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The Art Of Translation

Artist: The Grits

Songs on "The Art Of Translation" Album

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Anybody - View Anybody Lyrics
Be Mine - View Be Mine Lyrics
Bobbin' Bouncin' - View Bobbin' Bouncin' Lyrics
Get It - View Get It Lyrics
Hittin' Curves - View Hittin' Curves Lyrics
I Be - View I Be Lyrics
Love Child - View Love Child Lyrics
Make Room - View Make Room Lyrics
Runnin' - View Runnin' Lyrics
Seriously - View Seriously Lyrics
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Video Girl - View Video Girl Lyrics

Anybody Lyrics

Right now my heart is so heavy
I cry tears until I'm empty
I feel so alone, don't you hear me say?
I gotta break these chains
I gotta break these chains
anybody out there, anybody on the landscape
any-anybody? Am I talking to myself?
body-body Anybody
I need to rationalize
Anybody see the passion in my eyes?
this flip life, sorta stuff I observe
is often times triflin, throwin me a curve
Seem a little life been getting a little blurred
Lately my wife's been praying for me, word.
God, know I'm thankful for the blessings I receive
but who wants to give up what they want for what they need
A lotta things are promises, a lot are true indead
Some of ya'll ain't hearin me, let me bring you up to speed
Maybe we'll stop
Maybe the album will flop
Maybe we'll cop nice cribs on the way to the top
Maybe we'll stay right her in the jar remainers
Keep believing with the truth, leading a pack to fall
Right now my heart is so heavy
I cry tears until I'm empty
I feel so alone, don't you hear me say?
I gotta break these chains
I gotta break these chains
Have you ever felt alone like nobody cares?
And even at home ain't nobody there?
But somebody's there
But nobody's there
Showing concern for the issues burning
The insecurity
And the fear internally
Poor self image with no real identity
Untapped potential
Unstable mental
Looking to escape from the trap you into
So you puffin puffin til you see the stars
Cuttin cuttin and you hide the scares
Poppin poppin til the pills are gone
You drink the last drop til you in the zone
...for the love complex
used and abused
bruised and confused
I'm gonna tell the truth
Ain't no substitute
That's ever gonna fufill the need inside you
Christ died for that
He left and came back
Flowed the powers sin and death alike
You can have life and get more abudant
No more questions, cap the wonderin
Right now my heart is so heavy
I cry tears until I'm empty
I feel so alone, don't you hear me say?
I gotta break these chains
I gotta break these chains
What you wanna know?
Where you tryin to go?
What you tryin to see?
Where you tryin to be?

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Be Mine Lyrics

hey baby hey baby hey baby
slow down hold up (i want you to be mine)
hey baby hey baby hey baby
slow down hold up (i want you to be mine)
we can hook up
we can hook up
we can get married
this is my gift to you
my love is true
we can get married

who’d have thought my babe was on an island of her own
had me smiling on the phone same page different time zones
god’s a real character painting caricatures of christ
and his love for the church enduring the pain cuz it hurts
when i saw you i went bezerk insane goin looney and cartooney
so sue me you was a vision of beauty truly
thinking of all the charm to inflect upon my behalf
forgive me don’t mean to stare but your hair is down to your calf
tell me about yourself your culture is polynesian
i love when the breeds be mixin our blueprint is in ephesians
instantaneously cultures collided decided we’d ride it
spent time in prayer separately so we wouldn’t have to hide it
fictitious image brought to life reflection of love
carefully inspected with gloves so fragile my darling was
and i aint need miss cleo to re-assure me that i got her
scored big like the opening week of harry potter
slow down hold up (i want you to be mine)
hey baby hey baby hey baby
slow down hold up (i want you to be mine)
we can hook up
we can hook up
we can get married
this is my gift to you
my love is true
we can get married
in the beginning i hesitated debated within my soul
wrestling with my feelings of knowing if you was sent
enduring the distance alone being content
longing your presence believing that we was meant
submitted my intent i was truly convinced
youre the women in my life i couldn’t breate without
and the one I really wouldn't be complete without
and i wrote this so you wouldn’t have any doubt
or misunderstanding of what my love is really about
cause from here on out baby its all about us
and from here on out i wanna build on trust
cause the union we got aint no comparing any other
im askin you to be more than a babys mother
my help mate soul tie my right hand
beginning and end and better half of life
to be my lady my lover my best friend and wife hey
slow down hold up (i want you to be mine)
hey baby hey baby hey baby
slow down hold up (i want you to be mine)
we can hook up
we can hook up
we can get married
this is my gift to you
my love is true
we can get married
gonna get through it (4x)
slow down hold up (i want you to be mine)
hey baby hey baby hey baby
slow down hold up (i want you to be mine)
we can hook up
we can hook up
we can get married
this is my gift to you
my love is true
we can get married

