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Artist: MxPx

Songs on "Pokinatcha" Album

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Another Song About T.V. - View Another Song About T.V. Lyrics
Anywhere But Here - View Anywhere But Here Lyrics
Bad Hair Day - View Bad Hair Day Lyrics
Dead End
Ears To Hear - View Ears To Hear Lyrics
High Standards - View High Standards Lyrics
Jars Of Clay - View Jars Of Clay Lyrics
Jay Jay's Song - View Jay Jay's Song Lyrics
Jay Jay's Song
No Room - View No Room Lyrics
One Way Window - View One Way Window Lyrics
Realize - View Realize Lyrics
The Aspect - View The Aspect Lyrics
Think Twice
Time Brings Change - View Time Brings Change Lyrics
Too Much Thinking - View Too Much Thinking Lyrics
Twisted Words - View Twisted Words Lyrics
Unopposed - View Unopposed Lyrics
Walking Bye - View Walking Bye Lyrics
Weak - View Weak Lyrics

Another Song About T.V. Lyrics

another song about tv
how much tv sucks
washes your brain of intelligence
you sit around all night and day
was life really ment to be this way?
tv sucks!
watching your life go
down the tube and you
wonder why every day's
a re-run nothing
different happens
nothing new your life's a show and the show is over
tv sucks!
a waste of time of a created mind
star trek's been airing far to long
can you sleep at night without sight and sound
what ever happened to reality?
tv sucks!

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Anywhere But Here Lyrics

it seems like life would be better some other way some other day,
life is what you make it
that's what some say just go away,
i don't want to hear it
i'm confused i'm not amused, right now
i'm incoherent i'm not on my own still i'm alone,

i should have seen it coming
i didn't want to see
i can see us breaking permanently!
I guess it's out of my hands
that's exactly what i hate

there's one thing left to turn to
it's not a girl and it's not the world,
when everyone has their own thing
he's into you and he loves you too.
he's what keeps me going when i'm afraid any my beds not made.
Still I haven't forgotten that they're over there and
i'm right here. i might not always be here.

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Bad Hair Day Lyrics

i'm sorry i can't relat
i refuse to associate
so don't go balming me for your bad hair day
bad hair day
i saw you yesterday
you told me to go away
i guess you were having a bad hair day
bad hair day
would you like an aspirin for your bad hair day
bad hair day

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Ears To Hear Lyrics

right now there's
nothing left for me to
say now you want me to
go away heard it one to
many times now it's
swimming in your mind
you don't know how you
should feel can't decide
if what's real is real how
does the faith come so
easily why believe in
what you can't see?
i feel so bad have i done
all i can? want to give
you more don't know
what i can have you ears
to hear what is said to you
have you eyes to see
the light that's shining on you

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High Standards Lyrics

you'll never be th man
they want you to be
you've got no goals in
life it don't make since
to see someone
forgotten someone you
used to know is there a
reason no one seems to
care no one can give you
the life you get what he
said was true and i'll
never forget his son the
sacrifice now i owe him
my life give your life to
God come into his light
don't let the world own
you with it's false
analogies of what a
happy life looks like and
why you don't add up
there's no happy ending
to this impossibility so
change your mind and
give him time i'm sure
you'd agree thy gave
you heroes someone to
look up to you'll never
be like them no matter
how hard you try it's all
superficial a deceptive lie
i know you're getting tired so stop!

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Jars Of Clay Lyrics

a promise from a
cardboard box so
commonly thrown on
the street how easily we
break apart but we never
seem to stay that
way there's something
inside those jars of clay!(2cor.4:16)
outwardly we're wasting
away inside we're
renewed day by day it's
always him it's never me
he is truth why can't you see?
there's something
inside those jars of clay.

