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Lost At Sea

Artist: The Lads

Songs on "Lost At Sea" Album

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. Lost @ Sea Lyrics

We all said that it was ok
To live our own way - without God
We cut the ties and we began shifting
Quietly drifting out to sea

Now theres no solid ground
Where is the truth to be found
Were all just floating around and around and around
Lost at sea
You and me
Lost at sea

Lost at sea, it feels like were dying
And were all just trying to stay afloat
Our selfish ways are pulling us under
Were starting to wonder what went wrong

Now theres no solid ground
Where is the truth to be found
Were all just floating around and around and around
The waves are starting to pound
Were all beginning to drown
All I can hear is the sound of the voice calling out
Calling me
Calling me

All around the waters closing in and washing over me
Drifting down Im sinking to the bottom of this stormy sea
Far above I think there is a light but I can hardly see
I lived my own way
But it has all gone wrong
And now theres nothing
For me to stand upon
The consequences
For who I chose to be
Theyre getting heavy
Like chains all over me
And now Im sinking
Beneath this stormy sea
Im suffocating
But I cannot be free
Can You hear me
Can You rescue me
Cause I am sinking
Jesus wont You please save me yeah

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Astronaut Lyrics

When I grow up
When at last I find Im a grown up
When I cannot climb any higher
What will I be

When I grow up
When Ive finished school and I have to go
When Ive learnt the things that Ive got to know
What will I be
4,3,2,1, blast off!

Wouldnt it be fun
Flying in the sun
And on to Jupiter and Mars
Heading out to Pluto
Flying in my spaceship
Going anywhere I want to go

When I grow up
Will I want the things that I want today
Will they be the things Ill need on my way
What will I need

When I grow up
When Ive done the things that I tried to do
Will I be someone to look up to
What will I be
4,3,2,1, blast off!

When I grow up, will my dreams belong to me
When I grow up, what will I be
Will there be hope for me
Does anybody know, which way to go
Cos I want to know

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Back And Forth Lyrics

Late at night all alone in the bathroom
Youre freaking out cause you just can't control everything
That happens around you
Set in stone with no proof of validity
Your so-called faith keeps you terrified in anything
That threatens your standing

The eyes of the world, the eyes of the church, the eyes of your peers
The wagging of tongues, whispering shame, upon eager ears

Have all the plans that you laid out so carefully
Fallen short of your neo-Victorian fantasy
You cling to so desperately
So look at all your hard work is coming to
Despite your effort you still can't buy security
So what is your money worth?
And maybe it's right and I should feel pain for bending the rules
But Im not the one who's trying to choose between fools

Back and forth the orchestra plays
But neither side is tuned to the other
Back and forth the orchestra plays
But neither side is tuned...

Pull the shutters and tighten the blindfold
Turn away anyone who doesn't fit the mold
The story goes untold
Despite the righteous beliefs that you profess
You still can't cover the stain that marks your Sunday dress
No need to confess

Back and forth the orchestra plays

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Beetroot Stain Lyrics

I thought I was a loser
That I wasnt good enough
I could not see how You could care about me
Or how I could deserve Your love

But You, You specialise in comebacks
And over time Youve made me see
That even though I may not be perfect
You will not give up on me

Your love, love is like a beetroot stain
That never ever goes away from me
Your love, Your love is with me everyday
I know Your love is here to stay with me

Things can get a bit confusing
But theres one thing that I know
That You will stay, You really care about me
And You will never let me go

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Carry Me Through Lyrics

Put Your arms around, around this life of mine
And hold me for a while
I am trying to find a way to deal with this
But I dont know how

I cant stop this pain and I dont understand
What Im supposed to do
Nothing seems the same, my world is falling down
How can I get through

Carry me through, carry me through this time
Now I need You, cause my world is falling down
Help me to find a way, to make it through another day
I need You here with me

On my knees again, I have broken down
The tears begin to fall
It feels like everything is slipping through my hands
And crashing to the floor

It seems Im at the end and I dont have the strength
To make it on my own
So put your arms around, around this life of mine
And hold me for a while

