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Artist: Grand Incredible

Songs on "G.I.Gantic" Album

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Be Thou My Television - View Be Thou My Television Lyrics
Big Is The New Small - View Big Is The New Small Lyrics
Here We Go - View Here We Go Lyrics
The Days Are Evil - View The Days Are Evil Lyrics
Time After Time - View Time After Time Lyrics
You Had Me At Hello - View You Had Me At Hello Lyrics

Be Thou My Television Lyrics

Words of life fill up my empty soul

and set my spirit free

and there's a light in a black remote control

That turns on my TV

My salvation and my playstation

Are both competing for my attention

It's a given but I'll still mention

What came out of this decision


I need to watch the television

This was a tough one to decide

Later I'll sing 'Be Thou My Vision'

If I'm not too tired

And my heart burns inside my chest to pray

And turn to God again

Then I press start on my NBA2K

and the Lakers always win

I've got time to burn way to waste the day

My IQ to kill but no time to pray

If my life gets rough or if I'm bored enough

I might do important stuff

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Big Is The New Small Lyrics

Let me learn by paradox that

i've got to fall

if I wanna walk

that I hear a voice that doesn't talk

that didn't start and never stops

(pre chorus)

A touch of folly that it may be

but it should come as no suprise

to find that fools are counted wise

and blind men have the sharpest eyes

the truth can wear a jokes disguise


Cuz big is the new small

death is the new birth

back is forth and up is down and the last are really first

you're goin' the wrong way

if you follow the right signs

just know you know nothing at all

cuz big is the new small

Where the light has been erased the shadow behind

can show you the shape

it doesn't reveal but it indicates

we learn about light from the darkened space

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Here We Go Lyrics

I exist to do this it's on my wrist

I resist with both fist and I don't miss

You can run from wrath but you run from fact

There's no way back if you choose that path

All were bound but now some run free

in streets of mercy where you find me

Yes mercy streets where the lost walk found

And nail pierced feet tread holy ground


Here We Go, we're closer than yesterday

Here We Go, where no soul is turned away

Here We Go, where pain is a memory

Here We Go, where I want to be right now

I'm livin' with death inside

Sin and righteousness side by side

Life is Christ and him crucified

I came alive when the old man died

While I'm here I now I must try

Tell the world that we all must die

We await the same fait the fool and wise

But nobody gets out of here alive


There's hope for everyone

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The Days Are Evil Lyrics

This isn't worth the price I'm payin'

and all the shame I'm carryin' around

I feel like the way I'm headed is down

I've been dreamin' about car crashes

I can't stop before I hit the wall

This isn't worth the prce I'm payin' at all

(pre chorus)

Sweet for a season

but bitter as hell

I don't think I'm doin's so well


Bitter, bitter bitersweet tempting but it's death to eat

I don't wanna touch it but it's in my clutches

Bitter, bitter bitersweet tempting but it's death to eat

I don't wanna touch it but I'm in it's clutches now

and I want out

I wanna hear God say He loves me

It's hard for me to hear that from anyone

but when He sends me storms and trials He calls me son

Why can't I love completely?

The truth is I let sin get in the way

I want to throw is all away

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Time After Time Lyrics

I'm lying in my bed

Hear the clock tickin

I think of you

Caught up in circles

Confussion, there's nothing new

Flashback, warm nights

Almost left behind

Suitcase of memories

Time after...

Sometimes you'll picture me

I'm walking too far ahead

You're calling to me

I can't hear what you say

And you say, go slow

I fall behind

The second hand unwinds


If you're lost, you can look

And you will find me

Time after time

If you fall, I will catch you

I will be waiting

Time after time


After my picture fades

And darkness has turned to gray

Watching through windows

You're wondering if I'm okay

Secret stolen

All from deep inside

The 808's on time


And you say, go slow

I fall behind

The 808's on time



Time after time...

(until fades)

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You Had Me At Hello Lyrics

I think about you all the time and I can see so many things

That I admire but then I think that she could never want me

You're beautiful and there's sometimes I kind of lose my mind

I can't think straight and my heart aches

I wonder if you'd ever want me

I'm not so bad do you think you could want someone like me

Just set aside a little corner of yourself

No I don't need to cal it mine

I just hope time to time you think about me

And I wanted to ask you if maybe we'd be more than friends

But courage quails and confidence fails

The words refuse to pass my lips

I think with grace and with love we can work through anything

It's only God's love that conquers everything

Don't be afraid we won't rush in

I'll make sure that we take it slow

I think you know how badly I want do this correctly

And I can't help but smile each time you get upset with me yeah

I want you to challenge me but I can't help it if you're funny

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