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Jay Jay's Song Lyrics

i am myself and no
one else because my eyes
see so much negativity
pressuring me every day
thy judge me as
something i'm not
there's so many lies in
this world today fears
and doubts run thru my
mind i've gone thru this
a million times i read his
word look to his face
but i could never earn
his grace it's not right to
sit at home we're the
church of today not
church of tomorrow

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No Room Lyrics

who could it be it's
probably me i know
there's something wrong
it should be a big
mistake to let this go to
long maybe it's all inside
my mind with no room
left to grow and now it's
coming outside and it
just won't let me go why
does it matter where
you've been because i
cAre for you my friend i
can't read into you mind
what's been going of inside?
tion always seems to
turn around those
beneficial doubts those
smiles into frowns how
can i remember if
i never even knew you
can't pin all on
me it's also up to you

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One Way Window Lyrics

there's barriers in my mind that i think about all the time
and i know there's no way past them
i can never get away from the things that people say
well i guess that's just part of it all
my one way window
where i can't hide my one way window
where i can't see the other side

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Realize Lyrics

intimidation has put me thru what i need to
stand up to you don't protest i've made up
my mind i've got to leave it all behind i
believed so many times your deceit too
many lies my hope for you in decadence
can't replace what's torn apart it took me
such a long time to realize i was an instutution
for you go where you want to go know who
you want to know now i know that i was
lied to sometimes i see your lighter side
the part of you try to hide it's true you
still don't seem to care never a word only
a stare no one has ever known you you
don't even know yourself your best friend's
your enemy too what else can i say to you
it took me such a long time to realize i was
an instutution for you go where you want
to go know who you want to know now i know
that i was lied to

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The Aspect Lyrics

every now and then i get
time alone so my
solitude gives me time to
roam through my ideals i
excogitate how i see the
world and how it sees me
sentence me all alone i
won't be on my own
take me as i am in
support of a populist
implicate yoursef those
who are impious i'm
disassociated for more
than just one reason
don't discount my
feelings for the truth

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Time Brings Change Lyrics

why can't things be the way the used to be?
why can't i feel the way i used to feel?
back in the days when it all worked out
was it all in my mind?
and now it won't
come out when i don't
think i'll get by when i
fell that i need to cry it
hurts me even more to
think how it was before
no you first is how it
always went the simple
things made us content
we don't need nothin'`
except and the one true
God that keeps us
together i hate time!
cause time brings change!
and change makes me start all over again
i guess i can work with time but does time work out

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Too Much Thinking Lyrics

i can't get to sleep at
night just thinking about
the day that you'll be
here everything's gonna
be alright when i'm
thinking about holding
you near will you look
away from me? please
don't look away from me
i'm gonna sit and
consider flowers i'm
gonna sit and think for
right now the box i'm in
well it's a good box i
hope you'll open it the
way i see it in my mind is
you are here and there
you're gonna sit will you
look away from me?
please don't look away
from me
what it comes down to is
this with my
expectations did i miss
the way you felt for me
or did you ever want for
this to be?

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Twisted Words Lyrics

have you ever noticed
how people twist the
words that you have said
to them funny how these
things occur taking it
literally all the thins
you've said not looking
in to deep in the
meaning of what they've
read twisted words
causes ignominy twisted
words changes what
things used to be it
happens every day
without it they would i
just can't come to see
why they aren't sick of it
all on and on they twist
the things tell me will i
end words will change all
the same with the
messages you send

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Unopposed Lyrics

we're all walkin' down a dusty road i
wouldn't care to bear the load i
know my limits but you won't leave
my alone it's a system unopposed
for those of us who won't say no your
time is your own now face the facts
are real establishing lines always
comes first many don't realize
the pain they cause

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Walking Bye Lyrics

i ask myself the question
what is wrong with me
can't figure what it is or
why it's never me they
want when will my turn
come about and when
will justice see me why
all these stupid questions
they never help me you
never notice me you
never seem to see when
i'm walking by you never
ever say hi i don't know
nobody that i don't want
to know but i'd sure like
to know you and i'd like
to show you how the
way i am and things that
matter much to me how
i say i am i usually how
those things don't seem

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Weak Lyrics

Light my path show me
the way filter everything
i say try to forgive try
to forget why do i do what
i regret? my flesh nature
won't abide its ripping
me apart inside Jesus
pulls me back together
my soul will be with him
forever can't get away
from bitterness can't
seem to lose my
selfishness my faith in father
God cause i am
weak and he is strong!

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