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Artist: Taketh

Songs on "Freakshow" Album

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Bring Me Water - View Bring Me Water Lyrics
Consequence (of abusing human weakness) - View Consequence (of abusing human weakness) Lyrics
Evil - View Evil Lyrics
Hgmod - View Hgmod Lyrics
Ignore - View Ignore Lyrics
Mind Numbing Crap - View Mind Numbing Crap Lyrics
Not quite Right - View Not quite Right Lyrics
Past the Horizon - View Past the Horizon Lyrics
Paths and Crossroads - View Paths and Crossroads Lyrics
Your Master - View Your Master Lyrics

Bring Me Water Lyrics

Self inflicted chaos born
Spiritual desert inside me
Where can i find me a shelter
Somewhere to water my dried out self

Unknown shores ahead of me
Following the bright new road
only darkness behind me
i will never ever look back

Fill me with your living water
let me never thirst again

Next day i can not see from here
The past does no longer matter
All that i care for from this day on
Is walking the road, made by the Son

Fill me with your living water
let me never thirst again

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Consequence (of abusing human weakness) Lyrics

pushing me further
When will I fall?

seduce me, oppress me
with your lies, your destructive lies
tell me I am not good enough
call to my weak sides / give in to your will

Pushing me towards a life of desperation
A life founded on materialistic pleasure

how I hate you!
of abusing human weakness

A fragile technology is our god
In whom we completely trust
While suspicious onto each other
failure of humanity!

Tempting me to trust in a shallow state of mind
To rely in objects made by men that are driven by greed!

The twelve-year-old girl fooled to dress up
in a way that denotes a perverted
sexuality / childhood stolen by profit-seekers

they could not care less about the twisted minds
they are creating!

how I hate you!
how I hate you!

of abusing human weakness

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Evil Lyrics

No true form. Like wind, spreading unnoticed
Not to be seen, it takes different shapes, using men as hosts
When a new host is taken, an old one dies

Evil, the great deceiver
No cure for this feaver

A man proven evil (by the good)
is taken by force
Tortured to confess
the circle is closed
Evil that rises again has found it's new host

Evil, greatest in disguise
Undetected it will rise

Eyes. Its only weakness
Though invisible, the reflection shows
Deep black, enemy arise in everyone
spreading its lies
Don't trust anything but the eyes

Lives in its empire we call earth
Never to dissapear
The darkness gives birth
Evil appears

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Hgmod Lyrics

Jag styr ver mig sjlv
ingen annan har makten
att styra mig

Jag r den som str hgst
alla andra skall vika
Se hur jag skrider fram
se p min hrlighet

Mitt hgmod vervinner allt

En sinnebild av renhet
perfektion i mnsklig gestalt
detta r den bild jag skapat
vga inte se mig som jag r

Utt r jag obeflckad
ingen kan n mig
f mig p fall

Int dljer jag mina brister
Vem har rtt att dma mig?
Du r inte bttre sjlv

Jag r trtt p lgnerna
att dlja vad jag r
finns du som ser mig
som lskar mig i min enkelhet?

S svrt att visa vem jag r
S ltt att vara den jag blivit
Mitt eget hgmod begraver mig

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Ignore Lyrics

Close your eyes
Pretend it's not there

I am alarmed by the way things move today
the way we close our eyes / and ignore what is happening to our world

Terror, war, starvation,
innocent blood being spilled
But hey it's just on tv
Turn it off and it dissappears

We pretend not to see, and hope things will be fine
This horror can not be, leave this world of mine

Can you see the future
Do you feel the horror
Will you close your eyes
And pretend it's not there

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Mind Numbing Crap Lyrics

They are all around me
No view free from the terror

The so-called newspapers profits
on already cheap entertainment

Reality shows they call it
But since when must reality be created?
So destructive, this whole idea
Humiliate yourself and you will win fame

And all are part / of the circus
Won't stop as long / as we consume it

In the modern world
we will care about others
for as long as we are separated
by the TV-screen

And all are part / of the circus
Won't stop as long / as we consume it

We excel in analyzing
these human beings that we don't even know

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Not quite Right Lyrics

The city wakes up from the night's slumber
and the engines start rolling
But he did not search for productivity
nor did he search for wealth

And the city is captured by television
endless entertainment and commerce

But I did not search for glamour
and I did not want to consume

The city wakes up and the
talking fills up the air
But she did not search for shallowness
And she did not search for popularity

So quick to reject / So late to embrace
Initially so determined
What we are looking for / But soon more unsure
So many disappointments

Will we dare to keep on searching
for something still unknown

So easy to know what we don't want
What are we looking for?

Will we dare to keep on searching
for something still unknown

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Past the Horizon Lyrics

Status chaotic / No order
Anarchy reigns / Future uncertain

Guidance / Nowhere to be seen
Darkness / Clouds the road ahead

Bring us order
Show us the way

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Paths and Crossroads Lyrics

Standing in the doorway
Waiting for tomorrow
Staring at the crossroads
Thinking 'bout today

I can't see tomorrow
I can't leave today

I'm trapped in the present
I'm a fool / i'm lost in space

A thousand doors / with unknown content
A million roads / An infinite amount of paths

Can you see tomorrow
Will you walk the road?
Do you see the beacon
Will you make the choice?

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Your Master Lyrics

Who am i / can you see
Look beyond / set me free
take control / be revealed
find yourself / be deceived

Inhale the flames of horror
do you want to see tomorrow?

Open up to the heat
set you free
feel the sweet victory
can it be
as you lay down to die
no remorse
you just left them behind
but of course

You just felt alive
Now you say goodbye

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