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Snakes In The Playground

Artist: Bride

Songs on "Snakes In The Playground" Album

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Don't Use Me - View Don't Use Me Lyrics
Don't Use Me
Dust Through a Fan - View Dust Through a Fan Lyrics
Fallout - View Fallout Lyrics
I Miss The Rain - View I Miss The Rain Lyrics
Love Money
Love, Money - View Love, Money Lyrics
Picture Perfect - View Picture Perfect Lyrics
Psychedelic Super Jesus - View Psychedelic Super Jesus Lyrics
Rattlesnake - View Rattlesnake Lyrics
Saltriver Shuffle - View Saltriver Shuffle Lyrics
Some Things Never Change - View Some Things Never Change Lyrics
Would You Die For Me - View Would You Die For Me Lyrics
[Untitled Hidden Track]
[Untitled Track]

Don't Use Me Lyrics

Lazy Alley Mind Filled My Crazy Head With Crack
Spooky Little Spinner So We Called Up The Jack
Felt My Feet Dangling From The 27th Floor
I Ain't No Tarin Stoppin Super Man No More
Black Out Night In Philly
Things Were Getting Kinda Silly
And The Tattoo Move Right Up My Arm
And We Knew We Were Losing Fuzzy Eye Snoozing
And The Needle Didn't Leave A Scar

Don't Use Me Don't Bleed Me
Don't Bleed Me
You See Me On My Knees
Don't Use Me Don't Bleed Me
You Know Just What I Need

And The Door Opened Wider
Ryan Pitched Me A Slider
And The Lights Went Out For Seven Weeks
There's A Certain Kind Of Aroma
When Your Body's Crashing Coma
And Your Too Tongue Tied To Speak
Real Easy To hustle, Got A Brain Storm Muscle
Buzzing Like A Bumble Bee
Rock Cut Me To The Floor
Got Kicked By A Horse
It's Something Like I've Never Seen

Got A Friend With A Monkey
And You Don't Think It's Kinda Funky
He's A Real Judas Kiss
Found Him Face Down In Bed
Drive By Shooter Dead
Times Like This I Won't Miss
When He Came To Form His Haunting Blue
I Said A Miracle Has Happened To Me
Found Myself Staring In The Eye Of Someone Caring
He Said Boy Want TO Set You Free
I Could Never Imagine Salvation & Compassion
Or A Life Without Guilt Or Pain
Jesus Cried Drops Of Blood In The Garden With His Love
So We Would Believe On His Name

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Dust Through a Fan Lyrics

High Heel Boys Dancing In The Noise
Bright Lights Blind It Is Play Time
Silver Screen Smut In The Tomb Of Mr. Tut
Standing Tall Over Head These Are The Living Dead
Stir The Persian Smack, See Young Faces Crack
Sold Their Souls For Sex And Greed In The Bathroom In The Back
You Never Know What You Might See Up In The Apple Tree
Your Time Is Short How Disappointed God Must Be

They Are Lovers Of Their Ownselves
Unthankful And Proud Blasphemers, Disobedient, Boaster, Unholy, And Loud
A Fine Snow From Bogota Has Evrybody Lying Down
I See THem Crawl Like A Snake Their Noses To The Ground

They'll Take You For All They Can
Your Just Putty In Their Hands
Your Slippin And Slidin In Quicksand
Your Like The Dust Blown Through A Fan

I've Seen The Poor, Seen The Needy
Pitied The Rich Despised The Greedy
I've Seen The Dirty The Unclean
I've Seen The Worst Things Ever Been
I've Seen The Lost, Seen The Saved
Children Cry At Morrison's Grave
I've Seen The Bruised In The Night
Grown Men Cry In Broad Daylight

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Fallout Lyrics

Share Your Lust, Inflick Your Pain
Vally Of Guilt, Hour Of Shame
Rest The Reason To The Skin
I Watched You Die In Your Sin

Fallout Against My House

Tuning It Up Inside My Head
When I'm Asleep On My Bed
They Try To Say There Is No God
People Praying To The Dark

Fallout Against My House The End Will Come Generation, Revelation Tribulation

On My Belly If I Have To Craw
l Warn This World Before It Falls
I'll Put Your Hand From The Button Of Doom
If I Can Break Out Of This Tiny Room

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I Miss The Rain Lyrics

There's A Place I'd Like To Go Back To
Time Seems To Set Still
We Ran WIld We Had No Cares
Take Me Back To That Place
I Wish There Was A Door I Could Walk Right Through
To Escape This Life
I Want To Go Back To What We Had
Times Were Better Then

I Mis The Rain I Miss The Rain
My Heart's Been Dry Like The Tear In My Eye
I Miss The Rain I Miss The Rain
My Heart's Been Dry Like The Tear In My Eye
And The Pain I Feel Lord I Miss The Rain

It Keeps Me Young When I Remember
In My Mind The Past Still Lives
I've held Onto Every Thought, It Keeps Me So Alive
The Future Holds Nothing For Me
Cause I Can't Hold You
I Used To Try And Change The World
Now I Change A littlle For myself

I Know There Are Those Far Sadder than I
They lost THings They Can't Replace
Like The Beauty In Their Eyes
But Throught It All, One Thing Is Constant And Remains
The Love Of God Erases All My Pain

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Love, Money Lyrics

Theres A War Around Disney Land There Is No Love They Don't Understand
Free Falling Through AMerica
They Have No Family With A Gun In Hand
It's A Wold Self Contained
Wear No Clothes But They Have A Name
See It In There Eyes
Racial Genicide Blood On The Streets

Love, Money Prison Crime
No Graffiti Doing Time Safe House Wearing Scars Got To Prove Who They Are

