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Reflections Vol. 2

Artist: Donald Hayes

Songs on "Reflections Vol. 2" Album

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He Looked Beyond My Faults
I Need Your Spirit
I'm Going Away
In Return
Just In Case
Peace Be Still
Speak To My Heart
Thank You Lord (For All You've Done For Me)
We Shall Behold Him - View We Shall Behold Him Lyrics
When You Pray

We Shall Behold Him Lyrics

We Shall Behold Him
(written by Dottie Rambo)
(recorded by Dottie Rambo, Vicki Winans, Walt Whitman & The Soul Children of Chicago, Sandi Patty, Amy Lambert, Commissioned, Nathan DiGesare, Dino, Phil Driscoll, Donald Hayes, Anthony Burger)

Verse 1
The sky shall unfold, preparing His entrance;
the stars shall applaud Him with thunders of praise.
The sweet light in His eyes shall enhance those awaiting,
and we shall behold Him, face to face.

We shall behold Him.
Yes, we shall behold Him,
face to face in all of His glory.
We shall behold Him,.
Yes, we shall behold Him,
face to face, our Savior and Lord.

Verse 2
The angels shall sound the shout of His coming,
the sleeping shall rise from their slumbering place.
And those who remain shall be changed in a moment,
and we shall behold Him then face to face.


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