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Mighty In The Spirit

Artist: VIP Music & Arts Seminar

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Mighty In The Spirit - View Mighty In The Spirit Lyrics

Mighty In The Spirit Lyrics

In the Spirit I know who I am,
no oppression nor bondage can shackle me.
In the Spirit I know who I be,
it is there that You speak and I hear You clearly.
I fear no man and nothing else can harm me,
here God resides to comfort and protect me.

Im mighty in the Spirit,
Im mighty in the Spirit,
no problem thats too hard
that You cant handle it


Ive got my sword and shield,
Im ready for anything, ready.

Ive got my war clothes on,
in Him I know Im strong,

Stand up and fight
for the battle is the Lords,

Vamp 1:
Mighty, mighty
Im strong and mighty.

Lift up your heads all ye gates,
now raise your hands and give Him some praise.

Vamp 2:
Im mighty in the spirit.

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