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Facing Changes

Artist: Hangnail

Songs on "Facing Changes" Album

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65,000 Miles Later Lyrics

Thinking back on summer weekends,
hanging out no need for reasons.
I recall Spot Drive-in meetings,
3 a.m. and still were eating.
I make this promise and Ill keep it,
never will my friends I forfeit.
To all the ones who feel forgotten,
keep holding on to these words just said.
I understand and I dont blame you,
Ive been gone and youve been gone too.
Different place, so many places,
growing up just seems to've changed things.

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All That You Wanted Lyrics

What do you see in me, that I can bare your name.
How do you justify, forgiving once again.
If giving my all to you, is all you truly need.
Then I give you everything, to work in spite of me.
All that I have, at all costs, anything that I should gain,
I count as loss, to know you, is all that I wanted.
The past left behind, out of my way,
pressing on to what you have now granted me,
can this be, Im all that you wanted.
When all of the feelings pass, along with certainty,
I cling to a faith that lasts, completely covering me.

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Carry Me Lyrics

Ill step aside this time around.
Open ears await a still and quiet voice.
Not with the timing that I have.
Ready to make any change required of me.
When I cant see where this uncharted life of mine is going,
all I ask is carry me.
And when I cant see past the cloudy skies that are looming up ahead,
hold my hand and cover me.
Here with the world surrounding me,
enduring everyday is more than I can do.
I lack the patience that it takes,
so I am standing on the promise made to me.

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Closemouthed Concern Lyrics

Once again, youre trying to see whats there outside.
Every time, discovering a new compromise.
With every move youre getting closer.
Turning away, from what you believe.
You never thought it could control you.
You have been so easily deceived.
Sensitive, of making any critical acclaim.
Longing for, awaking to open up your eyes.

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Commitment Unbreakable Lyrics

Youre still hanging on, and to scared to let it go.
No it wont be long, till your complications show.
Hoping for, commitment unbreakable.
You ignore, the warning signs that you know.
Waiting on, a better time, not right now.
Wait too long, now your better on your own.
Youre left missing out, discontentments held you down.
Therell be no regret, once youve changed your way around.

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Facing Changes Lyrics

It happened with out warning, it came so fast.
Unanswered questions hanging, over my head.
Facing changes, on my own, never helping, Im falling back in the hole.
Facing changes, not my own, unexpecting, I think Im losing control.
Time only can do so much, times not enough.
Im searching and not finding, whats to become.
Its not so easy, to put the past behind me.
You cant just live and forget, all that you ever have known.
Things seemed so certain, and now Im learning,
our hope cant be placed in these things that dont come from above.

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Home Sick Lyrics

Its been way too long, since Ive seen a familiar face around.
Countless the days before me,
I take them on, one at a time, until Im there.
Home is on its way,
Dont worry about tomorrow its just one day closer.
Seems so far away,
I know that when we get there these feelings of desires overcome.
Weve been here so long,
And it seems things are getting out of hand.
Watching the world wasting, wasting away,
I close my eyes, with confidence I tell myself.

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Real Life Illustration Lyrics

From the dawning of my infancy,
you were always watching over me.
Realization of a vacant heart, searching,
come to find out you were worlds apart.
I fear the time, when my minds confused by my example.
A portrait of, to show you love,
greater hopes and promises for you.
In these years gone past, Ive come to be,
more aware of opportunities.
Every now and then deferring right, hoping,
you dont see the conflicts in my life.

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Second Guess Lyrics

Its amazing, when I think that everything we had,
is disappearing, I never thought freedom could be so bad.
Were you thinking, of the future still ahead,
and are you thinking, of everything you said.
And it seems Im all right, every time we talk about it.
Im holding out inside, you really think its right, (its not my fault).
How could this go wrong, when everything sat perfect in its place.
And how could this end up, another dream thats fallen on its face.
What could I have done, what can be done to change your mind.
And is it worth trying, or is it just a waste of time.
You cant be right, cause its taken us so long to find this out,
when its never been my fault, its not my fault,
its not my fault, when its going down the drain, its not my fault.
If I give up now I know its all my fault.

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Taken For Granted Lyrics

Slowing down, my actions become known to me.
No way no how, could I have been so blind to see, what Ive become.
Take away, I never was meaning to do,
and pleasing you, was all I ever wanted to.
So break me down, that I might understand.
I know youre looking down on me
and it must hurt to see all that you see, your love remains the same.
Take for granted, everything that you have given never again,
I wont remain the same.
One more chance, though given not always received.
And growing numb, to guilt is often done with ease.
My conscience, whats left fades away.

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With Hands Tied (Behind My Back) Lyrics

Its not getting later,
theres no common place,
and everythings taken.
With these expectations,
of getting this right,
who could avoid failure.
With hands tied behind my back,
I stand helpless waiting.
Confined to this breaking point,
I dont stand alone.
How have I forgotten,
the source of control,
my first inspiration.
When trying to take on,
this life obstacle,
I need to remember.

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Wrong Is Wrong Lyrics

Did you ever sneak outside,
when you werent supposed to.
Did you do those things you said you probably never would do.
Weve all told white lies, and weve not been found out.
Does it make a difference when your consciences giving you doubt.
When do we draw the line,
to say, what's wrong is wrong and nothing stands between.
When did they take the line away?
What's wrong is wrong and nothing stands between.
The things we often say, that make it seem o.k.
When the possibilities are right there staring you down.
No matter who you are, or what youve done so far,
it's your responsibility our choice makes us who we are.

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