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R U Ready?

Artist: Jacks Of All Trades

Songs on "R U Ready?" Album

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All Hope Is Gone - View All Hope Is Gone Lyrics
Anguish - View Anguish Lyrics
Awesome Power - View Awesome Power Lyrics
Beep Raised - View Beep Raised Lyrics
D# World Gimme N - View D# World Gimme N Lyrics
Flush - View Flush Lyrics
G U C Me - View G U C Me Lyrics
Give Way - View Give Way Lyrics
Suffer Of Sweet J - View Suffer Of Sweet J Lyrics
The Black Sheep Tale - View The Black Sheep Tale Lyrics
What You Have Sown - View What You Have Sown Lyrics

All Hope Is Gone Lyrics

I ain`t no soul assassin I will make your soul alive
I will give you the words put this rhyme inside
Your heart let it dwell make it swell then tell
Everybody around you to boycott hell
Give you the words to put you back on focus
Make you forget about hocus pocus
Just open your mouth let the holy ghost in
from north to the south get rid of your sin

I don`t wanna see you taken
(I don`t wanna be here faking)
Outta my soul

Hope is gone without you
My hope is gone without you
Hope is gone without you
All hope is gone

Close your eyes imagine your soul
Taken out from its place thrown in a black hole
Then everything around you turns into a disaster
Just like Bruce Willis you`re left on the asteroid
All by yourself push the button go to hell
For all eternity that`s where you`ll dwell
You should`ve thought it a long time ago
Now God is taken out and to darkness you go

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Anguish Lyrics

I wake up every morning with a tear in my eye
I can`t help but think today who`s gonna die
Yesterday it was you today it could be me
Tell me is it true or is it just that I don`t see
Cos around the corner is the two triple o
Triple six is getting closer and I can`t help but fall
Down on my knees I ask God please
Take my soul home with you cos I can`t help but freeze

Showing where`s the groove
Feeling too deep blue

Pain in me deep in me where your soul is going to go
(With the hallow point that got ya)

Yesterday I was home with my TV on
Said I can`t believe my eyes what is going on
Just across the street a kid`s getting killed
With no shoes in her feet in a pile of filth
Laying looking dead never been fed
Dope instead of bread and a bullet in his head
I has to tell you this I hope you listen close
Do you realize where ya gonna go

Get ready with the people on the dance floor

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Awesome Power Lyrics

God will reign with awesome power
He will rain down blessings like shower
From His love not a soul can escape
So why His creation do we try to rape
Look me in the eye and tell me I`m lying
Hit me with the words but I won`t stop trying
To make you see what`s in front of your face
Cos can`t you see these are the last days

God will reign with awesome power
Oh oh my Lord my
God will reign with awesome power
Oh oh my Lord my

God will reign with awesome power
In His hands my life like a flower
Keeps growing growing reaching for the sun
I`m going going my God I`m gone
To the heavenly place on the other side on pain
Where all the things are to my gain
For a short time I suffer hear on earth
Satan do you have any last words

Cos you have to pay the prize well you had to realize
Making all the worldly kids believe in your lies
Now I`ll spit lyrics in ya face like a ghetto power line
The power is strong the strong survive
Can`t you see I battle the beast
The beat kills the beast with the power you

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Beep Raised Lyrics

2 die 4 is not something that
Would come to my mind you see
Pain is more like it when I`m shooting this rhyme
And now I know that my master is alive and not dead
Cos He didn`t stay in grave but went to heaven instead

He gimme something no one else can
So I wanna be His #1 fan
I wanna be tool in His hand
Wanna scream across this land

Beep Raised
Beep Raised

Everything I have been looking for I find in you
Every word that you have spoken God I know it`s true
So like an AK-47 I spit lyrics in ya face
If you don`t like my estilo just get outta my way

Won`t you come see and try to break free
With this swing - makes demon flee
Awesome power on the darkest hour
Don`t be so sour but sing
You will be praised

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D# World Gimme N Lyrics

Me against the world is the way I`m gonna live
Many lies I`ve heard they got nothing to give
They told me to close my eyes and look at all the stars
Well all I see is darkness cos the light`s too far
They`ve been playing me like a game of chess
Just a shot away from my final rest
It`s time to stop playing with the dirt
Cos they got nothing to give oh haven`t you heard

D# world gimme nothing - no nothing now
D# world gimme nothing - no way now
D# world gimme nothing - no nothing now
D# world gimme nothing - my God....

Sick and tired of running from funeral to funeral
Cos somebody tried to stand up for what is right
The streets are covered with pimps and whores
Everyday I see more and more Capones
Send to jail cells burning flesh smells
As more and more bodies are being sent through hell`s gates
If all I will do is sit back and relax
Then one day I`ll be paying an expensive tax yo

D# world gives me none

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Flush Lyrics

I don`t want to see and no you can`t make me
Believe in everything I won`t eat what you offer me
Cos you disgust me with your dirty sin you see
Yo God has set me free I`m free as a bird can be
Is it you I see or just another me
In the mirror well I don`t know cos it`s hard to be
Optimistic when your soul is twisted
So what you gotta do is take your sins
And let `em burn now

Can`t you hear what I say?
Don`t you see this I do?
Only my God is great enough to save from this thing
Burn the dirt that you have found
You gotta flush it down
Burn the dirt that you have found
You gotta flush it down

