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The Whore's Trophy

Artist: Symphony In Peril

Songs on "The Whore's Trophy" Album

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Aborting The Fabricated - View Aborting The Fabricated Lyrics
For Now We See In A Mirror, Dimly, But Then Face To Face - View For Now We See In A Mirror, Dimly, But Then Face To Face Lyrics
Inherent Scars - View Inherent Scars Lyrics
Revolving Door Romance - View Revolving Door Romance Lyrics
Seduction By Design - View Seduction By Design Lyrics
Stiletto - View Stiletto Lyrics
The Whore's Trophy I - View The Whore's Trophy I Lyrics
The Whore's Trophy II - View The Whore's Trophy II Lyrics
This Flame Breeds Disbelief - View This Flame Breeds Disbelief Lyrics
Waiting To Breathe - View Waiting To Breathe Lyrics

Aborting The Fabricated Lyrics

Each time you break me, my heart grows fonder. These passions inside yearn for your ways. Nothing more needs to be proven to me. Bury your fist in my chest, and rip out this plague. Revitalize this life within. Eradicate the scales and open my eyes. My life is in your hands. I have prohibited the faulty words that have echoed around me. Erroneous counsel I strip away in order to invite your whisper. Confine me by your love. These restraints I invite to rid the vanity of self-reliance. I live this life for yo

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For Now We See In A Mirror, Dimly, But Then Face To Face Lyrics

Quiet this night and open these eyes. I find myself lost in the shuffle. This breath of life is getting complicated, and my mind has shut down. This rope's end is harder to hold. I'm at the point of surrender, but I can't let go. Lifting my hands used to be so simple, but I fight to give it all. I can't fake it anymore. Take this life and make it yours. Bend this will until it breaks. I am yours. You can have me. Take my heart and lift it up, and I will hold on to you. I am yours. You have me wanting and needing more, aching and longing to hold you. It is becoming harder to know my own self. I feel that from a distance, I am watching my life get turned upside down. I have been so thirsty. Why can't I notice me and stop lying to myself? I asked for this portrait. I pleaded for this, but now I bend under the load of responsibility. Will it all fall by the wayside, and will I let it? Will there be anything left to hold onto but me? I need you more than I need myself. I can't do this on my ow

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Inherent Scars Lyrics

Thread the needle, for this cut is deep. You can wipe the blood away, but it still stains our skin. Nothing lost other than a fragment of strength, but we will reside. Over and over again we took this verbal homicidal attack. Look in our eyes. Look at what we've become. You did nothing to make us. These screams still echo and the scars remain, but we wil hold on, together. Emotions settle, sorrow fades, but the thought of you will elaps

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Revolving Door Romance Lyrics

I see them coming, in one door and out another. They sit and watch your slick hair and shiny shoes. You may have a golden tongue, but your offers are hopeless. We have seen this all before. Give me more. Give me more. It would be nice to see someone with love in their eyes and truth in their intentions. Up there you seem untouchable, but you're a rapist. Nothing more than a conductor of the revolving doors. Go ahead and romance some more. Lead them into the slaughter. We see you sitting behind your corporate desk counting the profits with the door revolving evermore. Line up the young. Line up the young for the revolving door romance. This will be their en

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Seduction By Design Lyrics

This methodology has tied you down. Walking the fine line. This line has become your threshold, a strategic inflection point between the truth and religious entanglement. Discernment has been lost in translation due to pride's open door. What is left is a scarred tomorrow due to forgotten yesterday. Your days are no longer lined with the scarlet thread. This garment's structure has been woven by a new manmade routine, leaving the truth behind. When will you di

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Stiletto Lyrics

Your eyes pierce right through me, unveiling the hidden elusiveness within. These patterns you witness have become my crutch. Your eyes are your ammunition. Your gaze is killing me. A substantial blood loss that is not my own and it is pouring out of me. This assault will bring me strength, increasing stability not to collapse. This is a dagger to the heart, an unrelinquishing torture, but this soon will assemble me. Your murder face to fac

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The Whore's Trophy I Lyrics

You try to allure us in scarlet. A killing time for the disposable and deceived. From this cup is the blood tainted by the formation of depravity. Dieting on our new wine. What a mystery you have become. Captivating us by the savor from the golden cup. We are left drunk with a new doctrine. Your prostitution will collapse that which makes us your harlot's embrace. I decline this bitter taste. Our lamps lie half empty, yet we will refuse and watch you bur

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The Whore's Trophy II Lyrics

Perverted by her beauty, enticed by her charm. Come again. Come again to the cup of blood. Deception comes in a form of another. Come again to the cup of blood. Dripping from your lips is the new doctrine. Don't turn away from your first love for the love of another. She is a liar, deceiver, manipulator. My Jesus come, my Savior come, my Lord com

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This Flame Breeds Disbelief Lyrics

I lost my faith in the fire. This storm is unrelenting. These flames have scorced the earth and scarred my soul. This self-hatred bored wounds deeper and deeper. Who will save me now? Is all hope lost? This storm has extinguished these flames. All are dead, but one remain

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Waiting To Breathe Lyrics

Let's wash tonight away down the river of discarded thought, embracing the moment and letting go of every apprehension. Can't tonight be about us? I just want to look into the windows of your soul and get lost in you. I want to unleash this desire inside. Yeah, even the ones we tend to forget about. Let's wash tonight away down the river, and letting go of everything and everyone but each other. Let us not deviate from the script that we write in each other's eyes. It is becoming hard to breathe. If I could hold onto this instance, I would. The night fades, will our lov

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