They Had To Leave Their Mother Land
Sanctuary For The Rebel Man
Where Are Your Machine Guns Stashed
Freedom Is You Cocaine In The Kitchen Trash
They Lived In Violince All Their Life
Step Over Bodies Day And Night
They Have A Habit Of Spreading Fear, Here In America

We Open Our Arms, We Open Our Doors
World On Our Shoulders, Hope On The Shores
We Stand Strong We Have Barred Our Soul
There's An Epidimic Makes My Heart So Cold

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Picture Perfect Lyrics

Coat Hanger Alley Where The Doctors Work Cheap
Zodaic Lover Your In Too Deep
She Shakes Like A Mixer Puts Down Her Cigarette
She's Got The Sweetest Spirit I've Ever, Ever Met
Nicotine Angel With Her Head Hung Low
Felt She's Been Sucked Through A Garden Hose
One night Of Pleasure For A Lifetime Of Pain
I Watch Her Tears Roll Down Her Face Like A Heavy Rain

She Don't Get Her Picture Made No More
Don't Get Her Picture Made No More
It's Been A Couple Of Months Since She Walked Out The Door

She Had A Smile That Could Light Up The Day
Someones Put A Frown On Her Tray
She's All Dressed In Black Waiting On The Cable Car
I Know The Lord Won't Let Her Go That Far
If She Would Come Back She Would BE Forgiven
Ressurect Your Soul Mend Your Heart, Start Living

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Psychedelic Super Jesus Lyrics

You Say He's Weak He's A Super Freak
Don't Believe He Came
Say God Is Dead You Lost Your Head
You Got Him Swingin From A Chain
You Can Be Saved But Your Diggin Your Own Grave
I Beggin You To Come Back
King Of Kings The Angels Sing I Think The Sky Has Cracked

That's The Way You See Him Psychedelic Super Jesus

Get High To Rember Take A Drink To Forget
It's All Profanity
You Still Got Him On A Cross
Your Heart Is Lost
You Nailed Him To A Hippi Tree
Say Light My Fire Full Of Desire
Don't You Die On Me
The Rope Is Slippin Your Voodoo Trippin
Your Not A Pretty Sight To See

God Is Love Power In The Blood
Seek And You Will Find
Today Is The Day Better Give It Away
There's No Better Time
Will You Learn He Will Return
It's No Small Thing To Me
I Tell You Now I'll Show You The Shinning Glory

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Rattlesnake Lyrics

Dropping Rattlesnakes In The Playground
Are We Evil Are We Good
Dropping Rattlesnakes In The Playground
Would You Save Them If You Could

What Are The Children To Do With It
Kill The Mules In South America
This Is The Sewer Where The Filth Unite
This Is The Place Where Dark Tramples The Light

It Used To Be Pretty Now It's Such A Pity
Brings Out The Aniamal In All Of Us
No More Sad Sob Stories
No More Preachin And Cryin
Falling Like Soldiers Of Fortune

It Won't Get Any Better It will Only Get Worse
Cry To God And Plead The Fifth
Who Is To Blame For Our Demise
Cleanse Our Hands From All The Lies


This Spirit Is Willing But The Flesh Is Weak
Cain Visits Able The Earth The Meek
Lift Up The Children When You Can
Jezzebel's Cocaine In The Devil's Hand

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Saltriver Shuffle Lyrics


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Some Things Never Change Lyrics

We All Have A Heart To Segregate
Is That Why She Jumped From The Golden Gate
Like A Stunt Gone Bad She Didn't Walk Away
What's Going On Here I Got Something To Say

Something's Never Change Like The Feeling You Know I Can't Explain

She Said She Couldn't Wait For The Light To Come
She Had Plenty Of Time Now Look What She Has Done
She Said She Felt Sick, Daddy Could Get Her High
I Believe He Gave Her One Last Ride
There Is Nothing In This World We Can't Overcome
God Have Mercy On The Things He Has Done

New's Man Says There Rioting In The Streets
A Ten Year Old Boy Has A Smoking Gun At His Feet
Carol Ann Climbed To The Top Of The Bridge Flying High
Felt Her Soul Vandilized So She Took Her Last Dive
Homicide SuicideOur Heros Become So Weak
Poverty Bended Knee Love Is All You Need
Drug Abuse No Excuse Cause We Know The Facts
I Know It's hard Cause They Try To Break Your Back
I Believe In Incarnations Virgin Birth, and Jubilation
I Believe In Restortion Eternal Life And Celebration
Spirit Filled Intoxication It Is Not Imagination
Genisis and Revelation
Pray For Acceleration
Don't Believe In Suffocation
Can't You Hear My Suffication
Can't You Hear My Demonstration
Not Brainwashed Indoctrination
Give Us Strength In Tribulation
Our Thoughts And Situations
There's One hope And One Salvation
It Is For Our Generation
God Is High For Exaltation

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Would You Die For Me Lyrics

When You Lay It Down For The Money Or Life
Will You Come To Me
When You Die For The Money Or Life
How Long Will It Be
When Your Hung On A Cross Beside The Savior Of Life
Don't You Confort Me
What's More Important Your Money Or Life
Would You Die For Me

Would You Die For Me Honey
Would You
Would You Cry For Me Honey
Would You

Are You In Love With Jesus Christ
Would You Die For Me
If You See Me And My Bones Consumed
Will You Feed Me
If I Were To Stand On The Edge Of My Mind
Would You Give Your Wings To Me
Would You Still Wear The Thorns If I Denied You Thrice
Would You Love Me

If You See Me Wounded Lost Roadside Boy
Would You Carry Me
If I Were A Preacher Man Bound For Glory
Would You Follow Me
If I Became Captain Hi-Top Ego Star
Would You Worship Me
If I Fall Like The Apple From A Tree
Would You Shine On Me

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