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Lay My Burdens Down

Artist: GMWA Youth Mass Choir

Songs on "Lay My Burdens Down" Album

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Lay My Burdens Down - View Lay My Burdens Down Lyrics

Lay My Burdens Down Lyrics

Burdens down, burdens down.

Burdens down, burdens down.

Verse 1:
I was sinking deep in sin,
could not find no peace within,
my life was torn all apart.

Asked my mother what to do,
"child, God will take care of you",
"if you just turn it over to Him";
gonna lay...


Verse 2:
Could not eat, I could not sleep,
walked the florr in misery,
I cried out, "Lord help me please".

Gave me strength to make it through,
He will do the same for you,
if you turn it over to Him;
gonna lay...



Gonna lay, gonna lay,
gonna lay my burdens down

Gonna lay my burdens down

Im gonna lay down all my burdens


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