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I Love You

Artist: Winans

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I Love You - View I Love You Lyrics

I Love You Lyrics

I love you because you love me x2

Verse 1:
I called on you when I couldn't call no one else
You cared for me when I didn't care for myself
And I love you


Verse 2:
You came all the way to Calvary
Just to prove your love for a wretch like me


Lord you said in your word
Whatsoever things are lovely and true
Think on these things and Lord
Every one of these things that I do
I'm gonna think about you


Verse 3:
I called on you a wretch .....
I called on you not sure you'd take me in
With tears of repentance running down my face
I called on your name and I felt a change take place

(chorus) x6

I really love you
Cause I feel you love x4

(chorus) x2

(tab) x2

(chorus) x2

(fade out)

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