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Morning Dove

Artist: Sons Of Faith

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Morning Dove - View Morning Dove Lyrics

Morning Dove Lyrics

Morning Dove
Written by Harvey Watkins, Jr.

Lord you been so
So good to me
Lord I dont know
What I would do
But if I had wings
Ooh like a morning dove
Do yall know Id fly away
All of my trouble would be all over with
And I would just be at rest
Yes I would
Be at rest
Sometimes daddy would look up
And say Lord you brought me
Hey you brought me from a mighty long way
Hey you watched over me Jesus
Not just one day but you
You watched over me
Every day, yes you did
And if I had wings
Ooh like a morning dove

Fly away
I wont have to worry about what folks say about me no more
And then Ill just be at rest
Yes I would
Be at rest
Just one more thing
Lord you been so

Lord I know you been good to me
Oh Lord you done fought so much for me Jesus
And if you leave me I dont know what I, what I would do
Sometimes I feel like daddy
If I had wings
If I had just had me wings like a morning down
Id just spread my wings
Fly away
Id just fly away, fly away, fly away
And Id be
(Repeat be at rest)
Yes I would Lord
Yes I would yall
Yes I would yall
Dont it get lonely sometimes
I said dont it get lonely sometimes
And ooh
God bless you
Yes I would

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