look at
but we need it so

where brother meets brother
with respect in his eye
where sister loves sister
you can live and die in peace
in Good Hope

and a little bit southeast
there's another road
to New Philadelphia
i have seen high corn and beans
and painted ponies in the fields
'round New Philadelphia

well the land is rich
but a family can be richer still
when birth is a celebration
and a little town stands still
when to bury its own
is a solemn ''Goodbye''
where it matters what you think
how you eat and drink
and it matters how you live and die
in New Philadelphia

up these roads
with the red-winged blackbirds
up these roads
where neighbors wave
up these roads
where the sun and rain both greet you
gravel, dirt, or paved

Good Hope and New Philadelphia
on the road to Good Hope
i'm on the road
to New Philadelphia
God's grace unfolds
come ride with a Friend

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Memory Lyrics

maybe i'm in love with a memory
what once was true and real to me
waves shapin' sand
time like the sea
maybe i'm in love with a memory

i used to wait for the morning dove
the lonesome cry at the break of dawn
city fumes and noises mostly fill my ears
sirens and anger and wars that drain my tears
sometimes i ponder what is to what used to be
maybe i'm in love with a memory
sometimes i ponder what is to what used to be
maybe i'm in love with a memory

lovin' until death do us part
the future of promises lost out at sea
reachin' for a shadow in the dark
we can't return to what used to be

what i have learned under my skin
is how we taste the sting of sin
i know the truth that Jesus sets one free
each passing year it means more and more to me
i love Him more than what was or what will be
His love is more than a memory

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My Strength, My Song Lyrics

He will not lead me / to temptation
He has never / left me alone
He doesn't slumber / or sleep
And forever / He is enthroned

His voice is / like many waters
His angels / watch over me
He is Father / to sons and daughters
And His Spirit / sanctifies me

He overcame hell / to win me
He suffered death / though He did no wrong
And His mercy is new / every morning
He is my Strength / and my Song

All eyes / will look upon Him
And every / knee will bow
Every voice will cry / Jesus is Lord
He is coming / in the clouds

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One More Step Lyrics

today I rose on our anniversary
readied myself for the day
gave thanks for twenty-six years with you
my faithful, my beautiful, and brave
considered so many we have known
wondering where they might be now
whose eyes grew dim, whose hearts decreased
withdrew their hands from the plow
yet I know no other Saviour
He has given me no other call
I can serve no other Master
and I thank God you walk with me still

one more step on the road to glory
one more day on the path
one more mile in the grip of mercy
in the only love that lasts

I place my hand on the Book of fools
I pledge my life to its truth
Wendi, many are called; few are chosen
let two of them be me an' you
we've spent time in the colosseum
among lions of another kind
those who forgive have learned to live
and the blind stumble the blind

you and I know the secret
that no secrets exist at all
where the love in the nails secures release
from the Judas who bids us, Fall

it's just one more step on the road to glory
one more day on the narrow path
one more mile in His grace and mercy
in the only love that lasts
one more step on the road to glory
one more day on the path
one more chapter in the story
of the only love that lasts

there's a little more grey than yesterday
I hope to wear it well
there are two young ladies an' two prodigals
worth every tear that fell
and a family on Wilson Avenue
that grows in knowledge and in grace
there are names in a book before the throne
I am satisfied they won't be erased
and if I had a second chance
to choose all over again
I'd take Jesus and you in a second
and I'll walk with you both 'til the end

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Plant The Seed Again Lyrics

Tell me if you ever saw
A field of unripe wheat
Thirsting in the summer sun
Withered in the tortured heat

Tell me if you ever heard
The thunder of the storm
Or felt the sting of hailstones
The wheat fields smashed and torn

Tell me if you ever watched
A fire consume the grain
And smelled the smoke-filled sky
A black/blue angry stain

Tell me if you ever wept
Over remnants of the spring
So much planted, so little left
Love nothing left to bring

Plant the seed again
Plant the seed again
Plant the seed again
No way of knowing but to believe...

Plant the seed again

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Postmodern, Existential, Ivy League Blues Lyrics

i saw new england fall in the autumn
professing themselves wise
they learned to be fools
i saw the picture-postcards and the majesty
and it died

if ever there was a key
to wisdom and knowledge
it is the cornerstone rejected by the world
if ever was a people so removed from absolutes

i heard the depth and height of information
served on steaming tables of speculation
i understood the rite of education
for the sake of the elite

if ever there was a reason
it was love
if ever any person personified that love
it was Jesus

i heard the shot heard 'round the campus
it was the deification of humanity
one that had ceased to be human
one who pretended to be God

and i recalled another ruler
in the autumn of another time and place
he refused to give God the glory
and like dying leaves
in a cold cold land
eaten up and died

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Walkin' on Serpents Lyrics

got my head together, got my mind made up
got love forever, made the final cut
got life support, got eternal aid
had enough of bein' pushed around
makin' lemonade

start to walk, start to stand
start to livin' like a natural man
i know what's real an' i know what's right
and i know the power of Jesus in my life

a thousand may fall at my side,
but it will not come near me
ten thousand may fall at my right side,
but unless it's God's will, it will not come near me

been walkin' on serpents, been walkin' on scorpions
over all of the power of the enemy

a double-minded soul is totally unstable
one hand on the plow while lookin' back
they are driven by the wind and tossed in the waves
while the single-minded, wholehearted follower won't lack

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Ya' Don't Say Lyrics

child, you don't say much
maybe ain't got much to say
you sing about boys and girls
seem to like bein' up on the stage
perhaps just a little too young
maybe just a bit afraid
or maybe it's a case of fantasy thrill
maybe just wanna get paid
but ya’ don't say much

words are important to you
you like to hold tight to the truth
but fun means more sometimes
it's an interesting habit I find
from the mouth we reveal our heart
and singin' ain't only an art
we need to think about the things we say
life isn't only for play
some folks are so out of touch
because you don't say much
but ya’ sure like to play guitar...

heaven, hell, or this earth
there's somethin' 'bout value and worth
actions speak louder than words
but hidin' God's truth is absurd
no matter what the rational hush
aw ya’ don't say much

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