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Bobbin' Bouncin' Lyrics

this is how we overcome
so yo' everythings gonna go ma way
we're here doing this from the mornin' sun
ma light
up until the break of day
bobbin' bouncin'
move yo' head
we all need counselin'
we ain't scared
goin crazy hittin' walls
here all night
ain't no pause
bangin' bobbin' bouncin' bouncin'
bobbin' bangin' bouncin' bouncin' (X2)
told ya'll we had a lil' bounce to bang and out your range
it ain't comin' out the same
we skitzo and over flowin' these lexy messages
ment for the soul so the flesh can't detect it
don't disrespect just gone' accept
the south been hot rich man prepin'
this our weapon bobbin' bouncin' and bangin' beats and counselin'
every line inclined and designed by devine inspiration and time to speak to a certain situation
to those that hurt in desperation
this the reason why we came
hollerin' talkin' 'bout Jesus came
so elbows and shoulders get in the motion
brake yo' neck and take in the potion
ma neck snap back as a direct reaction
people point, what is that son?
parties gonna be lock a jocky
up and down like the stairs on rocky
revamp the situation
ma loyal subject surround incamp the nation
breathe life into the obsolete
break up the riff raff who can't compete
overweight folks lean on the rail
its about to break and they can tell
preach about the bars through the sells
speak about the scars times they fail
march to a different drum
free in Christ so cause to get dumb
countin' on how he lost his son
this party ain't free it cost a ton

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Get It Lyrics

if you can feel it feel it
get with it with it
we stay witty with it
so you can feel it feel it

we stay above average stay killin these tracks yo
i stay off in the country but stay city with that so
stay keeping yall guessin stay in higher demand
stay true to who im repping steady movin ahead
i stay lyrical stay spritual never move outa line
if you could read up in between i stays clear with mine
since 89 i stayed straight no more livin off state
the only bars i stay locked in now are 16 or 8
you wanna stay in the kitchen
when grits is hot they bubble
stay poppin out the top stay ready to tussle
who wanna muscle flex context in combat with bone
ill have you cryin to your mamma
talking bout leave me alone
mixed views misconstrued
by the way that we present it
send it out through verbal lessons
herbal essence when we spit it
if you hit you gone feel it and get addicted ill admit it
the first times for free but the rest cost life get it

bass how low can you go
evangelic shatter false hope like a useless relic
im an animal covered with hair insides mechanical
guardin my heart like im botanical
im snatchin satans mandible
i damned him at best with random access
forever banished when he left his lies vanished
standing in the midst of chaos
hours of praying and fasting began to pay off
at times like these cant take a day off
what i compete with i get street with
my strange language bone crusing anguish
pain cant be quenched or vanquished
my anger rise up its ludicrous the way i throw dem bows
and swell his eyes up aint that cute
the honey pot that money got his hand in
its funny how he think he got it on lock he just a stand in
reprimandin rebuking til you understandin
juke with reckless abandon you can get it
get it get it get it
we can get wild child
keep looking at me now
we can get wild child
you see exactly how

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Hittin' Curves Lyrics

Coffee's verse:
Deadlocked in the zone, we prone to dip into the unknown
Quick to flip if one trip, first we break bread, then break heads
Look at all the people runnin' in fear, scared
Unwilling to hear what's said, hide under the shed
We lyin' in the filth, grown men layin' in our own beds
Pull ourselves up by the bootstraps
Hit them curves, dodge the trap
Don't move at a slow pace
Hand us a mic, we move the whole place
This for each and every hood,
Eighteenth Ave, Wedgewood, South side, clean cutz
Tell me who on it, tell me what you know that's good
Baller blockin' ain't an option, that ain't the purpose of my concoction
Releasin' toxins in the abyss, boxin' you in so you don't miss
Me gettin' you rockin', Nashville
Proud I'm in it, been a minute
Gettin' our due, me and my crew
Rep our city, how ‘bout you?
Hittin' curves!

