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The Elms

Artist: The Elms

Songs on "The Elms" Album

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Lifeboat - View Lifeboat Lyrics
Real Men Cry - View Real Men Cry Lyrics
You're Glowing - View You're Glowing Lyrics

Lifeboat Lyrics

When I am scared, You are my Father.
When I cant breathe, You are the air.
When I cant swim, You are a lifeboat.
When Im tired and weary, You are there.

And my times get high, my times get low,
You always let me in on all that You know.
I could give You time alone and then
Youd only come and ask me, Where have you been?

When I am weak, You are my shoulders.
When Im poor, You give me a hand.
When I cant swim, You are my lifeboat.
You carry me to dry land.

When I cant see, You are my maker,
Speaking words that keep me aware.
When I cant swim, You are a lifeboat.
When Im tired and weary, You are there.

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Real Men Cry Lyrics

Real men cry to their mothers, and laugh with the others
When all of the jokes are on them.
Theyre rough and theyre tumble, but inside, theyre humble.
When nobodys looking, they even get sad,

And theyd talk all night.
Theyd even break down when you think they might.
And when you get past our egos,
theres a heart that wants to be just like

Jesus. The man of all men.
The only One who makes hearts whole again.
And He couldve backed down with those people around,
But He proved for the last time that real men die.

Well, you can black out your windows, or go where the wind blows,
But youll answer to something someday.
Bob said it best when his slow train went west,
But dignity just doesnt pay.

We could talk all night.
You can even break down if you think you might.
But when we cant impress comes the real test
are we just like

When you cant impress, theres your real test
are you just like Jesus?

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You're Glowing Lyrics

Never in my life have you ever let me down.
Have I ever told you how Id like to leave this town?
Would you cover me if I said I was leaving tonight?
Its the time of my life

If youre down the tracks, Ill ride the train.
If youre in the sky, Ill fly a plane.
If my hope is gone and I could die,
Ill let you be strong and be a rainbow glowing in my sky.

If the snow is cold and it brings me to the ground,
Would you pick me up and in, no matter whos around?
Would you laugh with me if I said Id rather cry?
Its the time of my life

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