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Artist: Michael Sweet

Songs on "Real" Album

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Baby Doll - View Baby Doll Lyrics
Clean Heart (LP Version)
He's All I Need (LP Version)
Heaven Waits For You - View Heaven Waits For You Lyrics
His Praise Continues On (LP Version)
I Can Feel The Presence (LP Version)
Jesus Worked It Out (LP Version)
My God and King (LP Version)
My Way (LP Version)
No One Like You (LP Version)
Real (LP Version)
Remember Me
Second Chance
Show Us The Way (LP Version)
The River
Ticket To Freedom - View Ticket To Freedom Lyrics

Baby Doll Lyrics

Just like God gave Adam Eve, God gave you to me And when I got you honey, I got love My knees get weak and I just can't speak when I see you Walk my way And I know I'm getting tomorrow, what you gave to me today You gotta love me 'till the sun comes up, And 'till the sun goes down Take me so high that my feet never touch the ground Love me in the winter, spring, summer and fall Love me baby, love me Baby doll Other guys may stare at you but honey that's okay 'Cause I'm the one that's holding you every night and day With your big blue eyes and your ruby lips, They knock me off my feet No I never need any sugar, 'Cause you always make it sweet, you gotta CHOR

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Heaven Waits For You Lyrics

A baby's born today and somewhere else Somebody's time has passed away You never really think of what it means Until the circle comes your way One day you gain, the next day you lose It's just something we must go through We all feel pain, we'll get through the rain If we reach out and choose The good within the bad, the joy within the sadness If we only had a world without the madness I'd call it Heaven too, Heaven waits for you I never knew the true meaning of life Until my little boy was born What happened was a miracle That changed my life that February morn One day I'll see, the man he will be And I pray that he makes it through All of the pain, he'll get through the rain If he learns to reach out and choose CHOR

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Ticket To Freedom Lyrics

Pack your bags we're going away Maybe tomorrow, maybe today Get yourself together, I'll be coming for you I Know a place that's one of a kind It's far away, but easy to find I've paid in advance, there's just one thing you've gotta do Go to the station and tell 'em You're putting your faith in me Tell 'em that you've opened your heart And say you believe, then you'll get what you need And if you want it, you gotta take it 'Cause without it you'll never make it Better hurry soon we'll be leaving Get your one way ticket to freedom I've been working every day Building a house where I want you to stay Blood, sweat and tears have gone into every frame High on a hill so far away The deed's in your name and the mortgage is paid Paid in advance, there's just one thing that you've gotta claim PRE-CHORUS CHORUS Nothing comes easily Nothing in life is free But I'll give you everything If you'll love me unconditionally CHOR

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