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Ignite And Rebuild

Artist: Life In Your Way

Songs on "Ignite And Rebuild" Album

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Evident - View Evident Lyrics
Hope Is War - View Hope Is War Lyrics
Light In Mine - View Light In Mine Lyrics
More Than Efforts - View More Than Efforts Lyrics
Stability - View Stability Lyrics
The Change - View The Change Lyrics
This, The Midnight Fight - View This, The Midnight Fight Lyrics
Threads Of Sincerity - View Threads Of Sincerity Lyrics
To The Edge - View To The Edge Lyrics
When Rules Change - View When Rules Change Lyrics

Evident Lyrics

The world's best has dragged you through it all
A child of misery and dissolutions
Wading in the sorrows
A benchmark of disappointments
I'll make every effort to carry your burdens
Getting past these trying times so you won't be overthrown
A friend loves at all times
I still care
We'll get through this together
Have you found what you've been looking for?
You're still waiting for more love
I'll be waiting for your roots to flourish once more
And your neglect for vision to be restored
Pushing for time to let go (hours and hours)
It's never easy wanting something more
It's a promise, one you can't out grow
Choices and changes you made
But it's still the same
It's a promise

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Hope Is War Lyrics

So this is what comes to mind
This red pen tracing steps back inside
Worry or doubt for the best
These times always show my condition
Red lights stop me, crawling back to ro reflection
Each time for these lines, I set goals so high
Break past your wall, to rise above the stubborness of us all
It's one more unreachable goal
I am like a story, ups and downs
The end is scary; it shows no mercy
The end could grow me older
The end could make it over
It's all over
One more day to say, One day at a time
Would my life make you believe in the story?
This is not warrior's blood drawn
It's a fool's cry for help

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Light In Mine Lyrics

You have lit up the world all around me
You're a light in mine, so bright
Heart-filled motivation is letting love grow
Your heart-filled motivation is letting love grow
An example worth looking up to
How many can give when it means giving everything?
How many can give when it means giving their all?
If the troubles of this world hold no weight
Then the freedom of today will bring a brighter tomorrow
The kind of man I want to look up to
The kind of man I want looking out for me
When I find myself in need And the only way out is to rely on someone else
I hope you'd be there
You leave me speechless

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More Than Efforts Lyrics

You can make the difference A never changing, ongoing situation
Pain covers pain
Don't cheapen the mood
It's all out on the table
Like a noose around my neck
I'm in the middle of a possible disaster
It never ceases this struggle, this pain
Battling between good and evil
I'll have these hands be strong
Set my heart to burn
We won't be held down by compromise
It never made me strong
One battle, one sword, one fight, one war

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Stability Lyrics

Being desperate
It's so revealing of what things really mean
It can give you a chance to recall the wonderful
When you could say to those with fearful hearts
Be strong
Life seems to interrogate itself
It shouldn't surprise you
You might never know the necessities
And I could never know what makes the world to you
There is someone who know what means the world to you
This could be the opportunity
The stakes are high, and the past doesn't change
The future is left for you to build
So often it can be too fast, too late
And poetic justice leaves no room for the helpless
Will the words ring true?
We were never meant to be alone
And we were never meant to feel so helpless
You are walking past an open door

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The Change Lyrics

There is a movement, a movement in the air
Can you feel it?
Let them know this is the last time
We're taking over

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This, The Midnight Fight Lyrics

If skies were to fall, all were crashing down
I'd hold onto you
These thoughts can crush a man
Bringing in times when time stands still
To certain actions that push us back
We are so many
Persistence for the nothing
Changing before each season, for any reason
And our desire to fight for something that's fleeting
Can there be belief in a future even when it seems meaningless?
There is a chance tonight, with or without me
I want my voice to echo
I hope to have the kind of legacy that might outlast times of uncertainty
If skies were to fall, all were crashing down
I'd hold onto you
When my knees ache in my heartbreak
I'd hold onto you
When I lay my head down, down but not out
Who would know what might run through?
This, this is my midnight fight

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Threads Of Sincerity Lyrics

Anywhere I go
Anywhere my feet take me
Your compassion never fails me
I've gotten so far away
Alone and close to giving up
Can I lay down these way not in vain?
Your love is the greatest thing
I will look ahead to see the truth in this
To see the truth in me
Closer, closer to you
I need it to last more than a moment, these times with you
The rhythm skips a beat, and I hold the weight of the world
To the touch I ache
To the look I seem to be a mistake
These mistakes I've made hold me back
From the days I should spend with you
To be long term and long lasting
To overcome the lines and rules
There are days where I'm right where I'm supposed to be
But mostly I am far away
I'm learning to live the way I should
I'm learning to love the way you would
And today it's been made clear that I've walked so far alone
It's easy to want something more
I will dive...closer to you...

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To The Edge Lyrics

Leave the past, and set pace high for the future
We're making our way
This makes me believe in us again
Hold these bonds at strong
Ignite the fire
With one foot in front of the other
The results I'm sure will speak for themselves
We can pave the way for days of hope and change
See the standards high, rebuilding self-control
And burn all the wasted time
We must leave behind this modern way of reason
It's something that comes all too natural
Resolution to relive struggle
Opening one's own heart
And push ourselves to the edge
It's not for pride or to accomplish success
It's not for number one, but it's for you
I believe we can change this town

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When Rules Change Lyrics

To the author of this dream
I can't say I know all the answers
I'm short on so many things
But I know the choices we make will make us who we are
Can we be brave again?
To put a foot down for what's right?
These things we strive to have will fall to the worth of the dirt we walk on
More or less a chasing after the wind
A kind of ignorance the bright despise
Leaving their face without a disguise
Let them know that this is the last time
Let them know they put themselves to shame
Let them know
There is a movement, a movement in the air
Can you feel it?
Could we be brave again and not step aside?
If I had to, would I stand alone?

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