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Divorce Lyrics

She's breaking up, she's falling down
She's holding her fists up now
Her eyes meet my face but we don't look the Same
She walks away, on bloody knees
Her swollen face hides her tears
My mind strains for words but my tongue won't obey

You're just a shadow now of the girl I used to know
Your broken song is maimed and slow
You strain your face to bear that smile
Your teeth clenched tightly all the while
and though you search so thoroughly
for some place to put the blame
It only rests on angry shoulders
and you don't look the same
Your pretty face now contorted
haggard with shame
I try to recognize your anger
I try to recognize your hatred
I try to find some purpose for your pride

So cease your screaming now because your
voice is worn and hoarse
your song insinuates divorce
your poison love I won't pursue
your not the lover I once knew
and though you speak so firmly of maxims so bold
your lips mouth words of love
but still your voice is callused and cold
I try to understand what made this mess unfold
I'm sure you couldn't be blamed
your features haven't changed
and yet I can't Imagine why you don't look the same

and your song of broken trust is grating on my ears
I'm tired of standing passive while you're preying on my fears
I'm tired of trying to fight, I'm tired of taking sides
you say that you're not angry but I see it in your eyes
I'm tired of hearing rumors, I'm tired of hiding shame
I'm tired of pointing fingers and never taking blame
I'm tired of trying to talk I've nothing left to say

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Head In A Cloud Lyrics

Maybe your view of quality is more than you can be
You bear your ideology so stoically
That all that you can see, is inferiority
Here I am, my head in a cloud
Cant you see my feet dangling, down there on the ground?
I guess Im fool, cause I thought I could recognize
The people who cared for me,
I thought I could draw the line
That surrounded my friends

Oh I, Im not going to give up

And I don't mind the quitters, so much as the thieves
Its tolerable company, given the means
I won't waste my time crying
If Im the last to understand
The difference between us, be it preference or circumstance
Im losing the faith that youth hold in longevity
I guess thats the price for bartering naivety
Preferring the comfort that the skeptic takes in disbelief

Im not going to give up

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My Forever Smoochy Girl Lyrics

When I am with you - its like
All my dreams have just come true
Even though Ive known you for a while
Tell me is it true - do you
Feel the same way that I do
Do you feel the same cause Im in love
And its easy to see
That you will always be

My forever smoochy girl - please tell me is it true
My forever smoochy girl - do you dream about me too
My forever smoochy girl - do you feel the same as me
My forever smoochy girl - cause you will always be

Put your hand in mine
Cause were gonna stand the test of time
You know my heart belongs to you alone
When were eighty-two
I will still be chasing after you
Round and round and round the old folks home
And its easy to see
That you will always be

You and me together - we will always be the best of friends
Ill love you girl forever, my love for you will never ever end

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Ode To Joy Lyrics

And the sun is shining on the hills, on the hills
Where once the cold and bitter frost it froze all life away
And I feel Your Spirit coming close, coming close
And it warms this aching body, and fills me through and through
Oh, I need You
Lord, I want You
Lord, I open my heart to You

Oh Jesus wont You stay with me, stay with me
I long to have You closer still, and feel You by my side
These empty dreams that we chase for, what are they for
I long for us to know our Fathers waiting, waiting for us
Oh, I need You
Lord, I want You
Lord, I open my heart to You

I sing for joy, that You are in my life
And Your love it covers me
And I feel, the rushing of Your life
As Your river it flows all over me again

Lord come close, I need You now
These bitter chords that hold me tight
I let them go to You
Theres a calling
Theres a Saviour coming
And these gates are open wide

It flows all over me
Its falling, falling down all over me

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Prince Of America Lyrics

Living a life, without any future
Just unending appetite, for petty amusement
And you with your woes
Youve food on the table
Youve cash in your pocket
So why are you crying
Prince of America, hay does your tears run so rampantly
Are you not satisfied, in your world without context?
Where everything's trivial, and nothing has meaning
Not even the throne you're heir to
Prince of the world
So much to see, so much information
The people in Kosovo, the villages burning
Its all entertainment, quickly forgotten
It doesn't make any sense to me
So why are you crying
How could you know which rung you stand on?
You never had to make the climb
You never thought to look beneath you
Ignoring the throne you're heir to
Prince of the world Prince of America

