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Thunder From The Mountain

Artist: Zion

Songs on "Thunder From The Mountain" Album

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He Loves You - View He Loves You Lyrics
Help Me - View Help Me Lyrics
Is It A Crime - View Is It A Crime Lyrics
Kick in the Gates - View Kick in the Gates Lyrics
Less of Me - View Less of Me Lyrics
Roll the Rock - View Roll the Rock Lyrics
Sold You a Lie - View Sold You a Lie Lyrics
Thrillseeker - View Thrillseeker Lyrics
Who Pulls The Strings - View Who Pulls The Strings Lyrics

He Loves You Lyrics

For too long you've been lied to
Been told that sin is O.K.
But it's talkin' you down, it's talkin' you down
There's really a better way
Listen, got something to tell you
Ya don't have to pay the price
Jesus paid it for you
You don't have to gamble your life
'Cause Jesus Loves He Loves You
Jesus Loves He Loves You
Jesus Loves
I'm sick of hearing these lies
Sayin' Hell is O.K.
It's not the truth
It will burn you night and day
But Jesus can save you
He's the only One who can bring you through
So don't ride the Highway to Hell
You really weren't made to
C'mon don't mess around
You're playing with your soul
Don't you know you go on forever
But you decide now where to go
Give it up to Him
Your gift is Eternal Life, Give it up to Jesus
He paid the ultimate price
No sin is too heavy for Jesus to take away
Give it up to Him right now, He will change your life

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Help Me Lyrics

Been walking all day
Been crying all night
Doesn't seem to be an answer in sight
A frightened heart cries out to you
Waiting for your love to break through
I've tried my best to do what is right
I only want your love in my life
So I call out to you and I try to get near
But silence is all that I hear
Help me
Help me
To wait
Help me
Before it's too late

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Is It A Crime Lyrics

Never seen it so dark
Where have you gone?
Am I walking all alone?
I remember all the good times we had together
And I wonder where I went wrong
I need to feel your touch
I need you here so much
I look everywhere but I cannot find
I need to have you here
Without your love I'll lose my mind
Is it a crime?
To feel the way I feel
Is it a crime?
When I know it's so real
People have forgotten me
But that doesn't matter much
Because you're all I need
But now I can't find you
I want to remind you that your love is everything to me
I look to talk to you
But the words just won't come out
If I push real hard they come right back at me
Alone in my room they bounce right off the walls
My words sink into an endless sea

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Kick in the Gates Lyrics

Two thousand years ago a man did walk
He was sent into this world to die He did more than talk
With words so powerful that would knock you down
He would turn the heads of everyone right around
He'd say&
I've got a message to tell
That's gonna kick in the gates
He didn't worry about the kind of clothes He wore
He really didn't care much always getting more
He didn't have to say it loud He didn't have to scream!
But every single word that He says makes demons flee!
I've got a message to tell that's gonna kick in the gates
I've got a message to tell that's gonna kick in the gates of Hell!

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Less of Me Lyrics

I'm a driver in the race
Power speed for first place
I'm a striver for wealth and fame
I'm the master of my game
To each his own I heard one say
But all would be mine if I had my way
I'm a liar to think I'd win
All kings before me lost in the end
Less of me and all I'm trying to be
Building my kingdom just to find it so
Short of Your Glory
I'm a traitor dressed up in pride
Constructing life on compromise
Manipulator I'll change your mind!
Intent to finish all I design
I'll use my friends I've lost a few
Small price to pay can't wait for you
I'm a deceiver bound up in chains
Painting my face to hide my pain
God save me!
I'm a submitter forfeit my rule
In the eyes of the world I'm a fool
I'm a quitter from serving myself
And bearing fruit that rots on the shelf
I'm a follower old ways denied
Took up the cross I'm crucified
I'm now a vessel where Jesus Lives
There's nothin' to lose
I had nothing to give
Less of me the key to my release
Surrender this life to you
Let Your Glory increase Yeah!

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Roll the Rock Lyrics

Tryin' to find the meaning of life
Don't know where to look
Well, we don't need TM or biofeedback
Just open the Book
He will roll the stone away from your mind
And away from your heart
He will give you His light with power and might
And that's just a start
People seeking a new direction
What they need is a resurrection
Just as His Son who laid dead in the grave
God: I rolled the rock away
The latest rage because I rock is to call me a fake
It might be the money or maybe the fame or who can I take
Well, I'm not a scholar but I read in the Book
That it's a dangerous thing
To call the work of God to be of the devil
Makes the warning bell ring!
There's no question who I play for
Cause I roll for the mightiest rock!
If you've got a question about my profession
My Boss is ready to talk!
Roll the Rock
Roll the Rock
Roll the Rock Away!

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Sold You a Lie Lyrics

Your boyfriend told you it would be alright
And all your friends are doin' it in the dark of the night
They say you're gonna like the way it makes you feel
But how do you deal with the guilt and pain that's so real?
You see no end in sight, c'mon! And make it right
Somebody sold you a lie
Will you listen to this or will you be surprised?
And all your friends said it would be alright
As long as you believe in God you can do what you want on a Friday night
So you do what they call fun
But tell me do you feel empty when the morning comes
Somebody sold you a lie
Will you listen to this or will you be surprised?
You can't even believe the people that you idolize
'Cause somebody sold you a lie
In the heat of it all we compromise our faith
As the tension builds we break

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Thrillseeker Lyrics

Passion breeder women stealer
You've got to feed your lust
Deposit all your life
In the playhouse bank & trust
Here you go again
Will it ever end?
Like a moth to the flame the closer it gets burned in it's own game
Falling in deeper and deeper
Caught in a web of deceit
Another camera shot below the waist
Another empty soul
It never satisfies it's all a lie
Puts you out of control
It's on the TV now it's in your mind
It's everywhere you look
A hook in your lip that's dragging you down
Maybe you've been took
More! More! More! More!
Can't get enough
It's gggggggg gotch ya' Oh Thrillseeker!
Always hungry but never filled
You've got that look in your eye
Always searchin' but never findin'
Oh your tail's gonna fry!

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Who Pulls The Strings Lyrics

Little white lines will take your life
You smoke some stuff and try to ease your mind
Drown in booze your gonna lose
The stakes are your life when you try to pay those dues
You've got him breathing down your neck
And soon you'll see your just a marionette
Who pulls the strings
Who makes you do those things
Who pulls the strings
Who makes you do those things
You think your free but these chains you cannot see
They're wrapped tight on you and they never let you be
Sins desire will take you down to the fire
But God's the only one who can stop the twisted liar

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