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No Turning Back

Artist: Out of Eden

Songs on "No Turning Back" Album

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Draw You Near - View Draw You Near Lyrics
Here's My Heart - View Here's My Heart Lyrics
If You Really Knew - View If You Really Knew Lyrics
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No Turning Back - View No Turning Back Lyrics
Of You Really Knew
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Tomorrow - View Tomorrow Lyrics

Draw You Near Lyrics

When the world loses it's luster
And you're feeling sad and lonely
And you need someone to be there in your time of need
You can turn your eyes to the heavens
And their Creator's watching on you
With arms of love to hold you, and draw you near

I woke up on this morning and misery surrounds me
And I am forced to face a day I didn't even want to begin
God knows I'm going through it
It's hard to imagine I can make it this time
As my sadness mounts I pray that this day would end
Cry myself to sleep and then start again

You're in the midst of heartache
Perhaps you've lost a loved one
Lost all your faith can barely pray
Well darling, don't give up now
I know that inevitably this too shall pass
Trouble doesn't last always, hold on through the pain
I believe the sun will outlast your rain

Just to take the pain away, so you can see a brighter day
I know you can find the strength that you need
To get you through what you're going through
So when the world seems to crash down on you

Don't worry, no matter, He hears you, keep praying
Don't worry, no matter, He hears you, keep praying

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Here's My Heart Lyrics

Dear Lord, are You there
Listening to my little prayer
I don't know exactly what to say
I've been told that You love me
Hear when I call
Would help me when I fall
I should let You have Your way
What I guess I'm trying to say
That I need You in my life
Cause I know I'm tired of living in the past
I'd like in to take a chance
On a change inside
I believe that Yours is one
That's going to last so

Here's my heart, it's been broken
It's been wounded
But I'll give it all to You
If You would love me
Here's my life, if You want it
You can have it
I will give it all to You
Because You love me

Dear Child, I'm right here
Through your worries
Through your fears
I've been waiting for you
To call My name
Oh you know, that I hear you
If you turn to Me and trust
My word is true
You will never be the same
I'm standing here to say
You need Me in your life
Cause I know that you can't make it
On your own
Oh if you would take that chance
Let Me change you deep inside
I promise you will never be alone, so


You can turn to me and know
That I am always standing by
I gave it all for you so you could have this
Gentle peace inside
I will follow you cause I believe in
Everything you are
I am your father, You are my Savior
And in the matters of the heart
I am taking yours and you are taking mine

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If You Really Knew Lyrics

If you really knew, you would change your mind
If you knew the God I know, you would have the time
If you take a chance, I know you would find
Everything you need in love of another kind

What you don't know can lead you to the extremes
Shunning help though you feel a need
You fear to be caught limping and you lose your place
And leaning on the Everlasting Arms is not your taste
Maybe you've heard stories,
Laughed at what you saw on TV
Or felt disgust as He was used as an excuse for bigotry
But I've got to tell you, that's not what it's all about
'Cause the truth I know will turn you around

I, too have been hurt by those who claimed to show the way
It was crazy, their two faces like night and day
But you don't stop believing 'cause you once been burned
In everything, there's a lesson learned
Man is imperfect, there is just One Perfect Soul
So much more loving than than one
that you've been shown, oh
How long is it gonna take for you to realize
I wish that you would open your eyes

I apologize to you on behalf of the untrue,
because the God I know would
Never do the things they do
Mercy and compassion on the right and on the left
Can you give anymore than your last breath
Oh, too hard to see, well put your mind aside
Stop using fear to hide behind

God's love is enough for
you and it's waiting, if you only knew

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Lookin' For Love Lyrics

Looking for love in all the wrong places
Just to find someone that can erase
The hurt you feel if you could you'd get a potion
The love of God it flows deeper than an ocean
Lookin' for love you know that I can show you
Cause what I got it goes on and on and on

Your heart is broken and wondering
What you can do to ease the hurt and pain you feel
You're letting these no ones get in closer
Than they need to cause you're looking for love
Oh, I've got a feeling no one's told you
No one's bothered at all to give you what you need
So you're out searchin' for something to hold on to
But you don't know it's right there if you'd only see

On your own now, doing your own thing
Say you don't need nobody's help to make it through
(But you're really wasting you're time) You're still lonely
(And you know that you're gonna find) That you're only
Left more empty than you were before, oh but I'm telling you
Oh, you don't have to look around
Let me tell you bout the love that I have found
Everything that our heart needs, it's just right here
Right here waiting
Oh, you don't have to look no more
Real love is knocking on your door
Everything that your soul needs, it's just right here
Right here waiting for you

Oh my friend I'm telling you, I've been there myself a time or two
When I was just running round, to find peace for my heart that was beaten down
There's something you need to see, the one who made you
Loves you, please believe
He's all you need to get by, you know you're somebody so tell me
Why you're...