Hittin Curves, shorty, baby, ooo hoo
(Dipping in the ride, swerving in the ride)
Bridge 1:
That's why we tell them
Swerving we ruling we serving
Hittin them curves and then we
Pushing them verses them curses
They must be broken yeah
Taking them Tennessee corners
And changing lanes cause they
Brought us enough contradiction
So now we change our position yeah, yeah….
Bonafide's verse
I'm in LaVergne letting the Chevy burn rubber every turn
Changing lanes while the body swang heavy to the right
Like my life hit them curves swerve as I discern to turn
Back down the one way truth and the life
I learn lessons every block counting blessings like rocks
As I bubble in the struggle in the Classic Caprice
Releasing pressure like these woofers in the back of my seats
And speaking clearer than these tweeters when I'm over these beats
I check the navigation to see what direction to take
To lead a generation headed for collision with fate
On the darker side in the ride looking through rearviews
In full speed searching for a u turn to save you hittin curves….

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I Be Lyrics

just just incase you don't know who we be
just just incase you don't know who we be
it's the crew who represents nicely
state to state
no matter what city
can't you see it's us that's rockin' yo' world
i be i be coffee i be i be bone
me i run the playin' field
me i be ownin' the thrown
i be i be coffee i be i be bone
me i do it nicely
me i be heir to the thrown
ya'll wanna hear it?
naw ya'll don't wanna hear it
you don't want coffdeezy, jump up, get up easy
purple giant, death defiant, but i creep up on you quite
me animator, slowly we raisin' the dead
complicator of clause plans, schemes, scandalous, scurious things
how can you hand various things?
bicarious beings?
rollin' 'round these hills on count of countless of feels
of raw deals
i'm after the cheapest of thrills
killin' off a slew of folk
watchin' 'em all fall
but really man it's you a choke
guelish like orathal
do my best to hit yo' regin
rollin' deep like we was legion for a season
we will let be leavin'
karma heazin' steady breathin'
just incase you don't know who we be
it's the crew who represents nicely
state to state
no matter what city
can't you see it's us that's rockin' yo' world
i be i be coffee, i be i be bone, i be peddy dee
(check it out cuz)
he be he be coffee, he be he be bone, he be peddy dee
[Peddy Dee]
one for the projects
two for the thugs
three for the king pin sippin' ear drums
over damascus where he turned me around
put a word in ma mouth and a sound (get down)
..... (muffled)
praise God we ain't destructive no more
..... (muffled)
let yo' mind take you to the end of the road
choose to do right but chose to get blowed
educate ya' mind to young to know code
grits and peddy dee be squad like flip mode
i'm the one they call bonifide
city boy
known for that southernfide
bring it to you, any, however you want it, i got it
get it and never escape
give it up slow brah
checkin' for yo' soul brah
you stumble down the wrong road
steppin' on the wrong toes
now we 'bout to get it right
stitch it up
switch it up
peddy dee click it up
nashville show me love
jacksonville it's ya' boy
sandawood put it up
clearin' out the smoke screen
step into the unseen
sober from that sticky green
wrap it up like i still beem
Scotty what's the situation?
(the fun years of desperation)
well let 'em know we on location ready for the confrontation
just just
beat til fades out

