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Anything Right - View Anything Right Lyrics
Anything Right (feat. Christian of Blindside)
Boom - View Boom Lyrics
Celestial - View Celestial Lyrics
Ghetto - View Ghetto Lyrics
Guitarras de Amor - View Guitarras de Amor Lyrics
Masterpiece Conspiracy - View Masterpiece Conspiracy Lyrics
Portrait - View Portrait Lyrics
Ridiculous - View Ridiculous Lyrics
Satellite - View Satellite Lyrics
Set It Off - View Set It Off Lyrics
The Messenjah - View The Messenjah Lyrics
Thinking About Forever - View Thinking About Forever Lyrics
Without Jah, Nothin'
Youth of the Nation - View Youth of the Nation Lyrics

Anything Right Lyrics

So much to say so little time for me to explain the way I feel
You only see things the way you want to see them
It makes sense to you all these things you do
You got it all figured out while everyone is confused
How do you do it?
In your mind I'm just blind
You're right all of the time
If I think for myself, I guess I'm way out of line
I'm not who you are
I'm so sorry

I can't do anything right
You don't know me, stay out of my life
Kick me while I'm down, I want you to
I can't be like you
Don't want to be like you

No matter what I do it's never good enough
I give all that is me; still it's never enough
So, why try? I give up.
What does it feel like to be in you shoes
And walk over everyone like you do?
Tear me down again, I want you to.
You're lovely, so beautiful
You're perfect in every way.
Your interior rusted. I'm so disgusted
Can't trust it. You're busted.

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Boom Lyrics

I never knew that a kid like me
Could take his mic around the world and flash the big S.D.
And rock the masses, from Madrid to Calabassas
Tijuana, Mexico, bootleg demos in Tokyo
They know me though, cause I be puttin in work
Commit my life to rebirth, well respected, cause thats my word
Im sure you heard, about a new sound going around
She might have left my hood, but she was born in my town

We rep. the South, so what you talking about
Im not running off my mouth, I know this without a doubt
Cause if you know these streets, then these streets know you
When its time to handle business, then you know what to do
Me and my crew, we stay true, old skool or new
Many were called, but the chosen are few
We rise to the top, what you want? Just in case you forgot
Rush the stage, grab my mic, show me what you got

You didnt know, thought we was new on the scene
Well, its alright! Its alright!
I know you know, I see you smiling at me
Well, its alright! Its alright!

Boom! Here comes the Boom!
Ready or not, here comes the boys from the South
Boom! Here comes the Boom!
How you like me now?

Is that all you got?
Ill take your best shot.

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Celestial Lyrics


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Ghetto Lyrics

I believe that this world believes in love (2x)

We might never really agree
On anything about the lives we live
Between you and me. So differently.

We don't always see things the same
We should agree to disagree
If we meet at love we can work it out

I believe you and I will overcome
I believe you and I believe in love

Whether you think I'm so confused
Or if you feel the way I do
So don't give in to this hate within

Living in this world of pain
Don't let it bring you down
The world is a ghetto

I believe that this world believes in love
I believe you and I believe in love

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Guitarras de Amor Lyrics


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Masterpiece Conspiracy Lyrics

Evil eyes behind their smiles
You swallow it up when sincerity lies
Lock me up, label me "dangerous" files
Fear of the unknown, so scared of my style
Alert the press and address the states of emergency
We the crew you love to hate
First mistake, you were never ready
Dance with the dead, better be ten times more deadly
This is me, I'm always the same
Virus in the system, crash the mainframe
Uprise, now fall in line
Roll with the pack or get left behind

"It's a Masterpiece Conspiracy"
I'd rather hear it from you than be lied to
Call it what it is like the heathens do
Red lights of betrayal, deceived again
Exposed by the light, true colors ascend
Take down the regime, break the trend
Bumrushed by your peers and your so-called friends
Keep your people tight, watch your enemies close
Trust what you know, soon enough they'll choke
Where were you when we started this thing?
You weren't around, this ain't yours to claim
You'll never take what's been given to us
Wipe that smile off your face and that look of disgust
Uprise, now fall in line
Roll with the pack, or get left behind