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No Turning Back Lyrics

(Rap by Knowdaverbs:)
I remember begging my mom for these Z. Cavarricci's
With a striped genera shirt just to rock with these brutini's
I begged and I begged, of course she said no
So I committed to cutting grass just to conjour up the dough
With a little extra change I'll cut a slope and a fade
I'll be the freshest of the men in the midst of ninth grade
It's crazy how we place these small things as important
While the monument's reminding us of washed up Jordan's
Rivers that is, not the b-ball player, told the mountains to
Move and now there's no more Himalayas
Had to set the devil straight since he was highly overrated
Spoke and mountains moved and then the Alps disintegrated
Racing through the fire I perspire like He times me
And cross the finish line to realize that He's refined me
Can't wait for morning breaks as joy turns from sorrow
Busting victory laps around mount Kilimajarro

Oh, we've made it this far and there's no turning back now
With all of the joy deep inside
We'll be praising His name, clapping hands while we're singing
And dancing 'til the morning light, that's right, that's right

Weight upon my shoulders, held a burden and they thought
I'd never make it over, so I had to prove them wrong
I never stopped believing, not a doubt in my mind
The blessings I'm receiving, have cast the fears aside, yeah

Wasn't easy, I got to let you know, had a lot to overcome
But He loves me, he showed me the way to go
Feels like life has just begun

(Rap by Coffee:)
I'm a scream from the rooftops, freckled face figment, light
Complected pigment, least expected remnant, over flooding
Supercharged englarged freshly gutted, surgically removed was
The flesh Jesus cut it. Was allotted when I got it, most
Happiest, most joyful, vibrant, vibrating, dance around
Illustrating. My matrix, a labyrinth, a maze, a holographic image,
No end to my phonographic limits. If you've seen it once you've seen
It twice, propelling, stopping swelling by applying bags of ice
I'm open, before receiving Christ in darkness groping, Proverbs 4
The focus of the diagnosis spoken made the decision to collision
With incision self division multiplying and relying, sinful dying
Cling to vision thank God in all I do, uh-uh, thank God in all I do
Can't entrap me and I'm happy born anew

Won't be easy, I've got to let you know
There's a lot to overcome
But He loves you, He'll show you the way to go
You will feel like life has just begun

(Rap by Bonified:)
I got to keep moving and never carry the weight
Trying to do it myself instead of walking in faith
Leaving the rest to Him, giving my best to Him
And put my flesh to death without a breath to take
Had to battle the beats and overcame defeat
Another factor of the seven from the garden of Eden
Bonafied a true survivor of the wilderness
Blessed beyond I gotta move on I gotta move on

If you wanna dance with me
Now's your chance to be totally set free
If you're in the groove
And you know God is seeing you through
Better make your move

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Open Up Your Heart Lyrics

I can see that you are lost, I've come to find you
Even though you chose to leave and go your way
You thought you'd find more than what I could give you
So I let you go, still I want you to know
I've seen you struggle, I've seen you crying
Seen you do those things you swore you would never do
Your guilty soul has got you slowly dying
What you're running from, you should run to

Open up your heart to me and I will set you free
Open up your eyes and see, I'm everything you need
Open up your mind and know, I'll never let you go
It won't be hard for you to believe,
If you open up your heart to me

You turn here and there for those things to make you happy
You're on high but when you crash those things tear you apart
Your broken heart needs a love that's real
And you will find
One touch from heaven is what will heal
That touch is mine
You can, start again if you...

