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Shelter Me

Artist: Nikki Leonti

Songs on "Shelter Me" Album

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Count On Me - View Count On Me Lyrics
Everlasting Place - View Everlasting Place Lyrics
It Will Come To You - View It Will Come To You Lyrics
Love Is All I Need - View Love Is All I Need Lyrics
My Hope Is In Heaven - View My Hope Is In Heaven Lyrics
Now I Believe In Miracles - View Now I Believe In Miracles Lyrics
One World - View One World Lyrics
Shoelaces - View Shoelaces Lyrics
So Don't Worry - View So Don't Worry Lyrics
The Direction Of You - View The Direction Of You Lyrics
Till I See You Again - View Till I See You Again Lyrics
What You Did For Me - View What You Did For Me Lyrics
You Won't Leave - View You Won't Leave Lyrics

Count On Me Lyrics

I can see that something's put clouds in your eyes
Probably something that you're trying to hide
But it's too late, that ain't gonna work for me
I am here for you if you let me be
I remember again how I let lonely be my only friend
I can never believe that Someone
real would stay and show me how to pray
to hold on to
A love that had a reason for those
days I thought would never end
Never dreamed that I could find a
friend that could understand
Wanna let you know that I'm here
If you give me a chance
Doesn't matter what it takes
Never too many heart breaks
I give you my heart
And you can count me
Listen harder, hear me say I will never walk away
Anything you need, you can count on me
It's been a while since you and I really have talked
But we picked up right where we left off
We just laugh until we cry
We don't know the reasons why
All that we can do is try
Cause no one really knows what
kind of change our lives can bring
Never dreamed that I could find a friend that would last
And a lifetime's not to long to live as friends
And I believe in us
Cause we've made it through the rain,
time and time again, yeah
Good, bad, hard and sad
It's only made us strong together
I know forever
You will be a part of me

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Everlasting Place Lyrics

I can see beyond
The meadows and the fields
I can see forever
I can tell you now
That His love is real
And holding me together

And I want to tell you that
Life isn't always easy
But I've found better days
Waiting there for me
Don't you wanna come with me
To an everlasting place
No tears
And no pain
Forever we'll remain
Forever in the arms of love
Sheltered in the wonders of
Such a beautiful place
It's an everlasting place
If it's hurting you
Choices that you've made
Regret is your companion
Just lift your eyes and pray
He'll receive you now
You are not abandoned
I don't care about
Things you used to do
Cause I see better days
Are waiting there for you

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It Will Come To You Lyrics

I know you're waiting
For the light at the end
Of this tunnel that you're going through
What lies around the bend
Wondering what He has in store for you
Rest in His will
Keep the faith in prayer until
You see what He provides...

It'll come to you
Like a beacon into view
There's a light that will shine through
It'll come to you
Seek Him first in all you do
And when you least expect it to
It'll come to you
Looking back through
The pages of your past
There's a story of His faithfulness
When you come to
The chapter's end at last
You will see it turn out for the best
It'll be alright
Even in the darkest night,
just hold out for the dawn...

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Love Is All I Need Lyrics

Some say love don't come easy
At a time I found that to be true
I was searching for completion
In my object of affection
Doing things my own way
When I should have looked to you

Then you came and found me in my searching
Told me I had nothing left to prove
You took the guilt and shame from me
Now I know that I am free
'Cause there is nothing greater
Than the love that comes from you
Your love reaches higher than
the mountains that touch the sky
Your love crashes harder than
the waves to the sea
No matter how far I've been
Your love went further for me
Thank you Lord
Now your love is all I need
I can tell you that the road ain't always easy
But there's a God who will always see you through
He is everything you're looking for
You don't have to search no more
'Cause there is nothing greater
than the love He has for you
Bridge breakdown

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My Hope Is In Heaven Lyrics

Sometimes the very brightest days
Come out of the darkest nights
Blessings shine through trials of the soul
God in His own time and way
Melts the shadows with His light
Through the storms of life I've come to know

My hope is in heaven
My heart believes
I can see the angels in my dreams
I know who holds forever
I trust because He lives
My hope is in heaven
'Cause that's where Jesus is
I know the Spirit moves down here
I can feel him near to me
And I have faith when I can't understand
He comforts me and he calms my fear
He's closer than the breath I breathe
I know tomorrow's in His hands
For the grey clouds I walk through
Or For every golden day
There is one thing I will cling to
Every step of the way

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Now I Believe In Miracles Lyrics

One gray and lonely day
You came into my life
Those foolish little games I played
Had left me cold
Like the world outside

Your love was there for me
To melt me down like snow
Your grace fell on me like the rain
Washed away my pain
And you filled my soul
Oh...everybody's lookin' for answers
For the light
Oh...the moment that you opened my eyes
I got mine
Now I believe in miracles
I see them ever since you came in my life
I am
And you're the reason why
You give me hope for the future now
Just when the world around me came crashin' down
Right out of the blue
A miracle came true
And it's you...
I walk through pastures green
I know that I am free
You are the shepherd guiding me
I'm no longer blind
'Cause it's You I see
Oh...everybody's lookin' for answers
I got mine
Oh...the moment that you opened my eyes
For the light

