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Fleeing The Scene

Artist: Blank Logic

Songs on "Fleeing The Scene" Album

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A New Heart - View A New Heart Lyrics
Down Holiday - View Down Holiday Lyrics
Forgetting November - View Forgetting November Lyrics
H.I.B. - View H.I.B. Lyrics
I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend - View I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend Lyrics
Little Nothings - View Little Nothings Lyrics
October Sky - View October Sky Lyrics
So Much Better - View So Much Better Lyrics

A New Heart Lyrics

Verse 1: Today I met an angel, and I know for sure,
I was broken hearted and she found the cure.
Quit looking for love,then it will be found.
Never believed it, until you came around.

Chorus: And I know that im not much,
but this I promise you,
that I will always love you with a heart that's true.
And I know this sounds like just another tune,
but if you asked me I'd bring you the moon.

Verse 2: I love the way it feels to have you next to me,
looking in my eyes, smiling gently.
My heart always stops,when you reach out for my hand
if tomorrow never found me, I would die a happy man


Bridge: Why would you give up heaven for me?
I am just a boy who was lonely.
I stay up late at night and thank God that your mine,
I pray he'll let me love you until the end of time.

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Down Holiday Lyrics

intro: instrumental

verse 1: Im sick of everyone I know, telling me i'll

never, have a chance with you.
Because I swear to God the way you look at me sometimes.
I know we're meant to be.

pre-chorus: Maybe I'll keep this in my mind 'cause no

one thinks it's right for me to let you know.
Every time that you walk by another piece of me dies,
thinking of what we could have had.

chorus: I love you even though I cannot tell the world.
But in my heart your still my girl.
Time will tell us if our love was really meant to be.
But for now I'll just wait patiently.

verse 2: Your face is weighing heavy on my heart,
and im sick and tired of being worlds apart.
And I bet right now im looking at you at our show.
And I want you to know, this songs about you.

bridge: instrumental

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Forgetting November Lyrics

Verse 1: Another night, sitting outside by myself.
Thinking of you, pretending that you were in love with me.
And I know I'll probably never even have a chance.
It was stupid of me to think you want to be with someone who gave a darn.

Chorus: I'm sick of being nice, doing what you want.
Just to hear you talk about him. When it's plain to everyone,
I am in love with you, and he screws everyone around him.

Verse 2: Maybe it's not your fault, I just needed someone to blame for all my pain.
I hate my friends, I hate my family and I hate my job.

Bridge: But you said you cared, that cold night in November,
when nobody was around.
You said that you love me but now you cant remember,
I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Chorus 2: I pray I'll get over you, my heart is healing slowly, but not fast enough.
I pray I'll find someone new, someone who is lonely, someone is true.

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H.I.B. Lyrics

intro: instrumental

verse 1: sitting on the corner

watching you walk near

wondering if you'd even want to talk to me

you told me your name

we talked about our favorite bands

as we sat there watching stars go by

pre chorus 1: watching, waiting, just anticipating

hoping, praying, we'd meet again

chorus: sitting with you on that warm night in June

praying to God that I can hold your hand

and if I could freeze time then you and I would

still be sitting there in that parking lot

verse 2: I already forgot what life was like,

without you being around

And I can already hear our names on our answering

machine, I cant wait till you here with me

pre chorus 2: I moon walked my way right into

your heart and, I never fell in love so fast

chorus: 1x

Bridge: instrumental

pre chorus 1: 1x

chorus: 1x

outro: this bracelet reminds me of the night,

the night I fell in love

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I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend Lyrics

verse1: Did you ever wonder why, it's hard for me to say goodbye.

And did you ever notice when I stutter every now and then.

pre-chorus: I'm trying to make it obvious for you

chorus: That I don't really want to be your friend

I want to be much more

And I don't wanna just hold your hand

I want to hold your soul

verse2: And when I'm in the showers heat, I see your face inside the steam.

I close my eyes and kiss the air even though you're not there.

pre-chorus: I'm trying to get out of the friend zone

chorus: 1x

bridge: instrumental

chorus: 1x

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Little Nothings Lyrics

verse 1: Whisper sweet little nothings in my ear,

tell me all the things I want to hear, and let me know

you love me so and that you'll never let me go.

chorus: I don't care if the stars don't shine because your mine

and every day is just like valentines.

verse 2: Let's go out on a starry night, lay a blanket down,

hold me close we'll watch the world spin round and as the stars look down,

they will see, you and me kissing softly.

chorus: 1X

bridge: Kiss me now and tightly close your eyes,

don't think about tomorrow because we've got tonight.

I wanna do all the things that you've dreamed of,

I wanna hold you forever because we're so in love.

chorus: 1X (followed by) just like valentines, just like valentines all year.

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October Sky Lyrics

verse1: Am I hopeless or romantic, I've spent these past years in love with you.

I wake up tired 'cause I had the best dream of you and me in love.

pre-chorus: But then I wake up alone.

chorus: Under this October sky I'm trying to act like I'm not cold so we can talk out here for awhile.

This harvest moon shines on your lips and it draws me in to go for a kiss,

I hope you don't pull away or I'll pull you in.

verse 2: I can't believe I got the nerve to tell you, how much you really mean to me.

My head always kept me from saying how I felt but my heart said we were meant to be.

pre-chorus: Tonight is the night that I'll let you know

chorus: 1x

Bridge: instrumental

chorus: 1x

outro: I hope you don't pull away or my heart will break.

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So Much Better Lyrics

verse1: He left you awhile ago and made you feel like your not special.

He made you feel that girls like you come a dime a dozen, dime a dozen

pre-chorus: But if you ever look behind you'll find a world that's waiting.

for you to open up your eyes, and ask you what you are waiting for.

chorus: You've got to get him out of your head, 'cause your so much better.

You've got every guy wishing they were him so they could get next to you.

You've got to get him out of your head, 'cause your so much better.

You've got every guy wishing they were him so they could get next to you.

verse 2: He calls you up late last night and says he wants to get together.

You say to him make up your mind, you can't wait forever, forever

pre-chorus: He only calls you when he's alone, and no one else will come over.

Everyone prays you'll grow a brain, to see he's going to leave you again.

chorus: 1x

bridge: You know your wrong because you feel it deep inside your heart.

I know its hard to start from scratch, but don't settle for second best.

chorus: 1x

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