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The Journey...So Far

Artist: Society's Finest

Songs on "The Journey...So Far" Album

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1955 - View 1955 Lyrics
Six Seconds Left Until Daylight - View Six Seconds Left Until Daylight Lyrics

1955 Lyrics

I saw your eyes and I didn't know what happened, but it stole my heart. I buried myself underneath the stars. Looking towards the open sky for a familiar face to answer my cry. I couldn't move or breath, so I held on to everything. And made it worse when it was ove, Fifty five tears fell in silence. This happened every time I saw you, So i would walk away, Hoping you wouldn't follow me. But you did. And I screamed with confusion, and screamed with anger. Until you held my hurting heart, and the nights with violence move ever so fast Because I see your face when my eyes close with the deepest pain. I'll pray that you'll hold my, and I'll pray that I can feel your arms around me, And when fifty-five tears fall in silence I'll pray that you'll be here to wipe them away.

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Six Seconds Left Until Daylight Lyrics

It's not fair that it happened, That the day fell and took you from me, It's nightime now and I rushed to find you, Knowing that I wouldn't. I know there's a day that the Son will come up And I'll be able to feel safe again. But today, all I can do is hang my head and let the wind blow against my face. Today the sun rises, but comfort never comes, What can I do to say "I love you," Because I never did on the day you left. And I regret not telling you how I felt, But everything happened so fast. Now you're gone and I hate myself. There's so many words and not enough time For me to love you. I love you. My eyes tear up with love for you. All I can do is hang my head And let the wind blow against my face, And it hurst to close my eyes to fell safe again, There's only six seconds left until daylight And I can never say "I love you

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