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Love Child Lyrics

love child love child
you need to know bout this
love child love child
you need to slow your roll
wild child wild child
and get to know bout this
love child love child
loved child

it's a sadder day than last saturday
can you help liposuck all my fat away
come and see dig my stee between you and me
insecure feelin obscure a lot of times unsure
rapper spit it rapid-fire buck cuz i'm
stuck in the muck and the mire
latch on anything going up to be higher
(that's ferocious) outlandish atrocious, that i'm a mistake
and this is the closest i'll ever be to reaching or
attaining my goal that contract i'm breaching maintain control
like buff singers who swole slowly
crawlin outta rabbit hole comin for your soul
now i see it destiny and purpose hear a small still voice
sayin "trust me don't be nervous" fill
my pocket with the 10 percent
head to sunday service stop the swirl
of my tilt-a –whirl get it girl

well it’s a different day and this particular day
i was thinking bout life and the part i play
my purpose man feeling worthless and
if parenthood really was a part of the plan
cause the way i see i wasn’t meant to be
just a great awake in a love mistake
so the price was paid and a life was made
then a wife betrayed with a son to raise
foundation layed for the wrong influence
path directed by a strong influence
runnin wild scarred child
headed upstate for the pen now
now im grown with kids of my own
and i gotta do right what the grans did wrong
now im in a battle for my soul control
tryin to get back everything they stole

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Make Room Lyrics

make room
cause we about to start swelling
catching attitude
get buck sweat it up
and really lose cool
its what we been commissioned to do so
back on up and give me room
we gotta keep makin moves

my long range aim is dedicated to change
persist to twist brains with rhymes only god can explain
attain divine intervention if your attentions arrested
imprissioned and in position to listen to lessons given
gotta make moves steadily heavily bruising these dudes
we got the gift but abuse tools misleading these youths see
my birthright is light in the darkness of night
to lead the lost paying the price of sacrificing my life
ive been sittin and contemplating waiting anxiously peeking
perception of these releases embracing the deeper reasons
of timing and perfect season believing this thing is bigger
than faces and soundscan reaching for the completion
of purpose in promised land watchin behind the curtain
for certain the game is hurtin looking for some solution
searchin for revolution like music is the conclusion
refusing to look at life a livion for forward movement
oh god don't let me act up i feel a fit comin on
my conniption's my conviction's reaction to what's goin on
my rebuttal's far from subtle take you there just like a shuttle
gather round the huddle embrace the pace
i spit at give it a kiss and cuddle
boy what's that there you sayin'
i'm tight like the shorts that men look gay in
aw lawdy you don' said too much
my slightest touch is a cobra clutch
let it be known we are the epitomy of
strange and bizarre
swichin up and change our repertoire
come discover who we are
wreaking havoc on satan's mavericks
through a labyrinth filled with nooks
and crannies (an elite group called
the factors) we like the x-men so uncanny
imagine looking up seeing the plastered ceiling cracking
it aint because we broke we lost our
minds for god provoked and crazy actin
back on up
back on up
ah yeah back on up
move cowards
move all you cowards move
he scared she scared
and if you scared then move

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Runnin' Lyrics

runnin runnin
lookin for that love i once knew
runnin runnin
trying to find my way back to you

i been runnin since understandin confiscated my globe
shuttering since expression stole the key to my soul
struggling since victory presumed control
battling since the truth infiltrated my mold
seeking to kind a life in invisible hold
traveling down a path of a difficult road
running without a clue of being left astray
swearing im getting closer but really further away
don't you sometimes sit back and look at yourself
examine things in life you hate but
you've become get sick of yourself
the very images you claim lack worth
then with uncontrolled labor pains
them very images you gave birth
this topic got me ceiling walkin
i'm so beside myself i'm lookin at me
like i'm someone else and i don't feel i'm talkin
i'm tryin to spit it best i can atcha
your life you really need to rid it of
attention grabbers that keep you from runnin
my desires lead me right to you
the very thing that has me runnin
back to you
in desilate times i wrestle at times
feeling so neglected at times rejected at times
hard to try to get out my mind hold to the soul
believing that its gonna be fine hes in control
letting go the walk in the know forgetting the how
strong enougfh to wait for the when to weaken the now
if dead men tell no tales
(yo) how do you account for the platinum
rappers with millions of record sales
then tell me i aint good cuz my record fails
with a standard that's set to first-quarter
sales the truth shall prevail
if i let you dictate it life would be stale (whoo)
but i follow my lord who's been proven with
the scars and nails
everybody busy funnin number one stunnin
what else you get from yo mama
nothin but heartache from all the runnin

