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LaShell Griffin

Artist: LaShell Griffin

Songs on "LaShell Griffin" Album

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Better Days
Faith - (with Lee Griffin)
Free - View Free Lyrics
Get Away
He's Coming Again
I Can Only Imagine
Learn To Breathe
Man From Galilee
This Is Who I Am
You Are Mine

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Free by Lashell Griffin

Verse 1
If I was a bird I would take to the sky
I just have to open my wings
It feels like I'm flying
When I look in your eyes
And it's all because
Of the love that You bring
I spent most of my life
Stuck on the ground
But you lift me up so high
Just look at me now

I'm free
You made me feel so free
I never thought I could feel
So much love you're the only one
The only one for me
You make me feel so free

Verse 2
If I was a ship I could sail away
A long endless ocean of blue
A touch of your hand
Is the light of my day
With a gentle breeze
I know it's You
I spent most of my life
Teetering by the shore
But you know you cut the ties
And with you, life is so much more


I believe that the greatest gift
Of loving somebody is
To feel the wind run through your heart
You bought me so high
When I'm here in Your arms


Free, free, free

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