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Artist: Superchick

Songs on "Regeneration" Album

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Barlow Girls - (Space Monkey Lab mix)
Enemies - View Enemies Lyrics
Eridani - View Eridani Lyrics
Get Up - (Heelside mix)
Hero - (Red Pill mix)
I Belong To You - (Midnight mix)
Lovers (I'll Wait For You) - View Lovers (I'll Wait For You) Lyrics
Me Against The World - View Me Against The World Lyrics
Me Against The World - (Me Against The World mix)
One And Lonely - (The Beatmart mix)
One Girl Revolution - (Battle mix)
Princes And Frogs - (Underdog mix)
Regeneration - View Regeneration Lyrics
Sleepers (One Flies Away) - View Sleepers (One Flies Away) Lyrics
Speaker - View Speaker Lyrics
Stand Up - (Mob Action mix)
Warriors - View Warriors Lyrics

Enemies Lyrics

Put your faith in me friend
I won't lead you wrong
Without me you're nothing
Together we are strong
A hundred battles fought
And this is one more
To lay claim to this world
You'll need to fight a war

The wind is strong
The flames are high
The time is now
The tide shall turn

I can give you weapons
Strategies to win
Killing isn't easy
You need experience
Victory will never
Come at a small price
Feedom comes to those who
Dare to sacrifice

The enemy attacked at dawn
They took us by surprise
No mercy shown as they advanced
No chance to question why
An when the thousandth life had died
We heard an endless cry
Of every act of murder
Amplified in the killer's min

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Eridani Lyrics

Like moths drawn to a flame
We travel toward the light
Ancient stories return to haunt us
A pillar of fire to guide us through the night
This land we must explore
To find a place to hide
Because we are not alone
In this forsaken place

As they lead us down
To the underground
I sense a trust
Although I cannot see

And as we emerge
Into the light
A sight before my eyes
I can not believe

City of Eridanis
Children of the moon
City of tranquility
Never will I know

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Lovers (I'll Wait For You) Lyrics

If I could see you now
I know I'd see you all alone
With the weight of the world on your heart

If you could hear me now
I'd tell you that the only thing
Worth fighting for is love

And I'll wait for you
As long as the stars shine
Bright in the night
I'll wait for you
Knowing that someday
You'll wake up and see me by your side

If I could touch you now
You'd remember all the love we shared
Between the times we spent apart

If I could hear you now
I'd hear you say you'd give your life
To make everything all right

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Me Against The World Lyrics

Wanna quit and give up Simon says to pack it up Shot down from all sides Don't know why I try So take this and kiss it Goodbye won't miss it I wanna go back to L.A. I don't belong that's what they say Chorus: They said don't try to change the world You're just a girl So it' against the world today I'm gonna do it my own way And though nobody understands I'm gonna make a one girl stand It's not Independence Day I can't waste time on what they say If we believe when we have faith We're gonna change the world someday Back again one more time Couldn't keep me down last time Leaving what I know on faith To take on the world and make waves Still standing defiant Maybe me against the giants L.A. wasn't built in a day Games going long but I still play Chorus (echo) If we believe, when we have faith We're gonna change the world someday Chor

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Regeneration Lyrics

Images of a world I know not of
Pasted on these old friend walls
As I begin to make my flight
I turn back my life in time
To place where all the thoughts
Were all brand new
And the colors were so bright
When all worlds were possible

What have I seen?
To speaker I said
Is this the dawning of a nation?
What you have done
Has never been known
No world could ever stand against you

Friend is that all you know?
Is that what this has taught?
Even when you know another way
Is the way of death you take?

If you open up your heart
To the truth of all creation
The truth will teach you life


I will try to be know what I was
In a child's imagination's eye
Transforming mind and spirit
Into harmony
In these unfamiliar places

And for the ones
Trapped in their sleep
There is a chance for their revival
The flower that grows
Over our heads
It holds the key to your redemption

The energy that flows
From beneathe the ground
Restores the life in those
Where life can still be found

Now take what you have learned
Open your heart again
Live life a different way
Hope for another day

I stand with you
On the edge of the unknown
Trying to believe what I can't see
My fight is done, I know what I must do
Break down the walls
That I have built all of my life

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Sleepers (One Flies Away) Lyrics

Sleep now my true love
You would not be woken now
We're so far away from home
I will never leave you
On the edge of the night

We live our lives
Day by day
In the hope that we survive
Until the time
One flies away
So high, I will not cry

Once you stood faithfully
You never asked for more
All the dreams we shared
And the plans we made
Will never be lost again

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Speaker Lyrics

Speaker, I can understand
Words flow from your mind
Brothers and sisters from far away
Welcome to our land

So don't worry about the ones
Who were trying to hurt you
We will not be afraid of them
Let us tell you about our plan
How we will live on the surface again

300 years of life beneathe the ground
Hiding from your warring tribes eternally
Developing our spirits and our minds to see
Another way of living - a new society

All the patient waiting
All the preparation
All anticipation
For this hour

Welcome to our land my brothers
Sisters from worlds far away
The time has come to rise again
Reclaim with us this world my friends

Speaker I can hear you but I can't believe
Enemies await above, we can't escape
Killing is the only thing they understand
A battle must be fought
Before we can be free

No armies can contain us
No soldiers can destroy us
If we must die to have this
So we shall

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Warriors Lyrics

I was born a warrior glorious
I have fought for my beliefs
I have seen the blood of thousands
Shed before my eyes
I have known the love of angels
I have known a vision grand
I believe that at this moment
We make our final stand

Through this night, I will survive
Through this fight, I will not die

All the years that we have waited
For the tide to turn our way
Never let the fire burn out
Vengeance is the flame that guides us
I have known the pride of victory
And the bitter taste of defeat
I have heard a higher calling
Death is not the end

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