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The Journey... So Far

Artist: Societys Finest

Songs on "The Journey... So Far" Album

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1995 - View 1995 Lyrics
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1995 Lyrics

I saw your eyes and I didn't know what happened, but it stole my heart.
I buried myself underneath the stars.
Looking towards the open sky for a familiar face to answer my cry.

I couldn't move or breath, so I held on to everything.
And made it worse when it was ove,
Fifty five tears fell in silence.

This happened every time I saw you,
So i would walk away,
Hoping you wouldn't follow me.

But you did.

And I screamed with confusion,
and screamed with anger.
Until you held my hurting heart,
and the nights with violence move ever so fast

Because I see your face when my eyes close with the deepest pain.
I'll pray that you'll hold my,
and I'll pray that I can feel your arms around me,
And when fifty-five tears fall in silence

I'll pray that you'll be here to wipe them away...

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6 seconds until daylight Lyrics

It's not fair that it happened,

That the day fell and took you from me,
It's nightime now and I rushed to find you,
Knowing that I wouldn't.

I know there's a day that the Son will come up
And I'll be able to feel safe again.
But today, all I can do is hang my head
and let the wind blow against my face.

Today the sun rises, but comfort never comes,
What can I do to say I love you,
Because I never did on the day you left.
And I regret not telling you how I felt,
But everything happened so fast.
Now you're gone and I hate myself.

There's so many words and not enough time
For me to love you.

I love you.

My eyes tear up with love for you.
All I can do is hang my head
And let the wind blow against my face,
And it hurst to close my eyes to fell safe again,
There's only six seconds left until daylight

And I can never say I love you.

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Dead People Lyrics

Fill my eyes with the burning storm,
I fall down and dream dreams
The wisdom consumes my sin,
the demons hold me.

Here's my dead and I bleed tears.

My thought are killing themselves,
The angels hate the emptiness...


I whisper my sickness with poisoned breath.
The demon hold me only to feel my heart.
I'll take my arms and legs, but will you break them?
I spit my tongue over the cold sky
Here's my head place two feet across.
And the coal I use to burn my eyes,
It hurts to cry.

I use tears to paint my pictures,

I hide my sin
So he cannot see.
I cover my eyes with broken hearts.
It's so shattering when they realize nothing is forever
Hide my dead from the emptiness I have.
Your child is tired.
Where do i sit,
Because I lie down in your green pastures with rivers of pain.
Nothing ever ends when you play with demons...

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Following the Robertsons Lyrics

I wonder if you care.

You graze your skin across another needle
As the concern for the strength of your veins
Stretches across your mind
Your thoughts tell you no one cares

No one will listen, They all hate you

You take off your clothes again,
Trying to find the right one
But you're only forcing yourself to drag the needle again
Because no one cares for someone who gives themselves up so quickly.

I can only pray that you will see past your own thoughts again.
Can't you see that you have no friends.
They've all used you and left you for dead,
I drag another dead body through your blood.

But why can't I have more?
There is something more.

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Kiss the Girls Lyrics

What thought was piercing...
Pining it's way through every emotion moning
Night after night I could only guess
What demons taunt you blinded by
Your swollen pupils

Your destruction must leave no guilt at all
So thick so black
Your heart has so much for her
You allow yourself to violate and to become so cold
Engraving your spirit mocking the whorish
Nature without self control
and have you no shame for you have wasted Your man-hood cheating on yourself
Here's the knife, kill me here
Because I'm so sick of watching this happen
And I whisper to myself
Hoping you'll here me cry out to Jesus Christ
And as the tears fall down
I begin to realize that everything has been done

Jezabel has taken you for herself...

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Knife Fight Lyrics

Nothing ever goes your way,
Outcast with fear in your eyes, with fear in your eyes.
Bring your knife to the drive-in and meet your destiny

And the sky turns black.
Angels are fighting for your soul.
The sin is so overcoming, so tempting.
Nothing ever goes your way.
And the girls laugh, and the hate grows,
you seclude ourself to darkness.

But I'll still pray

I'll still pray for love to find your eyes
burning with shame,
and to end the bitterness that shakes your body.

Please let me love you one like too many.
Now one lie is gone.
You're failing, please let me love you.

It never fails.

How the lies taunt you
and how the bitterness shakes your body,
closing your eyes so you cannot see His grace.
Everything's drawing near, and it ruses into hate.
You've waited too long for it to disappear, to die again,
Let Him love you,
Don't wait for the evenig sleep to end,
Hold His hand.

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Lucky 13 Lyrics

To the one I love,
I'll always be here waiting
until the gates close behind me.

Look into my eyes for the untold story.
The truth is seen, but it's so hollow.
Bury me beneath the shooting star
and wish for my hesitance to end.

Wish for it all to kill the burning lies.
Behind me is the sun,
and I gaze until the smoke clears.
Wake me so I can die inside of your arms,
or find a way to dream with me
It's all over today,
so dress me in the starlight and light a candle,
so if I wake I'll see your shadow fading
into the other side of nothing

I hope that tonight I'll forget about you
so things will seem okay tomorrow.
I had a dream, but I can't remember it.
I woke up looking into your eyes
and the softest touch cam
When your tears fall onto my shoulder.

I tried to speak, but the words cradled my breath
and fell back into my soul.
Take me into your arms and look behind my smile.
Tell me what you find.
Tell me you see my scars.
Tell me I am loved.

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Marshall Reality Lyrics

Do you need me to shove your head underwater
just to make you drink?

I'm not mentioning any names, Tyler.
Your ignorance has gone too far.
Your brain's full of static,
your drugs have ruined a man

Drink the water of Truth; no I'll drown in my pool of lies.

I'll never understand why you try so hard to disbelieve,

You're not listening to me.
I asked you a question.
Why you've taken it this far, I don't know.
This will be your restraint.
If you can still see me, close your eyes
and pretend I'm not really here

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Monarch Lyrics

Eyes over-perceiving, but not seeing.
Ears over-hearing, but not compromising.

This desire soiled in Holy consequences.

Your eyes bleed with your sin,
Your heart numbs to the spirit's convictions,
Your mind deceives your body.
Fantasized of entwined bodies.
Flesh stained with fingerprints
Blessed be your death, Your filth.
Angel tears for selfishness.
regrets, but no resolution

Lust, falsified love

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Seven Years of Momentum Lyrics

Don't ever listen to what they say, you tell me
As you're turning money into your god.

I could see you failing from a long way off.
Why don't you just cut your strings off,
you're turning into a puppet.

I used to look up to you so much,
You've ruined my thoughts toward you.
Why don't you just cut off your strings,
You're taking children down with you.

I wish I could stop you, but you've seen
Seven years of momentum

Your foundation has been ripped straight from under you.
You seek greed by His name.
You've seeked the shaded of green.
Take your ticket and burn your lives away

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