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Seriously Lyrics

we mean business
when we bout this
we aint monotonous
when we rock this
we take it seriously
aint no mystery
we notchin one in history
see its literally lyrically serious

this is mind penetration
through rhyme concentrated
word use administration
and abrasive education
sixth sense illumination
on reconciliation
put the cross placement
with the cross over placement
so cautiously
i approach the mic without apostasy
its costing me
every proper due from fellow emcees
but these be
more than just rhymes and punch lines to me
seriously we have no time for playing lyrically
at least we don’t and that’s a money back guarantee
cause people need
more than entertainment from the industry
so many lives
depending on lies
so too many die
cause too many high
and not many try
to live a life beyond self
chasing status and wealth
using excuses how you came up
for records to sell
the stories you tell
done been told in so many ways
the only diference
is your platinum shackles and iced out chains
so ignorantly
you keep them loving mentel slavery
they wanna be free
but you ignore responsibility
you keep them loving mental slavery
they wanna be free
but you ignore responsibility
yo we make an orangutan with lipstick on
recite these words and sing this song
no drugs or pills that i be on
scratch and sniff my provolone
the place im at i so belong
glad to be here thank you glad you could make it
aint nobody took it where we bout to take it
we so serious hip skip bounce to be us
my voluptuous style make you chew up my style
lunitic rippin up the tile
fact or fable
tools of necessity a mic and a turntable
plunder like a pirate that’s what people are called
who steal cable deal under the table
with these flows we drop bombs like after eatin 3 cinnabons
upon my head this mantle been put upon
not the exploding kind the kind that
enlighten the throne i sit upon
shinning light in clear you need to get upon
check the head of this nail you hit upon
times a wastin don’t get me wrong
we at the end of this song

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Shawty Lyrics

CHORUS 'bout 4x
tell me what's happenin' with ya
shawty what's happenin'?
what's happenin' with ya?
shawty what's happenin?
what's happenin' with ya?

what's happenin'?
what's happenin' with ya shawty?
what's happenin'?
what's happenin'?
what's happenin'?
what's happenin' with ya shawty?
what's happenin'?
what's happenin' shawty?
i ain't seen you 'round in a minute
you done growed up and swolled and lookin' tented
i saw ya moms around the way
you know she put me up on it
how you been runnin' 'round with dre and takin' trips up the road
what lakeisha doin'?
oh ya'll ain't together no mo'?
fo' real man?
i can't believe she over there stayin' with joe
cause didn't his door just get kicked in?
i thought he just get out hte pin and goin' back again
i heard he ain't gone do no less than ten
that's a shame man
the game done put another one down and truth tell
you 'bout three feet and half way in the ground
dawg you better than this
don't let that money make you no fool
by now you could of graduated and been finished with school
but anyway
i just wanted to try to say ma 'til piece
don't be deceived boy
you ain't gone find ma love in these streets
and that heat you hold ain't nothin but false power and control
and that drove gone keep you blind from that potential in yo' mind
look man i ain't yo' daddy
and ain't tryin' to be neither
but i love you like you mine
and i want you to see
you wanna be a man, then face the one that's given you life
and live to do his will cause shawty that's what's happenin' for real
(for real)
tell me what's happenin'
i'll be on ma way
(i'll be on ma way)
(shawty what's happenin'?)
i won't make you wait too late
(shawty what's happenin'?)
i'll be right on time
(what's happenin'?)
(shawty what's happenin'?)
i won't make you wait too late
(i'll be on ma way)
i'm comin' (what's happenin'?)
what's the hasp? the haps
you spent from all them laps and caps and piece
have to speak ma mind
carrying these thoughts for weeks
how do i get through to a nation whos loss ain't got no indication?
informations when i'm facin'
pacin' strategicly man your relation
so many gutter minded
big behinded
exposed to evils they themselves are givin' life to
mirrored image
look just like you
boy you just a pawn
scripted part like goldie hawn
playin' a role with no control
cashin' checks yo' name ain't on
got that real
that raw
dopest catch you ever saw
congruent with that shine of fluent
country boy from arkansas
grateful to be here
pre-destined manifestin' blessin's
learn life lessons
know yo' place and role
quite second guessin'
CHORUS and harmanizing
i'll be on ma way
won't make you wait
i'll be on ma way
won't be too late
won't make you wait
i'll be on ma way
won't make you wait
repeat 'til fade out

