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Lament For The Weary

Artist: Seventh Angel

Songs on "Lament For The Weary" Album

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Dark Shadows - View Dark Shadows Lyrics
Falling Away From Reality - View Falling Away From Reality Lyrics
Farewell To Human Cries - View Farewell To Human Cries Lyrics
Full Of Blackness - View Full Of Blackness Lyrics
Life On All It's Emptiness - View Life On All It's Emptiness Lyrics
No Longer A Child - View No Longer A Child Lyrics
Recollections Of A Life Once Lived - View Recollections Of A Life Once Lived Lyrics
Secure In Eternity - View Secure In Eternity Lyrics
Woken By Silence - View Woken By Silence Lyrics

Dark Shadows Lyrics

Never will I leave you nor will I forsake you
This is what you promised
Even though I wander running all the time
You have always loved me


Never thought I'd see the day, these dark shadows stripped away
Rising ever higher, from oppression, taken to another place


Forgiveness, and to fear, numbness taken from my mind
Finding a new potential, inspiration, finding fullness through Christ


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Falling Away From Reality Lyrics

[INTRO:] I'm still living, life goes on
But with you its no longer impossible
Through the tragedy, alone so long
I had given up on everything possible

[BRIDGE:] Falling deeper into depression
I needed death, I'd thought it through
Constant failure, endless pressure
One last chant, I take in you

I fell to my knees in despair, please save me Lord
Feeling weak, Feeling numb, thinking that the end had come

Falling away from reality, giving way to insanity

I fell at the foot of the cross, I saw your face
Saw the blood, saw the pain, through you I would live again


I stood by the cold empty grave, and you were gone
Alive again in flesh and blood, in my mind I understood

Returning once more to reality, released from fear

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Farewell To Human Cries Lyrics

Eighty years have passed
Weak eyes can hardly see
This frail body dies
Mortal life expires
As my soul is removed
Farewell to Human cries

My soul journeys on
I know my name is written in
The Lamb's book of life
I soon will see you
My king, my only Lord
To dwell in Heaven's peace

My journey complete
Unto a better life
There is no more pain
Free from infirmity
Love of the Trinity
Reflected happiness

So I find release
Jesus Christ King of Kings
Is here with me
No need for sun or moon
God's glory will never cease.

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Full Of Blackness Lyrics

Childhood memories, haunting my mind
A lingering pain left unhealed by time
A scream, a prayer, a tear
Grant me an end to fear

[BRIDGE;] Time is passing by, one more night these tears I cry
Slipping, falling into darkness, this life is full of blackness

[CHORUS;] No love left to offer, stripped of hope, alone i suffer
(The end for me is near, one more night, then no more fear)

This cold empty room full of memories
It screams of my past giving me no peace
The hours crawl on again
I'll sleep tonight in pain


You came to me once, whispered my name
Many years ago you took my shame
I ran from you in tears
The only one who cares

[CHORUS2;] No love left to offer, stripped of hope, alone I suffer
(The only thing I can do in this night is run to you)

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Life On All It's Emptiness Lyrics

Blackening clouds darkness
Clawing my mind sadness
Visions so black clawing my mind.

I have nothing left to live for
All my friends have forsaken me
I am here alone in this darkened room
Visions of Deeath are all I see.

I have given, I have taken
I have lived my life by the rules
I have been used by so many people
Only to be left as a fool.

[Bridge (solo)]

Sadness falls on a lonely heart
Tears flow freely
Darkness plays a mind torn apart
Life in all its emptiness (hope has gone from me)
Emptiness (where is my release)

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No Longer A Child Lyrics

[INTRO:] No longer a child, a broken toy

The door was open wide
I'd never seen that look in daddy's eyes
Even though i cried
He wouldn't go away, I screamed inside.

I try and try, but you wont hear my cries
I'd never hurt you, but in my soul is agony
I loved you even through the painful sleepless nights
I'd never hate you, but how can I ever be free
Daddy why do you hurt me

Here I lie alone, nobody can see
I've never told
Mother isn't home
Father's last touch has left me cold

[CHORUS] (God help me)

(God speaking)-My little child, I see your pain
I cry with you every tear you weep.
I weep with you, I'll never leave you
Or hurt you, and now I take you in my
Arms to show you the love you never knew

God I cling to you
You can see my pain, you cry with me
Love I never knew
In the darkest night, You're here with me

I try and try, but they wont hear my cries
I'd never hurt them, but in my soul is agony
Lord I loved them even through the pain
I'd never hate them, but how can I ever be free
God Help Me

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Recollections Of A Life Once Lived Lyrics

Recollections of a Life Once Lead
Life in All It's Emptiness
No Longer a Child
Full of blackness
Lament for the Weary
Woken By Silence
Falling Away From Reality
Dark Shadows
Passing of Years
Secure in Eternity
Farewell to Human Cries

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Secure In Eternity Lyrics

Survey the past, gaze into time, recalling pain, once was mine
Reheld the blade, symbol of my moorbid desire, then to die

Screamed in agony,
Life was Hell for me,
I cry out to thee.

[CHORUS:] Secure in Eternity, of hopelessness devoid.
Bestowed Immortality, fear of death destroyed,-

I lie alone, close to death, assured of Heaven, to my last breath,
My peaceful soul, God is here, encircling peace, Paradise is near.

Miraculous entity,
Only now I see,
Escaped Mortality.

Forgiveness of sin, through God's own Son, by holy sacrifice,
Eternity begun.
The disentombed Christ, opens up Heaven, brings me life, by ressurection

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Woken By Silence Lyrics

Through the dark night
From this slumber woken by silence
In this silence
I have the choice to live or die
I remember
You gave me love I'd never known before

Lord I cry to you
See my pain
Raise me from this agony
To live again
I return to you
Through the pain
I know there's no other way
To live again

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