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Teenage Politics

Artist: MxPx

Songs on "Teenage Politics" Album

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Americanism - View Americanism Lyrics
Democracy - View Democracy Lyrics
Different Things - View Different Things Lyrics
Do & Don't - View Do & Don't Lyrics
Do & Don't
Falling down
False Fiction - View False Fiction Lyrics
Hidden Track
I'm The Bad Guy - View I'm The Bad Guy Lyrics
I'm The Bad Guy
Inquiring Minds Want To Know - View Inquiring Minds Want To Know Lyrics
Like Sand Through The Hourglass... - View Like Sand Through The Hourglass... Lyrics
Like Sand Thru The Hourglass...So Are The Days Of Our Lives
Misunderstanding - View Misunderstanding Lyrics
Money Tree - View Money Tree Lyrics
Something More
Study Humans - View Study Humans Lyrics
Sugarcoated Poison Apple - View Sugarcoated Poison Apple Lyrics
The Opposite Of Intellect - View The Opposite Of Intellect Lyrics

Americanism Lyrics

have they got what they wanted? cause they've taken everything was it for the money? or is political power to blame? would you die for your country? false freedom and liberty they're lying when they tell us this is the home of brave and land of the free why aren't we against them? cause we know that they are wrong we're the biggest faction and they've had control too long americanism, nationalism, bow to the flagism! militaristic, egotistic, high class and capitalisti

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Democracy Lyrics

believing the lies defines american they don't realize their ignorance and sin democracy ain't real it's a fairytale anarchy now then spend the night in jail i won't pretend that it ain't wrong i won't just go along humanity is deseased and the sickness has increased for the people by the people who's considered people anyway? the rich get richer and the poor get poorer so much for equal opportunit

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Different Things Lyrics

she's been told so many differnt things she just don't know what she believes it all makes sense at the time but don't forget that we are blind when the obvious is real she still ignores the way she feels you can run jump sit or stand around but not for long unless you've found Jesus Christ,God,Son and Sacrifice believe in him, he'll open up your eye

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Do & Don't Lyrics

i still don't know what i want to do i'd probably still ask you if i knew what i'm doing now seems to be okay if it's your will if it's your way don't want to have to deal with pointless bureaucracy making sure where something goes or making sure that your agree well i don't even know what my choices are should i fly a plane, or should i drive a car? nothing's clear to me, my eyes won't do a thing for me i'll just wait right here, until i am what i will be whatever it is i'm sure ill know, when the time comes he will show me what to do, and me where to go all i've got is a skateboard and a guitar i go to a lot of punk shows a i drive a car i don't like to work and i don't like to go to school the teachers think that i'm a girl and the kids they think that i'm uncool i'm just not interested in much of anything wouldn't want to be a president, don't want to be a king i just want to ride my skateboard just want to play my bass every now and then strum a chord, sometimes land right on my face have you any ideas? i can't tell by a chart i wanna do what he wants me to, i'm gonna do my part-ya

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False Fiction Lyrics

they guarantee our freedom but freedom isn't real unless you know Christ you won't know how i feel inflections of the way things were supposed to be the mental disorder of our society false finite ways of thinking false fiction they're believing entropy is still promoting chaos it's chaos, it's your loss maybe this world has stopped thinking maybe all their minds are shrinking your failed system is inducing chaos it's chaos, it's your loss building, moving forward never looking back taking what the world has offered, but you forgot the pack common sense,logic,science, a humble self esteem live to die and die to gain, abort the selfish sce

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I'm The Bad Guy Lyrics

legalistic people suck legalism makes me sick i wonder what makes them tick? i wanna go puke on it ephesians verse 2:8 states God has saved us not by works but by grace so what's it gonna take? there's no getting thru to you so what's it gonna take? there's no getting thru to you i'm way to young to have a point of view this whole thing just bums me out, Jesus knows my heart but you don't care you've already made up you mind i try to change my attitude but it's really hard i'm so sick of you, God is gonna pull th

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Inquiring Minds Want To Know Lyrics

how you fell depends on what you think about what you need depends on what you can't live without how you act goes right back to the way you feel what you see isn't always what is real so where do we go? and what do we do? you're asking me and i'm asking you to be real with yourself and don't play the game of daily life, it's all the same the way you think depends on what you're going thru what you create comes from deep inside of you what you know makes the difference in what you hate what you love depends on how you relate inquiring minds want to kno

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Like Sand Through The Hourglass... Lyrics

so are the days of out lives" it seems like every time i get something going it falls apart right in my hands it seems like every time i get it figured out and i have no doubt, that's when i'm farthest from the truth my world is breaking down around me i see my destroyed world in front of me any and every thing i trusted i weep for my world disgusted i always learn the hard way, there ain't an easy way to learn that's what i've learned was i tought the right things tought the right? i don't know and that is all i kn

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Misunderstanding Lyrics

been told once, been told twice he just won't listen to advice it's in God's book but he don't wanna look his friends say it's so uncool you're better off without those rules your life's your own, you live it alone he can't ignore his misunderstanding leaves him sore he can't explain why his life is full of so much pain he parents pushed it on him he wasn't ever really interested now he's old enough to make up his own mind he was only going thru the motion now he's drawing in the ocean of these hateful times and he believes he's rig

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Money Tree Lyrics

4 more years ain't right for me, i don't think so won't let them teach me how to be a money tree that's what you are that's all you'll ever be a money tree they've got you planted in the ground, you don't know it they make you put your money down and they take it never want to be your money tr

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Study Humans Lyrics

everyday i go to school and study humans i sit and watch them all go by everyday's a new day to study humans i sit and ovserve this girl named bri with my eye all those mannerisms and the funny things the do humans and their dogmas the defend so selfisly i'm planning to take over cause i hate living on the moon they won't get suspicious cause the soaps are on at no

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Sugarcoated Poison Apple Lyrics

it eats at you i know, but it's so hard to let it go let yourself go yah just let yourself go it consumes you can't you see that sin hates everybody everybody, sin hates everybody even though i know the reasons why, it breaks me down i want to cry i search for comfort in a friend, when will my troubles ever end? the sugarcoated poisoned apple tastes so good that you can't see the death and decay that's inside and what it's done to me the sugarcoated poisoned apple tastes do good how could you know its deciteful lies and where you're gonna

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The Opposite Of Intellect Lyrics

it seems so hard to get away from last week and yesterday i have to sit right here and watch it all go by is this really happening? maybe this is just a dream when i wake up ill be someone else i don't want to grow up, not just yet i don't wanna have to see your false sence of reality i don't wanna grow up, not just yet i don't wanna have to know how to play in your game show just don't ask me if you're getting thru to me just don't tell me the way that you want me to be you say ill fit nicely in society you only took a superficial look at me why can't i say i'm sick of you? is it wrong to say what's true? i'm skeptical about your point of view teaching us not to reflect, the opposite of intellect don't resist authority and you'll be fine you don't want me to speak my min

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