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The Admiration Of A Son

Artist: Point Of Recognition

Songs on "The Admiration Of A Son" Album

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A Path Unknown - View A Path Unknown Lyrics
Closer Than A Brother - View Closer Than A Brother Lyrics
I Don't Deserve You - View I Don't Deserve You Lyrics
I Don't Deserve You
My Eyes To The Sky - View My Eyes To The Sky Lyrics
Return To Strength - View Return To Strength Lyrics
Sin Revealed - View Sin Revealed Lyrics
The Admiration Of A Son - View The Admiration Of A Son Lyrics
Times Of Seeking Shelter - View Times Of Seeking Shelter Lyrics
Unlawful Burden - View Unlawful Burden Lyrics

A Path Unknown Lyrics

Desires now come from within to follow after you. Follow down this path unsure. Sure to bring struggle, and it has. Show me the way to life. Your death brings life.

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Closer Than A Brother Lyrics

To all I want in everything, everything I know is hallow,
just when I needed you the most.
Then I find out you could never be closer.
Closer than a brother, struck down but not conquered.
Fill me up Holy Spirit with your goodness and your grace.
That I might walk in your footsteps and share what you've done in my life.
Closer than a brother

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I Don't Deserve You Lyrics

I thank you Lord for the grace you've shown me sometimes I just don't know why, because there's no creature ever so more wretched than I, and I will bow down with my face to the floor from all those times that I've searched for something more, but I will dry those tears and hold my head up high, cause I stand a conquerer in Jesus name. Why God did I deserve your love these gifts I have I don't deserve your love you came to die for me and I hung you from a tree and now I see the light shine through you'll come to take me home with you this cup of grace is overflowed I could never give back what you sowed.

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My Eyes To The Sky Lyrics

This pain within my heart, so long to have carried for what only to find myself struggling underneath it all, this is my downfall that I rejected Christ, but now I have made myself open to the truth and gave his love a chance, now I can see this is so evident to me my eyes to the sky. You have made me free, You Lord are my joy

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Return To Strength Lyrics

Deviation fallen away lost sight of goals set by god that we might bring glory to your name, set back stagnant air is all around still I continue to grow closer to the son, Jesus blood was shed for your sins. Pain what have I done where are you, you seem so distant yet at the door my abstraction pays me no mind, clear visual goals seem approachable your light now surrounds me I've been persecuted long enought, fight my battles with prayer see results soon enough, my enemies can't withstand my kindness they break I fall I stand a conquerer overcome with pain you died why? You died for me yet I take advantage of that grace daily help me to return to a right walk with you for it is only by your strength and not my might that this is possible for you lord are my strength. God you are my strength, Jesus you are my strength

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Sin Revealed Lyrics

Wordly desires melt away as my heart turns to fire, fire for God, on fire for God. This pain that's called my reality, is this God's calling for me? Question of conformity bending to the world, sin revealed. God strengthen me, be my peace, repress my flesh, help me refuse conformity. Will it end or will you choose to hide the truth in the back of your mind to haunt you at a later time. Reality is unavoidable, Face it now and pursue the solution to your problems. Your solutions they lie at the foot of the cross. Accept the fact that only Christ can take away your sins and remove your guilt. I will change for you oh Lord your love goes down to the depths of darkness. I strive on the will only to fail. God give me the strength to let go. As you peel the scales from my eyes, my sight returns to see the cross. I see the cross as you show me my sin. Change me and make me new. Chains now free I rise up to walk with you.

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The Admiration Of A Son Lyrics

To watch you go, broke my heart, to watch you go broke my heart, as a father I couldn't be prouder of a son. You came to me and asked to leave my side. To leave meant everything to you, to leave meant everything to me. I wanted to pour out my wrath when I saw them treat you the way they did. You took the pain and prayed for them and asked for their forgivness, they'll never know how much you loved them. They rose against you they beat you down, they scoffed and mocked you they gave you a thorned crown, they gave you a cross to bear you pressed on they nailed you to that cross and you said I love them this much, you spread out your arms and Said I love them this much. I love you

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Times Of Seeking Shelter Lyrics

Times like this I wish I could go back and start life over again now faced with the reality that the times are coming to an end. This pain I bear is the witness I've left, Jaw dropping looks recieved my actions don't reflect the love of Jesus Christ. A new dawn is breaking, time to make amends, prostrated at the foot of the cross. Broken and crushed inside my spirit broken before you God my sins I can not hide I cry: shelter, from this pain I left behind, from this worlds pride, oppressed from every side, in my faith in Christ.

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Unlawful Burden Lyrics

In the name of purity you burden yourself heavily, to purify the flesh is your goal but the true value lies in your soul. Your attempts are in vain only Christ is succeeded at what you're trying. Once again you strap on the unlawful burden, why must you try to purify that which dies? Ashes to ashes dust to dust. Sow to the flesh, reap death. Sow to the spirt, reap life. True purity is only from Jesus Christ, come to the reality, open your eyes. Though your actions may seem noble, purity of heart and mind is what counts.

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