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Time & Seasons

Artist: Commissioned

Songs on "Time & Seasons" Album

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Barach You
Believe - View Believe Lyrics
Charge It To My Head - View Charge It To My Head Lyrics
Clean Heart
Glorious Praise
Just Worship
One Love - View One Love Lyrics
Psalms 84
Shama Of God
Testimony Service
That Ain't No Commissioners
Trying Of Your Faith
Walk Right
You Are Forgiven
You Stayed With Me Lord
You've Been Good

Believe Lyrics

Hello my little dreamer
Lift up your head
Take my hand
And walk with Me a while
I know you thinK I've forgotten
The promise I've made you
But I will never forsake you

Believe the unbelivable
Dream the unthinkable
You can do all things
If you believe
You can reach the unreachable
See the unforseeable
All things are possible
To tem that believe

(Verse 2)
I know it's been a delay
But that doesn't mean
I've denied you
I've just been waiting for you
To give Me your dreams
So i can bring them to pass
ASnd I've done what you've asked

There may be times
When the whole world
Says you're a fool
Against all odds
You can put yuour trust in Me
And your dreams
Will become a reality
But You gota believe

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Charge It To My Head Lyrics

I was looking back on yesterday
I saw my favorite photograph of you and me
You were my pride and joy
The one my heart beats for
And you will always be
The apple of my eye

If ever I forget to say I love you
Please believe I do
If ever I forget to say I care
If ever I foget to say I miss you
When we're apart
Charge it to my head and not my heart

I found the picture that you drew of our family
I couldn't help but notice
You were waiving goodbye to me
I realized that we are often apart
But I want you to know
That you are close to my heart

You will always be a very special part of me
Everything I do, I do for you

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One Love Lyrics

(Verse 1)
There is a time to laugh, a time to cry, a time to disagree
A time the summer sun would fade away and trees to lose their leaves
There is a time for stars to leave their place and dance across the sky above
But lady now's the time to take my hand 'cause now's the time for love

So let the Earth stop spinning, let time stand still
Let the secrets of our hearts now be revealed
let the breath of God on us from heaven up above
'Till we join one heart, one spirit, one love

(Verse 2)
Now is the time for me to validate the feelings of my heart
A time to prove the promise made is true and never will depart
The time has come for us to live what we could only dream before
So look into my eyes as I draw near 'cause now's the time for love


Now is the season and the time appointed
Time for us to fly on the wings of love where we are made
One forever


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