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Take Up Your Cross

Artist: The Crucified

Songs on "Take Up Your Cross" Album

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All You Need
Be Warned
Crucified with Christ
Death to Death
Directed Youth
G.O.D. - View G.O.D. Lyrics
Give It Up
God in a Cage
I Wanted to Be a Bug
I'm Not a Christian Punk
No Decay
Problem Solution - View Problem Solution Lyrics
Seal Number Four
Silent Scream
Washed Out / Apathy Medley - View Washed Out / Apathy Medley Lyrics
Wasted Out/Apathy Medley
You Don't Understand - View You Don't Understand Lyrics
Your Image

G.O.D. Lyrics

carnal christians carnal minds if you don't want to be the carnal kind keep our eyes on Jesus and soon you'll find you'll be leaving those carnal ways behind (chorus) G-O-D keep your eyes on God G-O-D and he won't steer you wrong G-O-D he'll show you the way G-O-D and you won't go astray garbage in garbage out listen to those doubters soon you'll be in doubt keep your eyes on Jesus* and take a stand* don't treat your brain* like a garbage can* (chorus) bible says you shouldn't satan says you can he'll do anything just to ruin God's plan repeat* (chorus x2) G G G-O

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Problem Solution Lyrics

who wants to grow up in a world that's so unfair? and who wants to live in a world where nobody cares? bombs in your backyard all your doors are locked your neighbor is a killer your brothers hooked on drugs all because we're living in a world that we messed up - not God say your life is going nowhere friends and family just ignore you put a gun against your head - figure you're better off - dead? there is one chance to make things right he's Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ he hung on your cross took your sins he suffered the loss so you might live receive him now, freedom gained better do it soon because he is coming - aga

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Washed Out / Apathy Medley Lyrics

[Washed Out] washed out the things of earth will fall to decay washed out there's nothing standing on the final day washed out (6x) I'm found I live my life serving Christ I'm found I've something after the pass of life I'm found (x6) [Apathy] sit at school - waste your time you think that it's ok, hit by a car - suicide it happens every day, fellowhsip sweet fellowship you keep it to yourself, slashing wrists - crying out, people go to hell (chorus) you don't care, you say the blind can see, you don't care, I call that christian apathy they need the life that only you can give, through the blood of Jesus Christ eternal life in him (his gift) Jesus Christ is telling you to reach out to all men, the end is near, he's coming back so harvest while you can, scared to start a brand new life, you don't think it's cool, the world's your friend God is not, man don't be a fool! (choru

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You Don't Understand Lyrics

(to christians who are judgemental) don't want us in your pulpit seats you don't like the way we look or sing but we'll just love you more and more because that is what we're fighting for (chorus) you don't understand where we're coming from we're just following God's only Son (to non-christians) laugh at us for our beliefs open your eyes so you can see without the spirit you can't understand we're not a part of fleshly man (chorus) (to luke-warm people) if you're halfway get out of the way we don't need you here or in our way you know what's wrong then fight for good you know the truth you know what's tr

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