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Past And Present

Artist: Salem Ridge Quartet

Songs on "Past And Present" Album

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He Parted The Waters
Hide Thou Me - View Hide Thou Me Lyrics
Holy Spirit Blues
I Wait For Thee
I'm Going Through
Jesus Never Fails
King's Highway
Makes Me Wanna Fly
When God Dips His Pen (of Love in My Heart)

Hide Thou Me Lyrics

"Hide Thou Me"

Ohh...then I cried oh rock of ages
Hide thou me

Sometimes I feel discouraged
And I think my works in vain
I'm tempted oft(en) to murmur
To grumble and complain
Ohh...but then I think of Jesus
And all He's done for me

Then I cry
Ohh..rock of ages
Hde thou me
Ohh..rock of ages
Hde thou me

There is no other refuge
Can save, Lord, but thee
And through this dark world
I've wandered far, far from thee

Then I cry
Ohh...rock of ages
Hide (dear Lord) thou me
(Hide thou me)

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