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Soul Of A Woman

Artist: Kelly Price

Songs on "Soul Of A Woman" Album

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Lord Of All Lyrics

"Lord Of All"

Lord, I dedicate this song to you
Thank you for the oppourtunity to share my gift of song with the world
You created me and this ability I possess to express everything I am and hope
to be through music
I know that without you I'm nothing
And I know in my heart I just wanna say that now and forevre you shall be
Lord of all in my life

[Verse 1]
Maker of the heavens, artist the sea

Creator of the sunshine and the sculptor of me

But still they laugh and mock you

Some don't believe and they fail to realize that you reign eternally

Lord of all, holy and exalted

you still reign upon the throne

Lord of all, high and lifted up

You shall always be Lord of all

[Verse 2]
There are those who pray to dead idols

Cause they believe that they will come again

But soon they will all bow down and worship the lamb

And prclaim that he is Lord

Messiah, my Lord
Messiah, my Lord
Messiah, my Lord

You shall always be Lord of all
[modulate and repeat 2x]

You shall always be Lord of all

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