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Set Free Lyrics

I guess there's only one place to go from here
I think the options are clear anyway
Im sure youre tired of waiting for me
To figure out where you fit in
I guess Im afraid of what we could be
Cause I don't want to sell you short of your dreams
Im sorry for making you wait for me
Cause I don't want to hold you down
But I don't want to set you free
I don't want to make you run from me

I guess it's hard to believe that I
Could make myself give up
After all this time you and me
Trying hard to make sense of our differences
Pretending we both had everything
I guess I believed in our fantasy
You only loved the one you wanted me to be
Im sorry for breaking your faith in me
I don't want to hold you down

But what if you're more than I could please
Could you accept apologies?
I don't want to squander all your time
I don't want to mislead you
I think we both knew that it was done
Sorry I had to be the one
Sometimes I wish it were the other way around

I wish you weren't supposed to be set free

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The Temptations Lyrics

Standing in line at Burger King
My hungers growing and my stomachs rumbling
The queues as long as you can see
This big guy pushes in
Then turns and laughs at me
My temperature rises as I clench my fist
I can feel my knickers as theyre starting to twist
My brain is scheming revenge somehow
Should I smash his head in now

Im not gonna throw it all away to please today
Cos Ive seen your schemes before
But I choose to walk along the pathway that I know
Will lead me to my goal

Its getting late the partys through
Weve had a good time now
Its time to say too-roo
My best friends left to catch some zzzs
His girlfriend stayed and now shes
Making eyes at me
I suddenly realise that were all alone
My mind is saying that I should go home
She slides in closer on the big settee
Is this really where I want to be

(Its just passing like the wind)
You say to me, I live for the moment
You say take all you can today
I dont want to live just for the moment
There is a better way
And every day we see this generation
Throw their lives away
Its like we bow down to temptation
And let it have its way
Where are our dreams and where is God
Can anybody see
Im not ashamed to say
I chase the plans He has for me

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Town Lyrics

I used to be so scared of going to Manners Mall
Of walking past those staring eyes that made me feel so small
Creeping up and down trying to find a fault to see
So they could lock me up inside and throw away the key

Ive tried being someone else just so I could belong
Ive lived my life in fear of putting one foot wrong
Although your words may hurt me its time for me to go
Im trying to be myself now
And I think that you should know that

I can go into town by myself if I want to
Look around at the world with my own eyes
I dont have to be afraid
Why do we try to be the same competing with each other
All dressed up in brown cords and pyjamas
Pretending to be cool

I watched the world go by through the window of my mind
But how I saw myself made friends hard to find
I wasnt sure you liked me although I think you tried
I wanted you to like me, to fill the hole inside

Accepting who I am did not come from being the best
Or earning popularity by passing all your tests
The thing that helped me most
Was when the realisation came
That there is a God who loves me
Who knows me by my name

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Unusual Lyrics

They were all alone
People who were lost and left behind
But they were not unknown
He heard their voices calling
They were the ones that He had come to find
Where was He from
Why did He come to us all

Lying on the ground
He wondered whether he called out in vain
But Jesus turned around, His heart filled with compassion
Reaching out, He gave him life again

They were all alone
Broken and rejected
People who were lost and left behind

The way He lived seemed so unusual
The things He did cant be explained
He walked in love and moved in power
The lives He touched were not the same

Crying at His feet
She was ashamed - her life was torn apart
But she was made complete
Although they all condemned her
Forgiveness now could mend her broken heart

We are all alone
Broken and rejected
People who are lost and left behind

He paid the price to give us life again
He understands our guilty hands
But loves us all the same

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Who Is Mikey Trousers Lyrics

I do not believe that I will ever be
A multi millionaire, but I can see
I can be someone from where I am
if I get up and run, get up when...
I make mistakes, some heinous,
some of them just make me late
But I will always be
Mikey Trousers, he is good enough for me
'cos this is who I am
it's not easy, but I'll be the best I can
there are times I wish that I was someone else
the best at eveything, and not myself
in a world of possibilities
I'll take a chance with me, even though
I make mistakes, some heinous,
some of them just make me late

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