Liar, deceiver, betrayer, back stabber


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Portrait Lyrics

You're not who they say you are
They made you the enemy
(CHRIST-Jah flesh; CHRIST-Light within; CHRIST- Beginning and the end)
Taken something so beautiful
Painted a new picture that makes me sick
(CHRIST-Witness; CHRIST-Living one; CHRIST-First and the last)
Feed our minds confusion
Sweeten the taste of pollution.
(CHRIST-Word life; CHRIST-Resurrect; CHRIST-Everlasting Jah)

Some people call you father
Maybe you could set me free
These people hate each other
But you've always been there for me

I refuse to be like you
Without life, caving in
(CHRIST-Jah flesh; CHRIST-Light within; CHRIST- Beginning and the end)
I surrender, giving up all that is me
Yielding to you
(CHRIST-Witness; CHRIST-Living one; CHRIST-First and the last)
Shape me in my brokeness
Empower me forever
(CHRIST-Word life; CHRIST-Resurrect; CHRIST-Everlasting Jah)


I know you will complete this work started in me
I need you more than ever now that I know who you are
I know you will complete this work started in me
I need you more than ever now that I've come so far

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Ridiculous Lyrics

Skillfully tested, rhythmically possessed with rhymes
And when it was time, Jah gave me the mic after he blessed it
He said share the loving, prepare them for the Second Coming
Beware of the false prophets, because they got my people bugg'n
Put on the full armor, cause you know these fools they're gonna wanna
Talk behind your back, but stay away from the drama
You know that I'm gonna keep you safe inside the palm of my hand
Cause you the man and that's word to your mama
So give it to 'em, it's themselves that they're fool'n
Gotta head of the game too quick, what they lack is ol' school'n
You know who's who, whether or not I'm talking to your crew
It's up to you to keep it true, nuff respect due.

(Chorus 2x:)
Dem test me crew, but dem can't get with this
Dem all the same, talking wickedness (nonsense - 2nd time)
Your styles been played, and I'm already sick of it
Them so ridiculous, them so ridiculous.

Original Rude Boy, we bring the styles
Ain't heard this in a while, check the stats, review my profile
They dime a dozen, can't understand why all the fuss'n
Known for talking loud but they really saying nothing
With every word you poison my mental concept
Negative be the topic, somebody's got to stop it
And clear your mind and continue to come alive
And he love, we love, bring it back, come, rewind.


To all my peoples that be keeping it real
They know the time and they know the deal
To all my peoples that are down with this crew
We keep it live cause this one's for you


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Satellite Lyrics

I wonder how clear it must look from there to here
No obstruction, this selfish corruption
All in this atmosphere

No fear, less tears, only time to catch my breath
I fail to inhale
Your love constricts my chest

Confusion blinded me, mental and physically
And its because of you that now I can see
So now can I run? I follow the Son and ride on to Zion
And dance this last song of freedom

But only time will tell, if its truly for real
Cant change your mind, all I know this is what I feel
Whether Im wrong or right, please keep my life in sight
And never take you eyes off me

As I look up to the sky today
Well I can see you looking down on me
It brings a smile to my face again

Its truly one of a kind, like star shine, beyond night time, are you there
My eyes stare to find, just whats behind this blind notion of mine, is it genuine
Cause sometimes, it plays tricks with my mind, some call it asinine

But its like love or hate, now is that real or fake?
Cause its a real thin line, but thats your choice to make
The question at hand, help me understand, is this your plan?
I think I can, can I think, then I think I can

Because I wont break (nah), and I wont shake (nah)
With lifted hands to this Man (Jah), Ill stand in faith
Ill make it through, my trust in you
Close my eyes, make a wish, kiss the sky

Hey thereI see you

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Set It Off Lyrics

Our time has come, watch me set it off
It's been a while but we back
So you can count it loss

We lay and wait, don't hesitate
When opportunity knocks
Break the locks and rush the gates
Seize the day, we got moves to make
It's got to be now
Cause we're half past late

Say what you say, but you ain't shown me nothin
If you want me to feel you
Then you best to show me something
All bark and no bite, talking all hype
I hang with the illest
You I don't recognize

Desensitize and paralyze
Sabotage headquarters
Flood your bloodlines, we sterilize

Here we come
Chant down dem Babylon
The wicked man when he sees me I go run
Me understand
Why dem cowards don't want none
Underground blaze the sound to Armageddon

(Chorus 2x:)
RISE - Let your spirit fly
RISE- Stand up for yourself
RISE- Hold your head up high

Our time has come
Set it off

Choose my battles, unravel your crew
Dismantle, they still can't handle or fathom
What I throw at 'em

