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Artist: TBone

Songs on "Gospelalphamegafunkyboogiediscomusic" Album

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Blazin' Mic's
Can't See Us - (featuring E-Dog)
Dippin' - (featuring Mista Grimm)
Dippin' Interlude
Gospelalphamegafunkyboogiediscomusic - (featuring KRS-One)
Hip-Hop Announcement
Once Upon A Time - View Once Upon A Time Lyrics
Our History
Pop Ya Colla
Rhyme Skillz
Still Preachin' - View Still Preachin' Lyrics
Welcome 2 California

Once Upon A Time Lyrics

Once upon a time in that Ghetto yo
I used to make tha chetta
When I was lounging with tha playa and the hustlers yo
And rydin on em' haters
Just pimpin with them playas from tha 415
Hustling everyday just to stay alive
Huh, once upon a time in tha ghetto you
I used to make that chetta

Used to be a slave to sin
Smoking indo smoke like tha homey Mista Grimm
Now who a thought that years ago I'd be the one reachin him
Prayin in tha late night hour crying
Askin' that Lord to come on in
Of a broken heart filled with all this hurt and pain
Askin that Lord to clear that overcast and all tha rain
Cuz there ain't no sunshine in the ghetto
Unless ya got Christ in ya life not tha devil
That's what I had though
Demons in my system dogg
Now I'm intoxicated wit the Holy Spirit yall
No more chronic, bionic and gin and tonic
Chocolate tye, or sticky icky, icky
Cuz tha Holy Goly gets me high

See I was, thugged out
West Cali livin
Straight sinnin in boss hog Cali Pimpin
Straight sippin Gin & Juice, Tangarae and Rum
Steady spittin pimp game from this play tongue
Brim tilted to the left
Leaning in my ride
"Wit that" rims glistering
While I'm whistling,
Picture me and chicks kissin in tha back of a 64
Devil had me trippin like a wineo' in a liquor store
Thank God bro Jesus broke tha Devils chains
Now I'm addicted, shooting this gospel all up in my veins
Can't get enough of tha way that he makes me feel
I wanna holla, holla
Ready to die in ya honor
I'm a changed man from tha feet up
But stay G'd up
From tha street up
So I can reach rydas smoking tha weed up

I just don't know why
These rydas wanna ryde
When they know that
They very well could die
From the bullets of a gage or nine
When ya living in tha fast lane commitin' em crimes
I said I...just don't know why
These plays wanna play
When they know that tha world is filled wit Aids and Disease
Baby mamma wit dads who be flossing while they
Kids are broke & dressin' in rags

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Still Preachin' Lyrics

Come straight from the West Coast killin' field
Its tha Bone Corleone pimpin' keep it real
Y' all know tha deal
Corn breads and tha thug appeal
Street slang, make the hits that thugs feel
Demons guard ya grill
When they in my scope aim then I shoot to kill
And hater's jealous cuz I'm stackin' hundred dollar bills
Platinum, crushed ice and it's all real
Gospel hip-hop, got it locked still
Who you think it was sprinkled tha game
Wit' west coast gospel rap
Plus a brim & cane
Street slang and a message that couldn't contain
Taught you about that streets and the way they bang
Cocaine, methamphetamine, gin & tonic, remi martin, Hennessey,
Sherm, chocolate tye and tha chronic
Bloods, crips, ese's, M 13, pirus,
So woos, damus and country blues

I'm still rippin it kickin flippin and spittin
Lyrics that got you thinking
Trippin', grippin' ya Bible,
Digging just to see what's written
Envision Paul in a prision
Livin' in the worst condition
Making decisions with conviction for the one that's a risen
See my mission is to give vision
To the one's that listen, like catechism
But to kids arrested for vandalism, it's your decision
Eternal prison or you can except what tha Lord has given
What's that Bone?
Your sins forginen,
See I'm trying to get ya walkin' through tha pearly gates
And save ya from tha lake of fire full of demon snakes
But how do you do that?
By askin' the Lord to forgive you off all your sins
And then turning away from all your wickedness and not turn back
Then start walking on the straight and narrow
Get tha word inside of your temple
Till it's dwelling in ya bone marrow
No more packin' a gat in the back of a lac
Attackin' smack and crack
Heads wit' a baseball bat!

Still making music for em' cold killas
Gangbanger, convicts, pimps, players
Weed smokers and tha drug dealers
Cap pellers, thieves, felons & em' gorillas
And drug Lords over seas stackin' big skrilla
Its still the same, ain't nuttin' change
Street raps, alter calls
And proclaim the name
Never ashamed of the one that was slain
And endured all the pain
Bleeding with nails in his hands just to save me from the burning flames
Amazing grace, he took my place
Paid the ransom, then got my sins erased
And now, words can't express what I feel inside my flesh
Every breath is giving God glory until my death
See I'm blessed beyond measures
Like silver and gold treasures and world pleasures
Spittin' lectures to ease the world pressures
So know heathens that's grieving, thieving
Can now believing, that Jesus bleeding was for a reason
Cuz the words I'm speaking

Still preachin' that word
Wit' them banging beats
Reach thug out gridin' on tha streets
Hustlers serving can, g's pulling heat
But steadily we're reachin' em'
With the word 7 days a week

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