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Noise Ratchet

Artist: Noise Ratchet

Songs on "Noise Ratchet" Album

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A Way To The Heart - View A Way To The Heart Lyrics
Desire - View Desire Lyrics
Fiction Arms - View Fiction Arms Lyrics
From Your Lips - View From Your Lips Lyrics
New Room - View New Room Lyrics
Way To The Heart, A - (acoustic)
When Losing Ends - View When Losing Ends Lyrics

A Way To The Heart Lyrics

Welcome to this world today,
Youre seeing things a different way

This blood is here to save your soul
It takes you down a better road.
His eyes they see into our minds,
And throw away the demons lies

And angels tears, they cry for you
Angels' tears, they always make things new.

A way to the heart now,
The way to go deep inside.
A way to the heart now
There is something better there.

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Desire Lyrics

A summerset to my eyes, with memories of a child
I had no responsibilities,
to help or to have more than I could hold onto
It's a slow song to me, desired
I run through the tree, my desire
As I wonder now all's grown cold,
but in rememberance there's a story told
Of a softer song for a softer soul,
and the innocent heart to hold

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Fiction Arms Lyrics

Dreaming in a nightmare,
a dream you beg of me to lay you down to sleep
And your reality is lifeless when you wake to me
Leave it alone, take your hands off of my body
Cause no one can save you from you
So I wake you from this nightmare,
a fairytale of me to break you from this dream
And your reality is lifeless, when you wake to me
One day these arms will comfort no more
One night I leave sparkles in your eyes
And you'll leave this crush and dream of me no more

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From Your Lips Lyrics

Of modern man the melody of dysfunction is functional
Words that will race, could kill and disgrace you and I
Cause I was fearing nothing till this spilled from your lips
When they come running, When they come running out
Don't say whatever words come into your mind with two sides
So set aside your keys to the futures of these two and hold you tongue
Cause you don't fight there wars,
the battles they face are not yours to overcome
They were fearing nothing till this spilled from your lips
Build it up to tear it down, promises to count upon
Will hold you to the tyranny
I'm trying just to understand,
your bitter words they bind my hands
That long just to hold you

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New Room Lyrics

Break through these scars,
I'm holding on to past desperation
Stepping towards the only door I seem to see,
that light is coming out of
Walk through, there's more to this on the other side
Here we start another day,
I hope we can move on past this destination
Forward we walk to keep ourselves moving on,
to what comes next in our hearts
We can move on, don't just stand still
Don't just stand there and take a step

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When Losing Ends Lyrics

Who can enjoy being born just to die,
I took it this far for love
My feet are hanging over the edge,
so catch me so catch me
Take this gun from my hand,
I'm giving up till the losing ends
Tears of blood in my eyes,
I'm dying to be touched by this white fire
I've let myself fall this far,
so catch me, so catch me when the losing ends...

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