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Tennessee Boys Lyrics

t e (tennessee)
double n e (tennessee)
double s now double e
now spell that out for me
no matter where i be
everybody say it loud for me
rock from state to state
still remain my home plate

bonafides my name
to change the games my aim
gone break the chain and steak my claim
while putting nashville all on the brain
with a twist of the mid south twang
and a little bita bounce to bang
gone feed the soul and crowd the floors
and take control and break the mold
kick the doors and spit the flows
we in the pros what you aint know
cause round here they caddy roll
with gold grills and twenty wheels
on jefferson at mary ribs
bounce to this from state to fisk
we keep it hot for every spot
been round the world done seen a lot
tp all the boys out on the block
got love for yall for real dog
you the reason im here at all
and took the call to break the fall
and show the way from where i stay
in tennessee boy the dirty south bwoy
65 south ridin dirty window down open mouth
spirit stirred off the sermon i just heard that's my word
dipped and doused
awakened quickly mold me shape me but first strip,
hold me take me to extremes in my reside
though it seems i'm so beside
myself in this state i'm place in open the box my fate
encased in break the seal and let me out
in tennessee thats what i'm talkin bout
now i'm here not much can stop me you
a supporter if you got this copy now show dem
pearlies boys and girlies buff and burlies straight
and curlies no surprises, where we at got all shapes
and sizes put on the brakes remove all disguises
erupt like geysers, sound off one time(wooh)
whether sadistic legalistic outcast, or misfit
fortune teller mystic, ones who love god
revere him fear him these and more found in my district

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Video Girl Lyrics

you a video girl
(you must be kidding me girl)
you a video girl
(you must be kidding me girl)
video girl create your own world
the only one in existence is you
no one's resistant to you
you and only you and you
seem like a dream on the screen
tantalize and titillate,
video girl of the world

she was slightly dressed
out 2 impress, ready 2 party
gettin casted 4 tha club scenes
dyin 2 shake her body
to get on tha set
she compromised 4 tha dollas
dancin freaky w/ tha rappers
obsessed w/ poppin collers
bought some hair and nails
found some dudes that rap
while shes rockin tha tiny shorts
and thashirt from baby gap
misinformed adolescent
she was teenage old
never told of her inner goal
when she was wrongfully clothed
just a jewel that got appraised by unqualified guys
they lied, shotload, dont kno her worth in God's eyes
fellas after tha flesh, they aint goin' see wat im gettin
cuz they measure every girl by these video women
i'm sick of all they constant bouncin then they say
we disrespectful cuz we crave em with our instant
pouncin the money drive em to mishaps and under
they thongs lie decay and collapse no morals perhaps
the scenery's pretty the suns shining it's nice out
a pretty girl freakin on a pimp who'd knock her lights out
gangsta with gold fronts and the girl he's advancin on
would rather run him over with the truck she's dancing on
and he'd be hurt up pretty badly i must say word up
it aint over bone is third up
don’t debate it i know they hate being affiliated
to this world they created with
facades that leave you devastated
the glamorous life price for your souls rest
simple mentality in a world complex
star studded reality 5 minutes or less
broken dreams and ambitions lost with respect
she was an innocent queen with rubber bands and berets
young diva runnin things commanding every step
then the pace picked up and she learned to be fast
short skirt tight clothes good spirit turned bad
hollywood caught a glimpse of your beauty untamed
at the cost you played whatever price you paid
through away your identity even changed your name
in your world of fame child you need to be shamed
in tha world of fame

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