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Slingshot 57 EP

Artist: Slingshot 57

Songs on "Slingshot 57 EP" Album

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Calling You Out - View Calling You Out Lyrics
Chase You Down - View Chase You Down Lyrics
So Long To You - View So Long To You Lyrics

Calling You Out Lyrics

Can't you see things are getting worse and I can't slow them down.
I've waited my whole life for you to come around, and I won't stop now.
If this is all there is, what are you waiting for?
It's all for you. Don't go down like this, nothing left to prove.
It's all for you. If you're listening or not, it's time that you hear me.
I don't care if you've heard it all before, I'm saying it again.
Should have said this long ago, a million miles from here.
I've waited for so long for you to come around, I'm calling you out.
Feel you slip away, slip away.
Feel you slip away, away from me.

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Chase You Down Lyrics

I think I'm finally ready to let go of everything and follow you to the end.
To hold you and not pretend that I can do this all alone,
that I can stand here on my own, that I can do this all alone.
I need you now, more than ever.
I won't back down, I'm yours forever.
I'll stand my ground, its now or never.
I'll chase you down.
This time I'm standing steady.
I'm running this race to win cause nothing is for keeps.
To promise and not give in,
with anything to chose and everything to lose, I choose you.
More than I ever could have imagined.
More than I ever, ever imagined.

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So Long To You Lyrics

Everything didn't go the way you wanted, and now you've gotta live with what you've done.
What you decided would be the best for you, the best for us.
Tell me what did you expect?
Do you have any regrets?
Cause I cannot forget.
You don't know me anymore.
You won't hear me anymore.
You can't hurt me anymore.
So I'm saying so long to you.
What about your promises forgotten, now they're coming back around on you.
Finish what you started, but it got to hard and giving up was all that you could choose.
It's time to let go of you, even though I don't want to.
It's your turn to make a move,
but I cannot bring myself to the point of no return or the place of where we were.
Cause tomorrow's much too far away to say goodbye.
It's do or die.
Yesterday has seen your face, the tears I've cried from one last try.
There's nothing more.
You don't know me anymore.
You're cutting ties, drawing lines.
And I'm saying so long to you.
We said goodbye, we both know why, cause there's nothing to hold onto.
And I'm learning to forget you, so I'm saying so long to you.

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