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I Guess You're Wondering

Artist: Milton Brunson & The Thompson Community Singers

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I Guess You're Wondering - View I Guess You're Wondering Lyrics

I Guess You're Wondering Lyrics

Guess youre wondering how I keep going;
listen, let me tell you How I stay strong,
got somebody I call on the phone,

And Im not worried
cause Im not walking this walk alone.


I keep telling you, you, you, and you,
(what Hes done for me),
(Hell do the same thing for you),
may not come when you want Him,
but Hes on time.

Vamp 1:

Vamp 2:

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
I love, I love, I love...

to call His name.

Vamp 1


Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
(repeat as desired)

Sopranos: I love, I love, I love
All: to call His name, Jesus.

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