I can't imagine, they babblin'
Acting like I'm laughing, don't find it funny
But I smile at your sarcasm

You plastic, so tragic, you fake
So you mask it, no gimmicks, no antics
We real and we've outlasted

Your phoniness, so you best to come correct
You want to disrespect
Why do cowards talk the loudest

Papa didn't raise no punk
On everything I love, if you ready
Then come and get it son

Overpower the strong tower
Infiltrate top ranks
Count down the final hour

Here we come
Chant down dem Babylon
The wicked man when he sees me I go run

Me understand
Why dem cowards don't want none
Underground blaze the sound to Armageddon


We made it this far don't you quit on me


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The Messenjah Lyrics

I message, written in rhyme, prophetic
Teachers amongst the skeptics and guiding the misdirected
Infected with their lies and their alibis
With their third eye blind, out of line, they try to prophesy
I and I unfold the mysteries told
From the futuristic realms to the days of old
Make straight through the path of the one voice calling
Truth shines, back again two times in the Second Coming

I am the Messenjah (4x)

This I pledge, and I'll take it to my death
I'll lay my life down for you and die over again
I and I, I'm not ashamed of the Most High
Even if I die tonight, if I die tonight
This I pledge, and I'll take it to my death
You can bet your life on my words and everything I said
You can't take away my love for this sacrifice
Even if I die tonight, if I die tonight

True king descendant, master to the apprentice
Pleased to release and reveal in me His presence
Forever blessed, I believe if Jah said it
The word of life came alive in the scriptures - I read it
All hail, we prevail, the Tribes of Israel, flow through ya
We pursue the conquering lion of the Tribe of Judah
Don't let 'em fool ya, before this, the foolish get rushed
So don't slop, you never knew us


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Thinking About Forever Lyrics

Time goes by and God knows I try to carry on with life
Decide not to hide feelings inside, even though they hurt
Sometimes, I forget to remember you
It's easy to lock away the pains, don't want to relive it through
But I stay strong, you taught me how to move on in this world
I married my sweetheart, even got a little baby girl
I wish you could see her, I swear she looks just like you
If you can hear me, show me a sign, please send her a butterfly or two

I'm thinking about forever (missing you)
I know you're so much better (we made it through)

Now I know what it means to live for someone else
To give up yourself
Things have changed, at times it gets kind of strange
Your love remains the same
Do I make you proud? Mama, can you see me now?
Whatever is good in me is because you showed me how to take love by the hand
And so now I can share you with my baby
So that she can understand


I'm thinking about forever (missing you)
I know you're so much better (we made it through)
I'm thinking about forever (missing you)
I'm tripping on whatever (hearing you)

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Youth of the Nation Lyrics

Last day of the rest of my life
I wish I wouldve known
Cause I didnt kiss my mama goodbye

I didnt tell her that I loved her and how much I care
Or thank my pops for all the talks
And all the wisdom he shared

Unaware, I just did what I always do
Everyday, the same routine
Before I skate off to school

But who knew that this day wasnt like the rest
Instead of taking a test
I took two to the chest

Call me blind, but I didnt see it coming
Everybody was running
But I couldnt hear nothing

Except gun blasts, it happened so fast
I dont really know this kid
Even though I sit by him in class

Maybe this kid was reaching out for love
Or maybe for a moment
He forgot who he was
Or maybe this kid just wanted to be hugged
Whatever it was
I know its because

We are, We are, the youth of the nation

Little Suzy, she was only twelve
She was given the world
With every chance to excel

Hang with the boys and hear the stories they tell
She might act kind of proud
But no respect for herself

She finds love in all the wrong places
The same situations
Just different faces

Changed up her pace since her daddy left her
Too bad he never told her
She deserved much better

Johnny boy always played the fool
He broke all the rules
So you would think he was cool

He was never really one of the guys
No matter how hard he tried
Often thought of suicide

Its kind of hard when you aint got no friends
He put his life to an end
They might remember him then

You cross the line and theres no turning back
Told the world how he felt
With the sound of a gat


Whos to blame for the lives that tragedies claim
No matter what you say
It dont take away the pain

That I feel inside, Im tired of all the lies
Dont nobody know why
Its the blind leading the blind

I guess thats the way the story goes
Will it ever make sense
Somebodys got to know

Theres got to be more to life than this
Theres got to be more to everything
I thought exists


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