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The Hope That Lies Within

Artist: Focused

Songs on "The Hope That Lies Within" Album

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Consumer Lyrics

were all living in selfishness,
and not caring about other lives.
we only want what we want.
this greed right in front of our eyes,
the view of our worth is out of control,
we see it,
and just keep taking.
this world becomes more valuable than love.

it haunts our world.
and we cover our eyes,
we buy our hearts content to fill a void.
no, I will relent, and it wont go away, no it wont go away.
this image you want, it will take your life and you will pay.

our society teaches consumption is the only thing,
get rich quick scheme,
take the goods while theyre cheap.
dwelling in a material world.
we drown ourselves in growth and purchase these lies.
its in our greed, our greed right in front of our eyes.
the media pushes beauty and sex as acceptance,
to wear a mask or a condom and fool yourself.
buying into this growth, we must kill the image,
if this is how to be accepted than I will have no part
...kill the image

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Dead Sky Lyrics

I feel the splinter in my hand, I see it all wasted.
I see it all passed by, theres nothing to show for it.
and theres some spare change on the table left for me, pick it up, Im running out again.
why do I see these things this way, I dont help, Im running out again.

I tried to remind you of the day when the door closed, we stopped dreaming as I left your side.
only to scratch my knee on the ground running out again, the picture painted nothing.
I was left without reason, we tried to remind ourselves of the last time.

the perspective was never in my sight, it was always inside,
they mentioned that you were great, but I just considered you a friend.
running out again.
leaving nothing behind.
and I thirst for color to brighten my day.
I washed away the blood, only to see my scars, waited so long,
now I left your side, my wing has mended, fly into this dead sky.

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Empty Lyrics

I will accept this,
these different ways,
this change thats taking place,
and the knowledge that I know now,
and I am a part of this,
and I will do all that I can,
the free gift that is given to me,
for I am strong and I will stand,

and I,
I must,

so why am I left here,
when my questions run so deep,
to separate myself.
how can we rest as we watch it fall
continuing to drown,
the time is less,
reaching through the darkness and there is nothing left,

it is not to be forgotten,
or to be left behind,
my souls driving me to whats found,
and Im not blind.
the direction coming from within,
no ones to blame,
my souls not empty,
ignited with flame.

I just wont take it standing still,
given a second chance,
its not empty,
my flesh I kill.

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Evasion Lyrics

the complexity of my senses,
they betray my emotions,
and as he stands near,
but with hidden resign I plunge forward unaware of my footing beneath me,
only to peer to the window of reason that continues to shut me out.

but uncertain struggle remains obscured by his indifferent eyes that evade my existence.

I have lost my sense of balance looking over this fence of separation,
for his presence continues to echo the emptiness of my soul
and my spirit that longs for a solitary glance of reassurance from his eyes.
what will I see and what will I do,
left without myself to forsake my depression.

but my uncertain struggle remains obscured by his indifferent eyes that evade my existence.

silently I forsake my dejection,
so reluctant to slip on the debris of my self worth.

but my uncertain struggle remains obscured by his indifferent eyes that evade my existence.

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Hurts To Ask Lyrics

this quiet panic that I feel, its a pain inside that wont go away,
but sometimes, sometimes it can hit so hard,
so hard and its like Im the only one.
When it comes down I pretend that Im so strong, so strong, what could I do?
And just when I think that the words I hear could mean so much, now here it comes again.
I never could quite understand it, I never could quite figure it out.
How could I sense this desperate tone?

How could it be so intense when theres nothing at all?
Its in my thoughts, its in my mind, its in my soul and it hurts to ask...

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Killing Years Lyrics

caught in a lie,
now denial,
committed crimes,
her life to steal,
your touch violates,
feeding your eyes, your mind,
filth in your life,
it dictates.

your thoughts are filled, black and white images pages drilled,
you stole her innocence, you stole her trust,
you took her very being, you stole her very being away from her.
took it from her.

hidden past, these cries of fear, abuse inside these killing years.
she blames herself, trying to escape.
in your tears she shakes her head to empty her mind from her past,
follows much to close, in this abuse not love.

Youre not my father.

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My Blood Lyrics

this is the last time,
this is the only time,
this is a time.

no longer living in my shadow, a new day has begun.
the steps I took so slow at first now move so fast my,
blood it runs, all throughout my body, deep within my soul,
filled by the spirit, never to be left alone.

trusting in tomorrow, but it all starts today,
fueled by an inner strength, guided by our faith.

my blood, it runs all throughout my body.
my blood, it runs, deep within my soul.
my blood, it runs, filled by the spirit.
my blood, it runs, never to be left alone.

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No One Lyrics

on the other side youre too far gone,
you have nothing to lose,
fear your choice cant mend unconditional love
risen Christ from the dead.
His blood.

there is no one righteous, not even one.
no one who understands, no one who seeks God.
all have turned away,
they have together become worthless,
no one who does good,
not even one.

their throats are open graves,
their tongues practice deceit,
the poison of vipers is on their lips.
the truth they do not seek.
mouths full of cursing and bitterness,
ruin and misery mark their ways,
the way of peace they do not know.

there is no one who fears God.

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