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Artist: The Lads

Songs on "Marvel" Album

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Call My Name - View Call My Name Lyrics
Creator - View Creator Lyrics
International Mystery Man - View International Mystery Man Lyrics
Supersonic - View Supersonic Lyrics
Warm - View Warm Lyrics
Who Is Mikey Trousers? - View Who Is Mikey Trousers? Lyrics
Wonderful Day - View Wonderful Day Lyrics
You're A Star - View You're A Star Lyrics

Call My Name Lyrics

Lord I have failed you every day that I remember
Ive brought upon you shame, and tarnished your good name

Lord how I've betrayed you, every day that I remember
But you don't seem to care, you just love me standing here

Anyone but you, would walk away
Oh if they really knew

You call my name
You call my name
You call my name
And I'll never be the same

Nothing I can say, could ever make you turn away
Youre constant like the ocean, refreshing like the rain

Lord, I want to take you as my saviour and my King
You don't ask to much, you just want my everything

Take what I've broken
I leave it all with you and start again

You call my name - I have nothing
You call my name - I can give you
You call my name
And I'll never be the same
You call my name - I have nothing
You call my name - I can give you
You call my name
I can't take this love away

Every single day

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Creator Lyrics

Do you ever wonder
Wonder what is beyond this big blue ball
Is there something under
Something underneath the surface of it all

Theres one million billion planets spinning out in space
Galaxies and galaxies he put them all in place
He set them all in motion all the powers that can be
Its such a funny notion to think he cares for me
Well it's plain to see...

My best friends the creator of the universe
Although hes bigger than the milky way
He wants to know about my life today

Do you ever wonder
What if God was somewhere up there in the sky
What if he was much closer
Close as your toaster closer than your tie

What if God came down
Came to your home town
What if God was walking around
What if its all true
What if God loves you
What if he was your best friend

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International Mystery Man Lyrics

Stranger things they have not been seen
Than what I will relate
I was saved like it was a dream
By someone else, outside the usual state

He's supernatural
And unpredictable
But it's a certainty
You don't have to believe, but he rescued me (yeah)

And he's come to save us
International Mystery Man
From outer space invade us
With his superhuman plan

I've heard the news on the radio
Of sightings all around
People rescued from their foes
When he appeared, the IMM touched down

One day he's coming to
Offer his help to you
You know we can depend
On the IMM

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Supersonic Lyrics

Theres a sound thats goin round
Something I found its hit the town
(Marvel Music Sound)
This is it I cant contain
Cant remain unchanged the same
(Marvel Music Sound)

Drilled a channel through my ear
Ripped a hole in the veneer
The Sound pounding it is changing me
Can anybody hear

Supersonic highs
Taking me away
Signal sensitise
To another place

Its a sound thats life to pain
To dryness rain brings dancin
(Marvel Music Sound)
like burning fire, within my veins
and suddenly I breathe again
(Marvel Music Sound)

Somethings happening to me
Something is happening to me
The sound surrounding with salvation songs
Expose my deepest need

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Warm Lyrics

It is cold here the rain is beating down
Cruel and icy the wind is swirling around

Disappointment is blowing overhead
I am frozen by the words they said

And so you find me wandering blindly in this driving rain
Trying to find some way through this pain

Loosing feeling I think its taking hold
I keep on walking but I feel so cold

They say that theres a place
Where its safe and warm
Shelter from the storm inside
A house upon a hill
Your tempest turn to still
Somewhere on the road ahead

Is it real or is it just a dream
All I know I left the place Ive been

Can You find me wandering blindly in this winter storm
Trying to find some way to be warm

They say that theres a place
where its safe and warm
Shelter from the storm inside
And Hope is waiting there
Sitting in His chair
A burning love to welcome me

A hope for the hopeless
A peace in the storm
A love for the loveless
In winter it can be warm

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Who Is Mikey Trousers? Lyrics

I do not believe that I will ever be
A multi millionaire, but I can see
I can be someone from where I am
if I get up and run, get up when...

I make mistakes, some heinous,
some of them just make me late

But I will always be
Mikey Trousers, he is good enough for me
'cos this is who I am
it's not easy, but I'll be the best I can

there are times I wish that I was someone else
the best at eveything, and not myself
in a world of possibilities
I'll take a chance with me, even though

I make mistakes, some heinous,
some of them just make me late

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Wonderful Day Lyrics

When we first met I have to say
You made me smile
And something about you
is just sparkling inside
and that's no lie

When I'm with you
I want to let you know
what I can see
There's a colour that only you can show
and that to me, is so easy to see

You gotta know it, It's a wonderful day
In every way, and I hope you can see
That where you go it's, Just a wonderful day
in every way, You are precious to me

Do you know that you make me feel this way
Since I met you
Even when we're apart
I think about the things you do
And that's the truth

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You're A Star Lyrics

I crash landed all alone
My ship was broken down
When I first saw you
A constellation on your own

The space between us was electric
How you brightened up the sky

Youre a star
There will never be one like you are
Youre a star
Look at you shine, would you be mine?

Rapidly I start to mend
The broken pieces for my journey to you
Your stellar presence draws me in

I've been waiting for this moment
Nearly time for me to fly

Do you feel the same as me
or is this just astronomy
But I got this crazy notion baby
that maybe you would like to be with me

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