Open up your heart to me and I will set you free
Open up your eyes and see, I'm everything you need
Open up your mind and know, I'll never let you go
It won't be hard for you to believe,
If you open up your heart to me

And when yours does fail you, you will find your strength in me
When you fall or lose your place you'll still be safe with me
Come out of the darkness into light so you can see
I died for you, you must believe, and open up your heart

Open up your heart to me and I will set you free
Open up your eyes and see, I'm everything you need
Open up your mind and know, I'll never let you go
It won't be hard for you to believe,
If you open up your heart to me

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Sarah Jane Lyrics

Do you hear me, can you see me
Walking down the street watching you
You could help me, but you're not looking
I bet you would if only you knew
You could make a difference
Do you hear me, can you see me
Walking down the street needing you
I want to make it, how do I get there
If you show me that you cared, you know
You could make a difference

Little Sarah Jane ran away from home
Fourteen and pregnant, she was all alone
Couldn't run from wrong and was going to be sent away
Walking with her friends blackened her blue eyes full of tears
The burden that she carries much too old for her years
Looking at her face would confirm your worst fears
But instead she goes unnoticed
Sarah Jane another girl who is dying inside
You'd think that someone would stop but we hide
Too intent on completing our day, and she's left there to say

He's left to watch the world from the fifteenth floor
Alone with the reminder, "Don't go out anymore
You know those boys are trouble here in our neighborhood
But you're my boy and you've got the chance to be something good"
Still the call of the streets was too much to ignore
Now he's caught up in the game and can't find an open door
He's a good boy gone bad and he's trying to get out
But everybody's too afraid to hear what he's talking about
Marcus Brown, lives a life much too old for his age
If no one responds he'll be words on a page
Another statistic cause no calls were made
To check on the boy who was missing from the fifth grade

Everywhere you turn there's hurting people passing by
It's such a shame that we could change a life but we don't try
To look outside our world and delve
Into the problems in this place
The children need an answer, and God needs your face

Rap by Lisa Kimmey Bragg:
Well I really want to know if you're feeling me
The situation is real to me

Rap by Bonafide:
You got me feelin' you under my skin
Like Stevie got me wandering blind again and again

Rap by Lisa Kimmey Bragg:
Do you really have a heart for the least of these
And understand that we really need to teach to these
Or keep living in a world where death is a fact
Little kids asking, "Why my daddy got to die like that"
Don't want to send my kids to school when they feel they got
To pack heat to survive the walk in the streets
Where young women aren't alive because they still believe the
Lies and never recognize who God made them inside
God help us if we don't help them find their way
God help us if we don't change our living today
God help us if we hide in our corner and ignore the cries of the
Street, do you hear what they say
God please help them make it through the thunder and the rain
God please send somebody to ease the pain
You know they need a way up out the game
I know You hear her God, her name is Sarah Jane

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Spirit Moves Lyrics

If you open up your heart, open up your mind
If you give it all away what you will find
Throw your hands up in the air and close your eyes and you
Can never get enough
Of the love and the power you'll receive
When you fall down and you hit your knees
So amazing what your eyes will see if you're ready
When the spirit moves

I, I can feel the Spirit, when it moves down in my soul
As it comes to make me whole
I, I can feel the power, as it washes over me
As it comes to set me free
I glow, nothing can erase the healing, nothing can replace the feeling
I know, it's a real move deep inside, and it's too diving to hide

I, I can feel the Spirit, when we bow our heads in prayer, let
The Lord just take us there
And I know, ain't nothing quite the same, as the fire that's in
The place, when you call upon His Name, I'm telling you
(Can't run, and you can't hide) No need to try at all
(It'll bring a change inside) When the anointing falls
(Don't need no other high) Can't get no higher I know
(Don't let it pass you by) Let the Lord take control

Ooh and when the Spirit falls, you hear Him call
You know you should answer
Go ahead let go (Let God) Take control, of your soul
Know there's nothing better

When the spirit falls, let go, let God, just take control
You know you should answer, cause you
(Can't run, and you can't hide) No need to try at all
(It'll bring a change inside) When the anointing falls
(Don't need no other high) Can't get no higher I know
(Don't let it pass you by) Let the Lord take control

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Tomorrow Lyrics

Tomorrow is a better day
Tomorrow you will see the way
When God is by your side to stay
Just keep on movin' don't you dare give up

There are times, in our lives
When we all feel inside
Something's wrong, there's got to be
Something better for me
So we try, on our own
To change our paths
But we don't even realize
That joy comes after rain
Life begins again

There are times
Times when we can be swayed so easily
Doubt can come, in my mind
And I'm ready to give up this time
But I've got to keep on going
Got to keep on movin'
Got to keep on pressin' it through
Cause I know my God is able
Oh He's more than able
It's no thing to take care of you, I say

He knows of everything you're going through
Has enough love to take good care of you
You know exactly what you need to do
So just keep movin'

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