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One World Lyrics

I see them try to hide their
pain and loneliness inside
Deep inside the heart is hurting,
there's a void inside their lives
And that hole can only be filled
by the love of Jesus Christ
You know what you've gotta do,
God's countin' on you

Our world will be one world with Jesus Christ
Our world will be one world with Him in our lives
So let's tell someone about His love
And together we'll stand, together
we'll be united in Him eternally
I know that you are longing for a Savior in your life
Your heart is so empty you're cryin' on the inside
That hope can only be filled by the love of Jesus Christ
You know what you've gotta do, God's countin' on you
Take the message to the streets
Take it to every tribe and nation
'Cause the love of Jesus is a mighty treasure
If we believe in him
And the promise of forever
We'll all be as one

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Shoelaces Lyrics

I'm falling down over my own sheolaces
Trying to run with the crowd
I'm head over heels in the wrong direction
Until no

Yeah while I'm thinkin about it here's what I see
Somehow there seems to be two of me
The one in the mirror
And one that's been redeemed
So liberate my heart
Emancipate my soul
Forgive the sin in me
And make me whole
Every now and then I go thru phases
When I'm like a bird flying free
Then all of a sudden the old man awakens
And captures me
and then the good that I would
Is not what I do
When goodnes sis with me
Evil is too
So I come to you, Father, asking this of you
I'm fallin down over my own shoelaces.

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So Don't Worry Lyrics

Some days are harder than others
And some days you don't care at all
But sometimes life throws us curves
Like darts against a wall
And there goes your human nature
Trying to break your fall
But, you can't heal your wounds
When all your strength is gone

So don't worry
Don't go fretting
There's an angel
On your shoulders
If He cares for the sparrow
How can He help but to hold you
So don't worry
That shade of blue
You've been wearing
I've worn it a time or two
When my world came closing around me
You know depression can strangle you
Like a rope around your neck
But, don't you give up yet
'Cause Love is here
No need to fear
As close as the air you breathe
Mercy's hand is there to meet your need

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The Direction Of You Lyrics

Watching the world take a turn
from yesterday into today
Moving along until it is tomorrow
Watching my life go the way I know
you're planning it to play
Saving my heart from a world sorrow
You're the truth I know, 'cause you told me
Holding all of the answers
I'm aiming at what really matters

Every beat I feel in my heart
All I am and all that I've got
Is moving in the direction of You
Only You…
You've opened my eyes to the way
that I can freely live and grow
You've given me hope day after day
You've opened the door to the more and more
I wouldn't ever know
Only a fool would walk away
There You are with Your love and
wisdom, motioning me to follow
Every day unto tomorrow
You're the truth, I see it so clearly
Holding all of the answers
Truly You are all that matters

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Till I See You Again Lyrics

I don't want to let you go
I don't want to say goodbye
But the road has led us here to this divide
Nothing I can say or do
Can make it any other way
But the promise of forever knows no time or space
And out there in the somewhere I will pray
And speak your name every day to Heaven

Now go shine like a star
Knowing our hearts can never really be apart
Fly as high as you can
And it won't be long
Till I see you again
Pain is part of love they say
And now I know what they mean
But I wouldn't trade this heartache for our memories
Or the time I held you close
I'm one of the lucky few
And my heart is so much larger now because of you
With every breath and every step I take
I'm closer to seeing you again
What is meant to be is such a mystery
And mysteries aren't meant to understand
The hardest part of love has got to be
Leaving it in bigger hands

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What You Did For Me Lyrics

Deep in my heart of hearts
There's a feeling so far beyond words
Knowing you planned to die for me
Long before time began
Now a life that forever shines
Leaves the darkness and pain behind
Through your strength I know now
That I'm weak, I am frail, and I need you

What you did for me
Let a soul that was captured go free
I did not deserve
What you did for me
You gave me forever with you
The promise you made me is true
Now I know I'm free
Yes I know I'm free
Because I believe
What you did for me
I have walked through the desert alone
Without rest or a place to call home
I have thirsted for peace in my life
I could never attain
And I have tried to build stairways
That reach to the sky
but no matter how hard I tried
To give up my pride
I needed to see...
Now I am asking you, Lord
Use me to glorify you
Although I fall short
I am willing to be a witness
That Jesus is living in me
I pray that they'll see
What you did for me

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You Won't Leave Lyrics

Could it be that I've been crazy
All along I couldn't see
You've been there, You've been waiting
With the love that won't leave

I can't believe I was missing
Out on all You have to give
From Your love I won't be leaving
I'll never go that way again
On and on You're telling me
That You're gonna always want to be with me
You're the only one that proves to me
You won't leave, You won't leave me
On and on You're telling me
That You're gonna always want to be with me
It feels so good to finally see
You won't leave, You won't leave me
You're the only one that proves to
me-on and on and on and on and on
I've never been so captivated
I never knew that love could be
Free from all the pain and heartache
So real and never ending
Forever I will be true to You
Forever faithful I will be
Just the way You never let me down
Is all the reason that I need
I can be who I am
'Cause You love every part of me
And when I fall, You will let me try again
Because that's just how You are
And how You will always be

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