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G U C Me Lyrics

Shadow of death talking my life as I`m walking alone feeling the pain for
every simple second seeds you to sown as I`m blown to desert and adjusting the wind
Found my inner seeming nothas` where to begin my life surden as the burden for the
Search for meaning as I`m screaming `n bleeding against the what you were seeing
My life`s worthless for the sight, you fastword, you loved me everytime when it hurts

Won`t you come across that scene
And tell me what ya mean
Uttering how God can see me but I can`t see Him
Won`t you come across that scene
And tell me what ya mean
It doesn`t fit into my head but into my heart instead

God you see me
God you see me

And now that I`m hurting I can feel away the weight of the world on my
shoulders and as it`s causing this life, `cause world just keeps gettin colder
And older I get the more that I hate still beatin` down myself with the
satan I created and all my dreams are shed, but what it will matter....
Jesus hold in your arms as I lost my mind, like the dog that claims no hell
never crossed my mind

There is no cave that you could hide from Him
He is the light that cleans us from sin
Into 5 star hotel into dustbin
He can see you but you can`t see Him

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Give Way Lyrics

This is a Jack-attack
Coming down like an avalanche
If you ain`t standing on my side
You`re standing on my way
As you`re standing on my way
You better make way

Death around the corner and we try to hide
You made your moves now I`ll make mine
Everything I`ve prayed for is here in my hands
The storm is getting closer and I try to stand
I try to pray just to stay awake
24-7 I try not to break
The situation is getting hectic
Cos everything that`s in me has become electric

Step aside and give way
Step aside and give way

With your BMWs and Ferraris
You drive down the avenue smoking mari
See a rich man is a poor man with money
But kids die on the streets and that ain`t funny
But do you even care or do you have a clue
You said you`d smoke me out well I`ll smoke you too And I`ll flush you
down the toilet like a paper
Cos you got in my way you stupid faker

Break through give way for the truth now

If there`s someone who`s gonna step aside it`s you!

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Suffer Of Sweet J Lyrics

Can`t you see the pain is spreading all around us
Our lives controlled by addictions and lust
If it feels good just feel free
Everybody else is doing it so why can`t we
Just forget about the man who died on the cross
Forget that His death neutralized our loss
Cos it`s so much easier to live like a fool
If easy`s what you want I`ll pull the trigga for you

Yeah so sweet blood of J releases me
Can`t you see His pain that made me free
Made me see

Pain - The suffer of sweet J
Pain - The suffer of sweet J
The suffer of J

Satan you have no right to touch me
Cos His blood is all over me

Get outta my face before I`ll rip you in half
God will separate the wheat for the chaff
And when He does where are you gonna be
In hell with the devil or in heaven with me
Think about it thought about it
Make your mind up quick
Cos man you don`t have to act like a freak
All this Hollywood glamour makes me go insane
Don`t let His blood flow in vain

Matthew 6:9-13

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The Black Sheep Tale Lyrics

This is about a metaphor... paraphrased... some allegories
how I came to know the grace...
a symbolic picture of shearing of my wools...
and how the game got new rules...

I`m abandoned, hurt and sore
My skin is ripped by the cutting thorns
I`m everybody`s cheap laughing stock
A spitting cup, just listen how they mock
My flock scattered, fell on the rocks
Shocked, shattered, fold`s door locked
Is there justice for a poor
For a lowly, for a whore
Who`s there to...
search for the lost
Bind up the injured
Who`s there to...
Strengthen the weak
Destroy the strong and sleek

I try to understand what freedom is
Surely it`s something far from this
I`m longing for a warm embrace
Erase the ache in a healing place

Great is the pain that I got to face
Yet the pure rain`ll wipe off the disdain
I hate the rams, way they did treat me
As a lamb, they bruised me too deeply

Maybe life`s here to put me down neatly
But the strife and fear crush me completely
They muddied the clean water, trampled the green lawn
Butting me with their horns

I called out, for shelter I called
Now they`re warned that You`re the Lord
Yes He broke the bars of my yoke
Made a joke out of the goats

He`s there to
Search for the lost
Bind up the injured
He`s there to
Strengthen the weak
Destroy the strong and sleek

I`ll be taken to rich pastures
On the mountains of plenty
In clear water valleys
By the grazing lands of mercy

For the Lord is my Shepherd
I shall not faint
Jesus came to dye white all the black sheep

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What You Have Sown Lyrics

so much stress god bless
I hate the way you fake this
and hope to get the sympathy
I think it`s time to break this
and just play it like a symphony
empty promises rule the scenes
alcohol and kerosine run thru your
vains as you in hail the black
smoke that you then spit in the
face of the innocent I hate to
watch you fall but love to make
you crawl if you want death well
deth is what you`ll get act like
a fool and you`ll die soon any
thing you do can be used against you

you reap what you have sown yo
may the hand of God be upon you

world full of war so much gore
little bit of love is too much
asked as brothers kill eachother
everybody gets blasted I don`t hate
you don`t wanna break you cuz I
love you dearly dont have to fear
me I only wanna show you the
kindaman I am do you wanna know
who made me what I am He`s the
one who reaps us one by one
and He wants you so throw away
your gun cuz if you show some love
it can do no harm it`s about the
real art of war in our hearts

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