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Artist: Paul Colman Trio

Songs on "One" Album

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Big Blue Planet - View Big Blue Planet Lyrics
Birthday Song - View Birthday Song Lyrics
Crack Train
I'll Be With You - View I'll Be With You Lyrics
Into Your Arms - View Into Your Arms Lyrics
Live It - View Live It Lyrics
Live It!
One - View One Lyrics
One Generation - View One Generation Lyrics
Pray - View Pray Lyrics
Save My Soul - View Save My Soul Lyrics
Solution - View Solution Lyrics
The Birthday Song
Who Do You Say? - View Who Do You Say? Lyrics
Your Man - View Your Man Lyrics

Big Blue Planet Lyrics

I always wanted to be a part of something

And I was searching for you and now I know
You were searching too

Then I met you, your arms were open wide

I've been alive on this big blue planet
But now I'm living for the first time in my life

Your love is something new every day
I'm in love with you

And I'm connected to the universe
And God it's you

Lord I waited for so long for you to answer
Now I see where I was wrong
For you are the answer
You are the way and the truth and the life

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Birthday Song Lyrics

Well I travel so far to be where you are I'm leaving this sad and lonely place You tell me receive but it's hard to believe That everyday can be my birthday (That I could live inside this grace) It's coming true all the things you promised me It's coming true all the day alive And I believe it's only time, yeah that's in my way now And I can leave this crooked line The mystery you are to me All the things you said I don't understand I realize now that it takes time Uh oh, it's my birthday Well I cut the cake, blow out the candles I'm staring down at my shoes So tell me why when you sing Happy birthday, receiving is so hard to do Happy birthday to y

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I'll Be With You Lyrics

I'll Be With You
I'm afraid I see nation fighting nation
I hear war has gathered in the air
Will my child live a life of freedom?
And I will I stand true until the end

I hold on to the things you said, you said...

I'll be with you, I'll be with you
With you until the end of the world

I see fire earthquake and famine
I hear men say they are "the one"
All these things you said were going to happen
I'm still afraid, keep me steady in my heart

I'll be with you when the sun doesn't shine
I'll be with you at the end of all time
I'll be with you when the stars fall from the sky
I'll be with you forever

We hold on to the things you said

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Into Your Arms Lyrics

I don't know my name apart from you
Away from you my first love
I can't find my way without you close
Without you near to me
All the universe it calls your name
And speaks of you my God

And so I run (into your arms)
For you are love (so hold me)

All I can do is run into your arms of love
Well I tried to be apart from you
Away from you my first love
And I lost my way without you close
Without you near to me
All the universe without your name
Is so alone my God

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Live It Lyrics

Do you know how it feels To bow your head and kneel And feel you connected With something that's real? Do you know what I'm saying When I say that some people are praying To a God in Heaven But I wonder if they're listening? Gotta live it, I, I, I gotta live it! You say there is a God who loves the world If you believe it say I, I, I gotta live it! And let it show all around the world I hear people saying To all the people praying Come down to the valley Don't stay up on the mountain praying Live it and walk it and breathe it and talk it and dream it Receive it, you say that you believe

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One Lyrics

Here we are broken in two
Here we stand, all our hope in you
God of all the universe
You sent us one who healed us
Where we hurt

And in the gathering you flow your
Peace and love

To make us one people
One holy song
Make us one people under the sun

Unity we're praying for
Some stand for peace but live a family war
So reconcile with God and man
Women, child our creator's plan

And in the gathering the holy work is done

Sweet communion, unconditional
This reunion, forgiveness made us whole
Real connection, harmony and home
This restoration, you reunite the souls

And in the gathering the healing has begun

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One Generation Lyrics

Well you say your generation
Learnt from all the past mistakes
And you build your reputation
On your passion to make them pay

And you sing your revolution
In the message of a song
And though you try so hard to change them
If they can't hear the words
They can't sing along

All my generation let's be the ones who see
It takes one generation to bend on one knee
And take responsibility
Or we're just going to see it go on and on

Well the words need re-definition
And our minds they need to change
We got to face the recognition
If you want things to change
You can't stay the same

And the sons they need to father
In a way they did not receive
And the word of this revolution
Is to give and not wait to receive

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Pray Lyrics

Do you want to know what I see
When I pray and I bow on my knees?
A grand design a master plan
There's a sea of broken people
An empty church and a crooked steeple
They say I'm a fool
If I say He's going to save me

Well you say all the world has
Rejected truth and all that God has
Set aside for us to be
And if I am his reflection
With all my imperfections
Well I can't call myself
Anything but just forgiven

Pray with me one more time tonight
Pray we'll be walking in the light of love

And if you say that Jesus is alive
Then he's walking right there by your side
Then why do you ask WWJD?
I want to take the walls of the church
Knock them down and build a bridge across
The valley we created
Our religion crucified Him

Pray with me one more time tonight
Pray we'll be walking in the light of love
Pray that we're not the ones to judge
Pray with me one more time tonight

A witness is something you are
Not something you do
And if you are following Jesus then
You're in full-time ministry too
The gospel is NOT the story of Jesus
It's Jesus Himself
I'm always on a missions trip
And Jesus plus nothing equals everything

Paul Colman 2000

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Save My Soul Lyrics

I'm trying to find my place in this great big world
Well, I'm trying to find some grace and some loving arms
Well, I looked inside my heart and I found a vacant lot
Can you tell me where to go when this love runs out?

'Cause I'm digging in the dirt trying to fill this hole
Put my spirit on a billboard saying
Save my soul

You got to save my soul
Tell me where do I turn
And what do I know?
And who will save my soul?

Gurus on the chat show saying "here is life"
Movie stars and heroes say "I found myself"
But we got to find each other before our time runs out
Well I read the daily news and another war broke out

I'm scratching on the wall like an angry mole
Sent my letter to the paper saying
Save my soul

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Solution Lyrics

Opened my history book to take a better look
At where we came from and where we're going
Without a sense of time
You've got no ears or eyes
I saw a broken rhyme called human learning

You know this is serious
We're repeating things we've done

Do you wanna be a part of the solution?
Do you wanna hey hey hey?

2000 years ago the greatest radical
Walked the earth and said we are forgiven souls
Have we forgotten Him and made religion king?
Love and grace is what we should be offering

We must be delirious
Thinking it's new under the sun

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Who Do You Say? Lyrics

Who do you say that I am? Am I the One or just a man? What does your heart say is true? How does your mind think it through? Is there peace in what you do? Are you the breath inside of me? Are you the light when I can't see? I'm on this road to find what's true Is my destination you? If you're still you will hear The Spirit's voice in your ear The storm will pass, the sky will clear Are you the voice inside my heart Telling me that I'm all right? Are you the blood inside these veins Flowing again and again? Are you Messiah Holy One? The promise of what was to come Are you the future and the past? Tell me I'm home at la

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Your Man Lyrics

I've been a tough man, I've been a hard man
I've been a man who's been willing to start a
Fight or three
I've been a harsh man and
I've been a "get things done" man
And I've seen a lot of things man
But now all I want is

I want to be your man

I've been a young man and I've been a foolish man
I've been a proud man
And worse than that I've been proud I am
I've been a loved man and I've been a wanted man
I've been a broken man but now all I want is

I want to be wise as a serpent
Gentle as a dove
I want to be quick to listen
And slow to speak above

So now I'm giving to you everything I am
I give you all that's in my hands
I lay my body down
And I'm giving you my heart

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