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Julian Drive

Artist: Julian Drive

Songs on "Julian Drive" Album

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Any Way The Wind Blows
Be With Me
Extremes - View Extremes Lyrics
Hopless Case
More Then I Can Take
Never Let Me Go
New Day
Palm Of His Hands

Extremes Lyrics

Been to the depths of the ocean Been on the highest mountain peak Been high, been low, been in the middle Been everything in between (Chorus) But I can say, one thing has never changed Though come what may, your love has been the same Now I clear - l see, what has come to be Unconditional loving of me You are there extreme to extreme Been on the darker side of lonely Been on the brighter side of fate Been kicked around by addiction Been given freedom of the chains (Bridge) In stormy waters, or the calmest seas I've peace in knowing, that you'll be there for

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