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Artist: Slick Shoes

Songs on "Rusty" Album

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Bounce - View Bounce Lyrics
By What Right
By What's Right - View By What's Right Lyrics
Cliche - View Cliche Lyrics
Father Son Picnic - View Father Son Picnic Lyrics
Feebie - View Feebie Lyrics
Losing Sight - View Losing Sight Lyrics
Proved Me Wrong - View Proved Me Wrong Lyrics
Regrets - View Regrets Lyrics
Represent - View Represent Lyrics
Rusty - View Rusty Lyrics
Tired Of You - View Tired Of You Lyrics
Walk Out - View Walk Out Lyrics
What Happens Next - View What Happens Next Lyrics

Bounce Lyrics

Youre stuck where you fell.
Your past comes back to haunt you.
Things you thought youd learned again
and again didnt fit well inside your head.
The victim of a crime of the mind.
To heal, it will take more than time.
All I can do is pray that you would feel more like you did yesterday.
They dont know you like I do.
They never even tried to.
Youre misunderstood.
Youre feeling all left out.
I see the terrible norm is tearing you apart.
Now what can you do?
Its time to face the truth that life is just a tour
and youre along for the ride.

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By What's Right Lyrics

My country tis of thee, as a child I was proud.
Now I am much older, my opinions changed by leaps and bounds.
Save the environment is what you say and lab animals die everyday.
How about the unborn in the womb thats robbed of its life before its born?
So dont tell me this is the home of the brave.
Tax dollars kill kids everyday.
Immorality does have a price.
The price is death to an unborn child.
By what right, do you take the things you take?
By what right, do you do what you do?
By what right, do you kill and steal?
My country tis of thee, no longer will I bow.
My faith lies in god above,
not in your government.
Stole my right to pray in school and gave the right to kill a child.
Taught morality is unnecessary.
What happened to, In god we trust?
this country is stolen property based on lies and waste.
So send your soldiers off to die.
What happened to, In god we trust?

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Cliche Lyrics

What they say never really mattered to me.
Ive been wrong.
Open the door, time to move on.
What has changed?
Same old story with a new name.
Im not scared, Ive been here before.
I guess I thought youde be there, I swear it.
This is the last time that I close my eyes to it.
Never again will we be what we were.
Maybe Ill just walk away.
Time thrown away, I didnt use it anyway.
Been here for so long, now its time to move on.
Read between the lines, I cant make up my mind.
Was this what we planned?
Mercury falls, forgot how much I hate the fall.
Still sitting by the phone, I hope that you dont call.
Its alright now well make it somehow.
Youd think wed learned by now.
Well, I guess it goes to show.
Youre the answer to all my prayers, I swear it.
This is the last time that I close my eyes to it.
Never again will we be what we were.
Maybe Ill just walk away.

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Father Son Picnic Lyrics

To learn from past mistakes,
to crawl out of the hole I dug myself.
I should have learned by now, I cant do it.
And the time it flies right past me now.
I pray that you would show me how.
Youre the only one, youre my father, Im your son.
And with your love, Im sure it wont be long.
All I ever wanted was to feel as though you cared,
but as time has shown I see were all too scared.
Faith in human beings never got me anywhere.
And here I stand with you.
Love is what you showed me.
The only time I ever felt love is when you were standing next to me.

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Feebie Lyrics

Nothing can replace the way I felt when I saw you standing there, but thats not true.
There was that time you called to say hello.
A single moment in time I have to go.
You said goodbye.
I wrote a note to tell you Id missed you since.
Ive walked around this crazy town and tried to find someone like you,
just got lost along the way.
Tried to find someone that fits the hole you left inside of me,
just got lost along the way.
Wish I could get out of my mind of thoughts
and into my life where Id keep you til the end of time.
N one could touch you no one could hurt you.
Id like to be there when you call home,
only if youd let me be the one.
Do you remember when we went walking hand and hand?
Do you remember when we thought it would never end?

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Losing Sight Lyrics

Sorry it turned out like this,
I guess its time for us to take our own separate ways.
All I can do is pray that you would make the right decisions
and never lose sight of what is real.
All the time I wonder why it turned out like this.
It doesnt matter, its in gods hands.
Youre losing your grip on reality.
You dont know whats real and what is rally in your head.
You havent learned, you never will,
unless you let god do what he wants
and not what you want to do.

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Proved Me Wrong Lyrics

A softer kind of smile.
A star that holds your stare.
Everything Ive ever known just blew up in the air.
Dont you hate it when every love song makes sense to you?
and time away breaks your heart in two.
I really hate it now.
They should have taught us this in school.
I really thought I was so cool.
You proved me wrong again.
I cant wait til the next time I see you.
its getting hard to sleep at night.
Ill pretend that its alright.
It doesnt feel that way.
By now you probably hate this song.
Its probably best that its not long.
I guess you proved me wrong.
I cant wait til the next time I see you.

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Regrets Lyrics

As I stand here and wait for you,
you dont know how I feel.
Guess Im too shy to let you know.
My hearts in control.
This time I know that everything will be okay.
I dont know what you would think.
I dont know what to expect.
No matter what happens you will be my friend.
Im not going to mess this up.
I dont want to end with regrets.
I cant stop thinking of you,
cant get you out of my thoughts.
Cant concentrate,
Im losing my head over a girl.
I know Ill always love you.
I wish that you felt the same.

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Represent Lyrics

Ive walked this road a thousand times before
and never found what I was looking for.
All the time I stumble and I fall.
Still here I stand trying to be free.
Yes I try to get on with my life,
taking one step at a time.
I still cant fly.
I try so hard to please,
but never compromise.
It took you to make me realize that Im not by myself.
I want you to be in my life.
Cause I know youll never say goodbye.
For you Id walk a thousand miles.
I still cant fly.

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Rusty Lyrics

In this room its cold and dark.
It feels like me.
Im far from home.
In this town there is no one.
The lamp is low, when can I go home?
All I can do is hold on to what I have.
Why did it change?
I liked it how it was.
Im without you, the world spins without me.
Without your smile, it takes a while.
Nothing has changed,
I wish you were here with me.
I cant wait until the next time that youll be here by my side.
Is there anything I can do?
Give me a call.
I love you.
All I can do is hold on to what I have.
Why did it change?
I liked it how it was.
Im without you, the world spins without me.
Without your smile, it takes a while.
I miss you, I wish you were here with me.

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Tired Of You Lyrics

Theres no better way to tell you how I feel than this.
Dont act so surprised,
its been like this a long time.
Every time you turn your back on me,
it breaks my heart to think of all those times that I was there for you.
If there ever comes a time when I wont be there
I hope you have some time and find someone else to abuse.
I wont be there, Im not a fool.
I am getting tired of you.
I remember those rainy days when I stayed in.
Id call you on the phone and try to be your friend.
But to no avail, I swore it would never happen again.
Two phone calls later and I gave it.
Im such a sucker, why do I try so hard?
The simple things I do to prove I care for you.
I wont be there, Im not a fool.
I am getting tired of you.
I wont let this world get me down.
And your silly games wont get me down.
I pray to god that you wont get me down.

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Walk Out Lyrics

You cannot break me,
how far this takes me.
My mind is racing as I play this song.
Will you walkout?
This song is played out.
This thing Im facing will not go quietly.
Place to place,
I see you face,
keep me centered now.
Need some sleep,
your song I keep deep within my heart.
Tomorrows at stake,
but this show wont make my love wander from my promises.
I feel better now, and I will carry this song until we are done.
Home now, nothings better.
With you forever, it doesnt seem long enough.

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